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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANGLO

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Astrology, 234:life. This narrow viewpoint and the normal Anglo-Saxon attitude (an outcome of the teaching of theAutobiography, 34:into the High Church party which was almost Anglo-Catholic and the Low Church party which believedAutobiography, 51:and tried to find the German equivalent for the Anglo-Saxon word "mind" or "the mind." One of myAutobiography, 199:ever been the custom with the other half of the Anglo Saxon race. Candidly, I've never liked it.Externalisation, 507:Masters has in hand the definite guidance of the Anglo-Saxon peoples towards a joint destiny. TheExternalisation, 507:towards a joint destiny. The future for the Anglo-Saxon is great and not yet has the highest flowFire, 605:development. The 5th subrace - The Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon. Concrete mind. The 5th group of DevasHealing, 528:today throughout the world (particularly in the Anglo-American countries) have hitherto notablyInitiation, 59:has in hand the definite guidance of the Anglo-Saxon race, and he works upon the plans for itsMagic, 596:petals, one half of eight. In our day and in the Anglo Saxon mode of writing, the number eight isMeditation, 299:in such a country as America or among the other Anglo-Saxon races, has been the cause of a veryPatanjali, 428:The fifth root race Aryan. 2. The fifth subrace Anglo-Saxon. 3. The fifth principle manas, or mind.Problems, 67:In the hands of the great democracies and of the Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian races, this discoveryPsychology1, 174:Asiatic, Nordics, Jews, Gentiles, Americans, and Anglo-Saxons, the Africans and all other worldPsychology1, 387:therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-Saxon element dominating. Brazil will laterPsychology1, 399:the modern Jew is as much a by-product as is the Anglo-Saxon race, only, through an imposedPsychology1, 400:The Teutons, the Scandinavians, and the Anglo-Saxons, who are the descendants of the third of thePsychology2, 493:or to hurt"; the other traces it back to an old Anglo-Saxon root, signifying "joy or bliss." IsPsychology2, 494:began to control the brain of man so that the Anglo-Saxon emphasis on joy and bliss eventuallyPsychology2, 580:of India and all Latinos, Teutons, Nordics, and Anglo-Saxons, and their various off-shoots. A groupRays, 487:used so often by Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholics when preparing candidates for communion. TheyRays, 517:word-forms (which I have attempted to portray in Anglo-Saxon letters) are the embodiment. As the
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