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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLE

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Magic, 161:condition and must be handled wisely from this angle. At this time there are three qualitiesMagic, 176:all of you is that you see not; you perceive an angle, a point of vision, a partial aspect of theMagic, 197:of complete static passivity, or from the angle of an entirely new undertaking. We are in processMagic, 231:the battle is stupendous but from the wider angle it is relatively small - yet all that he canMagic, 429:be given has filtered through but only from the angle of the will aspect. No book has as yet madeMagic, 453:underlying the evolutionary plan. From the angle of vision of the disciple, these Rules carryMagic, 453:consider this Rule therefore solely from the angle of vision of the average aspirant, leaving otherMagic, 549:soul and body express the same idea from another angle, added to that which is produced throughMagic, 550:them from what we call the energy or physical angle. These four are reflected in the four levels ofMeditation, 31:Personality - for we have to view all from that angle until egoic vision may be ours, - is first toMeditation, 92:appearance is only such when viewed from the angle of time and in our three worlds, and is butMeditation, 147:will take up this same subject from a different angle and study the difference between theMeditation, 180:...approached the study of occultism. from this angle, and therefore, he attained a profoundMeditation, 199:movement will be definitely undertaken. Another angle of the whole matter resolves itself into workMeditation, 242:therefore that we consider the subject from that angle. In meditation the work of healing isPatanjali, 199:of the conservation of energy, there is another angle from which the aspirant approaches thePatanjali, 254:The shining forth of insight. This gives a new angle on the subject and a most important one. It isPatanjali, 360:And Dvivedi's interpretation gives still another angle: "There should be entire distinction ofProblems, 7:To put it scientifically and from the esoteric angle: Spiritual impression has been interrupted andProblems, 10:revelation has been approached solely from the angle of man, the unit. Owing to the scientificProblems, 13:point of view but also from the purely selfish angle. Some day the principles of cooperation and ofProblems, 29:and subtly imposed Church controls. From the angle of the spiritual Forces of Light, the immediateProblems, 30:attempt to view the world situation from the angle of humanity, or will they only see their ownProblems, 38:of possessions and far too low from the angle of the spiritual values, or when subjected to anProblems, 54:will approach the problem of youth from the angle of the children's instinctual reaction, theirProblems, 58:and of religion will surely be studied from the angle of their effect and their influence for goodProblems, 70:to approach the subject from a more universal angle and with an eye to the emerging spiritualProblems, 74:characteristic of the Victorian era. From the angle of the planned evolutionary [75] and spiritualProblems, 88:leading to right human relations. From the angle of our subject, the problem of the minorities,Problems, 93:in Europe. As the Great Powers play politics and angle for place and position, the masses of theProblems, 100:the complexity of the problem from the Jewish angle and its irritating and frictional nature to theProblems, 148:the churches must begin to teach - not from the angle of a transcendent God, an external unknowableProblems, 148:an external unknowable Father - but from the angle of the divine life, eternally present in everyProblems, 149:efforts to draw near to God. From one angle, it might be regarded as God transcendent recognizingProblems, 157:of the spiritualistic movement, not from the angle of its emphasis upon phenomena (much of it isProblems, 157:but some of it realistic and true) but from the angle of its surety about human immortality and theProblems, 167:with world unity and peace primarily from the angle of the economic problem. With the cessation ofPsychology1, xxii:assumption can, however, study the book from the angle of a temporarily accepted hypothesis, andPsychology1, 19:types must be dealt with entirely from the human angle, for this treatise is intended to give thePsychology1, 54:form. The soul therefore, viewed from one angle, is an aspect of the body, for there is a soul inPsychology1, 130:in this treatise is to be approached from the angle of human evolution, it might be stated thatPsychology1, 131:of human evolution, [131] man is, from the angle of consciousness, relatively unresponsive andPsychology1, 132:essentially, both literally from the vibratory angle, and philosophically from the angle ofPsychology1, 132:vibratory angle, and philosophically from the angle of constituting the true medium of knowledge.Psychology1, 159:Looking at all this beauty from a symbolic angle, and thereby simplifying the concept (which isPsychology1, 216:as differentiations of the One Life, from the angle of: Phenomenal appearance, objectivePsychology1, 220:procedure, and draws its life (from the form angle) out of the animal kingdom as well as from thePsychology1, 224:apparently unrelated to each other from the angle of modern science) are nevertheless subjectivelyPsychology1, 237:it helpful to consider this problem from the angle of analogy, and to realize that they (as well asPsychology1, 242:than we know, and should be approached from an angle different (not only in degree but in kind) toPsychology1, 273:thought, for I am not writing from any specific angle, such as that of religion or of morality orPsychology1, 285:here to approach the problem of sex from another angle and point out that it is a basic symbol. APsychology1, 330:attracted to the Hierarchy. Those who, from the angle of the personality, belong to the world ofPsychology1, 334:are now so balanced and blended that, from the angle of humanity, they constitute the major ray,Psychology1, 338:speed and intensity of vibration, yet from the angle of the world Knowers it is only just beginningPsychology1, 344:its height, nay, has passed its height, from the angle of physical plane expression. This situationPsychology1, 352:his evolutionary growth either from the angle of purpose or from the angle of quality. Lives thatPsychology1, 352:either from the angle of purpose or from the angle of quality. Lives that are given to thePsychology1, 354:fifth rays will be seen as only partial from the angle of vision of the seventh root race, forPsychology1, 386:rays, and hence they are from one dominant angle the transmitters of first ray force. A hint isPsychology1, 387:presented fusion will be considered from the angle of the ray types and the basic unfoldingPsychology1, 387:the basic unfolding principles, and not from the angle of culture and civilization. Great BritainPsychology1, 395:happenings varies in importance according to the angle of vision, and what (from the angle of ourPsychology1, 395:to the angle of vision, and what (from the angle of our Earth's unfoldment in consciousness) may bePsychology1, 395:and of determining value may (from the angle of the universe) be of trifling moment. The affairs ofPsychology1, 398:He has enunciated the law from its negative angle; the Law of Moses today rules most of the world,Psychology2, 20:words connote something to us today - from the angle of our present point in evolution, from ourPsychology2, 20:forth from that larger synthesis, and from the angle of vision of Those Whose consciousness isPsychology2, 20:be seen to be imperfect and even false, from the angle of a wider knowledge and a more inclusivePsychology2, 22:itself felt in a triple form. These - from the angle of the entire sweep of the evolutionaryPsychology2, 22:its mechanism, man in the three worlds. From the angle of these three ray influences, we have (inPsychology2, 31:It is a state of non-activity from our present angle of vision, because all individual reactions toPsychology2, 54:rates of vibration may be established. From the angle of the initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, thePsychology2, 55:and curiously, this is not so. From the angle of esoteric thought, [56] conditioning (if rightlyPsychology2, 56:- apparently inchoate and formless, from the angle of the true pattern, existing eternal in thePsychology2, 57:and of secondary importance from the occult angle. Consciousness is literally the reaction ofPsychology2, 62:of the soul". The soul is ageless from the human angle, and what is really meant is the length ofPsychology2, 82:to make intelligible in words. From the angle of the illumined occultist it is meaningless, evenPsychology2, 91:Which, from our minor and relatively uninformed angle, stands today crucified upon the fixed CrossPsychology2, 93:of a Son of God, a solar angel, for, from the angle of Deity, descent into matter, manifestationPsychology2, 95:and the net result of their work, from the angle of ultimate history, is good. This Law ofPsychology2, 110:These we can only study intelligently from the angle of the seven ray groups, as they compose thePsychology2, 112:supply. They have, as a group, and from the angle of the Hierarchy, established a contact and arePsychology2, 119:and he is rendered relatively futile from the angle of his soul unfoldment. He is forced toPsychology2, 123:conditions. It is unsatisfactory from the higher angle of the soul. When, however, the servicePsychology2, 124:has been too much attempt to define it from the angle of personality knowledge. Service can bePsychology2, 134:is a difficult and elementary stage from the angle of the student in the Hall of Wisdom. The manPsychology2, 173:he knows he is. Immersed, physically, from the angle of the personality, in the waters of earthlyPsychology2, 180:will also see the same truth from another angle. Psychology2, 197:plane the major linking takes place, from the angle of the three worlds as a whole. It will bePsychology2, 210:time ahead of His Brother, the Christ. From the angle of evolution the rapid unfoldment of thePsychology2, 212:us. When the animal kingdom, viewing it from the angle of the whole and not from the angle ofPsychology2, 212:it from the angle of the whole and not from the angle of species, had reached a particular stage ofPsychology2, 220:in the realms of immature expression (from the angle of human vision) as difficult to comprehend asPsychology2, 245:Will. Looking at the whole subject from another angle, it is these rules of soul contact which setPsychology2, 275:This great event, when looked at from this angle, should throw new light and a fresh spirit ofPsychology2, 279:will also be raised to immortality, but from the angle of the race it is the initiation of passingPsychology2, 282:of the problems of the personality from the angle of the larger issues. We have, as the occult lawPsychology2, 310:of the past solar system. From one interesting angle, the battle of the opposites upon the lowerPsychology2, 313:at this time can be dealt with from an esoteric angle, and perhaps some light on these problems may
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