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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLES

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Astrology, 4:a nature. From certain astrological angles, a similar process of decentralization must take placeAstrology, 79:These planetary centers will be studied from two angles: From the orthodox angle. From the angle ofAstrology, 94:within the wheel of Life, viewing it from three angles: I. The Wheel of Incarnation. The cycle ofAstrology, 164:and purpose of karmic opportunity. From certain angles, Saturn can be regarded as the planetaryAstrology, 171:in this sign. This fall must be studied from two angles, for Jupiter in its lowest aspect gives theAstrology, 218:This sixth ray influence coming from three angles - orthodox, esoteric and hierarchical - and henceAstrology, 255:of paramount importance. Virgo is, from certain angles, quite the oldest of all the signs, which isAstrology, 268:wide number of energies, coming to him from many angles and directions, and hence the difficultiesAstrology, 275:of the waters, and the term "water" covers many angles of the esoteric wisdom, such as: The wholeAstrology, 305:Cross. The squares, having each of their four angles and points in one or other of four zodiacalAstrology, 362:Fire): the Earth-Venus-Mercury. From certain angles, these are related to the Personality of ourAstrology, 370:but both ways at once and also at right angles to itself. The obviousness of the meaning of the twoAstrology, 396:planetary and cosmic Crosses. To determine these angles will involve among other things a closeAstrology, 485:the ruling planets in Leo are, from all three angles - exoteric, esoteric and hierarchical - theAstrology, 607:relations that we approach them from two angles - the only angles which are as yet possible to theAstrology, 607:that we approach them from two angles - the only angles which are as yet possible to the finiteBethlehem, 47:see that it must be approached from two major angles. We shall study these five initiations ofDestiny, 63:and their Governing Signs There are many other angles from which we could approach this subject ofDestiny, 147:note. This has been true from several angles, even from the purely physical, for today we have aDiscipleship1, 132:find ourselves, then it is worth while from many angles to give time and effort (in order toDiscipleship1, 248:theme. This you can do from the following three angles: Of right or of wrong action in theDiscipleship1, 632:time of each Full Moon and do this from three angles: Seek to draw near to me and endeavor to senseDiscipleship2, 79:to criticism and [79] judgment from three angles, and upon this fact I would ask you carefully toDiscipleship2, 91:may be fitted but for which they, from other angles, are not ready. Such a one was W.D.B. All theseDiscipleship2, 251:write your understanding of the formula from two angles. About these two angles you definitelyDiscipleship2, 251:of the formula from two angles. About these two angles you definitely should have ideas. The angleDiscipleship2, 307:Every revelation has to be mastered from four angles: The mental, occult, spiritual, hierarchicalDiscipleship2, 430:to the Initiator. There are consequently two angles to this needed consideration: that of yourself,Discipleship2, 685:ray personality and, consequently, from many angles your allegiances and your loyalties areDiscipleship2, 706:School. She has not touched upon the personality angles or the need for special developments andDiscipleship2, 759:- spiritually and mentally speaking. From other angles you travel not alone. The spiritual life isEducation, 51:that those to be taught will be gauged from the angles upon which I have touched: Those capable ofEducation, 74:not from the present nationalistic and separate angles. I have also pointed out certain basic ideasEducation, 99:of the individual will be approached from three angles, each contributing to the completed wholeExternalisation, 38:place in the world, be completed. From certain angles the work of the second group (the TrainedExternalisation, 101:world events from the spiritual and subjective angles. This evoked from all of you an immediate andExternalisation, 123:elemental forces of the planet. These are two angles which have been but little studied. EmphasisExternalisation, 204:to study the world situation from all possible angles. Intelligent understanding, [205] love ofExternalisation, 241:into the realm of accomplished fact. Certain angles of the vision I can - with the greatest brevityExternalisation, 260:the physical plane, and therefore, from certain angles, the present conflict might be regarded asFire, 71:seven yet finer ones, set successively at right angles to each other, each finer than itsFire, 138:its initiations and its ultimate triumph. Other angles of this subject, such as the centers andFire, 326:light-bearing capacity, and the various angles from which they may be studied become known thenFire, 380:need to view the matter from the following angles - some quite possible lines of approach for us,Fire, 573:a swastika of ten arms revolving at right angles, of a radiant green color, all the ten armsFire, 646:position for karmic reasons, and are, from many angles, some of the most highly evolved of theFire, 695:a very material interpretation. All these angles of vision are necessary, and must precede theFire, 818:him to view [818] this manifestation from other angles and employ other terms to express the sameFire, 947:who (aggregated together) form, from certain angles of vision, a source of very real danger to man.Fire, 1038:building. Thus the cycles can be viewed from two angles. It is at this point that students in oneFire, 1046:activity. The lesser cycle can, from certain angles of vision, be regarded as appertaining to theFire, 1061:human, and, like-wise, in the divine. From some angles of vision, it might be regarded as the "trueFire, 1088:individualizing factor, were (from certain angles of vision) the product of an earlier system, andFire, 1128:in final liberation. We have studied from many angles the component parts of man, the microcosm,Fire, 1180:pointed out that the Law of Karma is from some angles of vision the sum total of this Law ofFire, 1182:The Sun is heart-shaped, and (seen from cosmic angles) has a depression at what we might call itsGlamour, 45:of Glamor Let us illustrate my point from two angles, both of which are entirely in the realm ofGlamour, 158:of the recognition of the Angel from both angles of vision and the immediacy of the opportunity.Healing, 112:the health of man can be approached from three angles: That of the personality life - of this weHealing, 363:growing sensitivity of the race to the subtler angles of life, and the vast amount of investigationHealing, 453:themselves wrong. They become wrong from certain angles when twisted from their right use, and itHealing, 689:the three worlds. Technically and from higher angles, this is not so, and this fact definitelyHercules, 8:of the heavens, we will approach it from two angles: that of the individual aspirant and that ofHercules, 121:of the Trinity is an equilateral triangle, all angles of equal importance, to the working out ofHercules, 150:Bailey) Scorpio is the labor that from certain angles has engrossed us and will engross us for aHercules, 207:widely from both the scientific and religious angles, bringing definite changes in man's attitudeInitiation, 137:the mind of man fundamental truth from different angles. By the time the fourth initiation has beenIntellect, 156:and the Beloved contacted anew. From certain angles the self-centeredness of the Western mystic isMagic, 33:the Mediator or Middle Principle There are two angles or points of view from which the nature ofMagic, 297:and we will consider each one from the following angles: The cause. The effect. The method ofMagic, 597:these double circles, superimposed at differing angles one upon another until we arrive at theMeditation, 64:of the emotions and the major third. From some angles in this connection the emotional vehicleMeditation, 190:have taken up the subject from many and varied angles. In all our handling of the matter onlyMeditation, 244:[244] Having studied the patient from all these angles, and not at any earlier time, will the groupPatanjali, 403:themselves wrong. They became wrong from certain angles when twisted from their right use, and itProblems, 46:from the present nationalistic and separative angles. We have also pointed out certain basic ideasProblems, 62:Students will have to be gauged from the three angles which form the background of this chapter:Problems, 176:East and the West approach life from different angles. The Eastern approach is negative andProblems, 176:at life and the modern problems from different angles; this makes cooperation difficult andPsychology1, 79:These qualities should be studied from two angles: their divine aspect and their reverse aspect orPsychology2, 77:a light upon the various stages from different angles: The stage of concretization andPsychology2, 196:1942. It must be remembered that, from certain angles, the circle of twelve signs or constellationsPsychology2, 318:of consciousness of a human being. From certain angles this passage is prophetic, for the writerPsychology2, 344:till this time has handicapped the aspirant. Two angles of this matter warrant our attention. OnePsychology2, 632:This whole matter might be looked at from two angles, and it may profit us to do so, rememberingPsychology2, 722:a force with which to reckon. From certain angles, the energy of this group constitutes the hope ofRays, 621:of the nation under consideration. From certain angles, the youngest of the nations are Germany andRays, 670:erred and have approached the subject from two angles: They have sought to stamp out natural desireTelepathy, 162:order that "as above, so below." There are three angles from which the etheric body must be
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