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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLE

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Rays, 391:and not true initiations from the cosmic angle. The first true initiation upon the Higher Way isRays, 419:history of evolution upon the Earth, from the angle of humanity is one of progress, emphaticRays, 419:Lords or Lives upon our planet is, from Their angle, purely incidental and takes place withoutRays, 438:These divine characteristics - viewed from the angle of time and space - are shewn in a definitelyRays, 438:concern us, and the perfection is - from, the angle of the human disciple today - exactly what weRays, 457:adequately magnetized from the spiritual angle, its note or sound will go forth and will evokeRays, 458:the involutionary sense. From the evolutionary angle (using a paradoxical phrase) there is only aRays, 468:One might also look at this matter from another angle. The personality is beginning to transmuteRays, 485:It might prove useful to study them from the angle of their occult significance - a significanceRays, 486:stage. It is also a process whereby - from the angle of the subhuman kingdoms in nature - humanityRays, 505:seven rays. Speaking specifically and from the angle of the disciple, the bridge which he buildsRays, 506:it must inevitably be present. When, from the angle of the esotericist, this is a tangible fact,Rays, 513:of soul and personality limitations (from the angle of the Monad) and its passing into that of theRays, 514:work. It should be borne in mind that from the angle of the Spiritual Triad the soul nature isRays, 517:in his consciousness. Always he works from the angle of that divine quality which characterizesRays, 517:as the second ray disciple works always from the angle of quality and the first ray disciple fromRays, 531:This is definitely so (from the ceremonial angle) in the first two initiations, and in relation toRays, 531:After the third initiation, the ceremonial angle lessens in his consciousness because the higherRays, 554:spiritual. The response of humanity, from the angle of a spiritual realization of the presentedRays, 559:and primeval times - does not exist. From the angle of occultism, history only covers the emergenceRays, 565:This Law of Cause and Effect (from the spiritual angle) appears to the progressing initiate toRays, 567:wherein lies its potency and efficacy, from the angle of the initiation. As we study theseRays, 585:the initiation being undergone; it is from this angle we must study the initiation, [586] the rayRays, 589:an initiate of the great White Lodge, from the angle of its points of crisis and the subsequentRays, 594:in process of appearing, from the territorial angle; there is only a general distribution of thoseRays, 597:as earlier said, the first initiation, from the angle of the Hierarchy; it is the one in which theRays, 600:of all manifested life; therefore, from the angle of space, he has dominated and overcome cleavageRays, 603:egos or souls of men are concerned. From another angle, however, it is always active and everRays, 605:importance will permit and its definitive angle will allow. The whole of human history has beenRays, 607:kind, and is therefore overcome (from the soul angle) by life in the three worlds. It is theRays, 621:always regarded as a young nation, but from the angle of a unified central government, the two AxisRays, 627:and will be provided. Great Britain, from the angle of its personality or material problem, isRays, 637:the aspirants and the disciples are, from the angle of evolution, the most strictly human beings toRays, 642:surprise you? It should not. From the exoteric angle, evolution means growth and development and isRays, 642:of the divine Life. However, from the esoteric angle, evolution means a steadily increasingRays, 642:possess all knowledge possible from the exoteric angle; this He does not need because (afterRays, 643:and the light revealed her from the personality angle in the three worlds.) It can be used also toRays, 644:which he has viewed almost entirely from the angle of meaning. Now its significance is apparent,Rays, 646:yet a long way from full manifestation. From one angle, it is of course always in manifestation forRays, 646:ray ever implements that purpose. From another angle, it is cyclic in its manifestation; here IRays, 646:in its manifestation; here I mean from the angle of recognized manifestation - and such is the caseRays, 656:Now let us look at these initiations from the angle of the planetary Life, as far as in us lies. WeRays, 656:lies. We have for long looked at them from the angle of humanity, the world disciple, as well asRays, 656:the world disciple, as well as from the angle of the individual initiate, but it must not beRays, 662:[662] viewing them when possible from the angle of the Hierarchy and its effort on behalf of theRays, 662:progress of the race, and not so much from the angle of the soul-infused personality of theRays, 676:ray of one-pointed determination and - from one angle - it is the ray of blind procedure. TheRays, 679:human limitation - both from the individual angle and also from that of the national angle. It isRays, 679:angle and also from that of the national angle. It is everywhere realized that the demagogue, forRays, 680:to failure even though they may succeed from the angle of material gain; from the spiritual angle,Rays, 680:the angle of material gain; from the spiritual angle, they are doomed. The leaders of the RussianRays, 684:most important of them all. From one particular angle, it is peculiarly related to the fifthRays, 685:would like to have you study initiation from the angle of liberation, looking upon it as a processRays, 685:nine initiations and look upon them from this angle, you will see how each does most definitelyRays, 693:not symbolic. It is far more factual. From the angle of the supreme Masters on Sirius, ourRays, 697:the ending of a life and - from the cosmic angle - of the personality life of the soul through manyRays, 707:evolution. But - knowing who they are from the angle of the Hierarchy and what is expected of themRays, 708:Will. These must be looked at from the angle of discipleship and are not to be considered on theirRays, 708:manner. They must be approached from the angle of the world of meaning and, if possible, from theRays, 714:or Will. I shall, however, only consider the ray angle incidentally, for I want to elucidate forRays, 727:and it might be said that (from one definite angle) the goal of all experience has been revelationRays, 731:the truth, but even that sentence is (from the angle of the initiate) only a part of a largerRays, 737:energy. There is naught - from one important angle of life - but Hierarchy, linking sun with sun,Rays, 741:and significant events from the spiritual angle at this present time. This question highlights aRays, 741:Christian resurrection is, however - from the angle of the great Lodge on Sirius - only a minor oneRays, 742:as we study present-day happenings from the angle of renunciation and resurrection. I would likeRays, 757:are didactic and [757] present the negative angle. Then Christ came and gave to us the fundamentalRays, 758:Love and Light. This is no idle dream. From the angle of the human consciousness, the vehicle ofReappearance, 38:It has done all that is possible from the angle of the present opportunity. The Christ stands inReappearance, 67:happen, from the purely human and immediate angle; they have little understanding of the problems,Reappearance, 85:(John X, 10.) The Life Aspect - from the angle of the vision of Christ - expresses itself in threeReappearance, 128:agent, the brain, were able to from the angle of their evolutionary development. When theSoul, 10:Western. It is different. It starts from another angle of approach. Both East and West haveSoul, 45:Approaching the problem from a different angle, the student of the Eastern wisdom proves theSoul, 147:The phenomena of death can be studied from the angle of the withdrawal of the soul. The radiationsTelepathy, 31:as a word picture. Study it from the angle of quality, of beauty, of desire. Study its underlyingTelepathy, 41:connected with the evolutionary process from the angle of the whole and then the part, from theTelepathy, Discip:as an art to be mastered both from the angle of the impressing agent and of the impressedTelepathy, 55:potent for good or evil, and from the telepathic angle, than he likes to think or can conceive. YouTelepathy, 82:as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. TheTelepathy, 83:and communicating system is studied from the angle of relationships, then the processes ofTelepathy, 84:as they affect humanity. These - from the human angle - cover reception of impression and of ideas,Telepathy, 86:as aspirants and disciples, but from an angle different to those in my earlier writings. TheTelepathy, 89:and organized, more fruitful from the angle of service, and therefore of definite use to theTelepathy, 140:energies is ignored, overlooked, and - from the angle of consciousness - non-existent. One of theTelepathy, 142:he will be approaching the truth from the wrong angle; this, modern science does not do. TheTelepathy, 149:therein. This is basically true from the angle of Shamballa "where the Will of God is known"; it isTelepathy, 155:all of them of the utmost importance from the angle of LIFE, and that which is determined in theTelepathy, 165:seven triangles or transformed points. From the angle of Shamballa the centers in a human beingTelepathy, 165:a triangle with a point at the center. From the angle of the Hierarchy, conditions are somewhatTelepathy, 167:each other, always studying the subject from the angle of their relation to one of the three majorTelepathy, 173:time that students paid attention to the service angle of the centers, and to the focusing and theTelepathy, 189:are made is matter from the spiritual angle, yet so it is; substance - technically speaking andTelepathy, 189:of our seven planes are composed. From the human angle, ability to work with and in the cosmicTelepathy, 191:here be added that the will-to-be is, from one angle, the energy of immortality; it is the energy
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