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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMAL

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Astrology, 39:Suffering." There is a karmic link between the animal kingdom and the fifth Creative Hierarchy ofAstrology, 39:felt in man in the necessary crucifixion of the animal physical nature, particularly along sexAstrology, 64:took place and the door was then closed upon the animal kingdom. It has been stated thatAstrology, 123:of inhibition and hindrances) and the natural animal and personality powers - particularly theAstrology, 124:of Pisces - negativity, impressionability, animal and emotional sensitivity with completeAstrology, 153:This sign portrays to us man, an ambitious animal in two senses of the word: in the early stageAstrology, 154:Cross, man, the blend of desire (water) and the animal nature (earth), and upon the reversed wheel,Astrology, 159:In Lemurian days, during the early period of animal man and before humanity appeared on earth, inAstrology, 170:with the satisfaction of all the earthly and animal desires of the baser sort and is one of theAstrology, 175:depicted by the Centaur - the fabulous animal which was half a man and half a horse. The horseAstrology, 175:Centaur, which is the satisfaction of desire and animal incentives, becomes in the later stages theAstrology, 176:and supplies the needed answers: "Where is the animal, O Lanoo? and where the Man? Fused into one,Astrology, 178:purposes may range all the way from purely animal desire, through selfish human ambition, to theAstrology, 205:and tendencies which are inherent in the animal nature and these are mainly three: Sex, physicalAstrology, 205:the physical plane; they are not inherent in the animal nature but are imposed by the desire natureAstrology, 234:sex has its basis either in normal and natural animal instinctual desire or in emotional attitudes,Astrology, 245:spiritual law) will give the clue to the animal kingdom; sex or the consciousness of affinity willAstrology, 245:of these three aspects of divine life: Taurus - animal kingdom - law - natural law. Libra -Astrology, 295:the world, animating all forms of life below the animal kingdom; the soul as the animal soul andAstrology, 295:life below the animal kingdom; the soul as the animal soul and the extension of this to the bodiesAstrology, 296:whole. The physical Sun - the anima mundi; the animal soul. Multiplicity. The heart of the Sun -Astrology, 308:Uranus and Neptune. The human Hierarchy. The animal Kingdom. Charts of the cosmic lines of directedAstrology, 355:rulers) between the third kingdom of nature, the animal kingdom and the kingdom of God or of souls,Astrology, 385:symbolism and in its thoughts debased sex to an animal function and failed to lift it up into theAstrology, 454:is related to the third kingdom in nature, the animal kingdom) and the planetary throat center,Astrology, 455:the fourth kingdom in nature. Throat center - Animal - 3rd ray - 3rd root-race - Intellect; theAstrology, 543:the dark cave of materialism and of physical, animal control will take the place of the "lightedAstrology, 553:the conditioning circumstances which transform animal man into an aspirant. It is, therefore, theAstrology, 637:elemental kingdoms, the mineral, vegetable, animal and kingdom of spiritual man. [638] EachAstrology, 650:The vegetable kingdom - Venus and Jupiter The animal kingdom - The Moon and Mars The human kingdomAstrology, 677:Castor represents the personal, mortal man an animal of not even a superior kind, when unlinkedAtom, 58:kingdom, in the vegetable kingdom, in the animal kingdom, and in the human kingdom. In the sumtotalAtom, 59:grade can manifest. Thus, also, the aggregate of animal forms composes that greater form which weAtom, 59:which we designate the kingdom itself, and this animal kingdom likewise has its place within aAtom, 59:which we are considering - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - we have three factors againAtom, 69:being but rudimentary love. Next we have the animal kingdom, in which the animal forms show notAtom, 69:Next we have the animal kingdom, in which the animal forms show not only all the above qualities,Atom, 81:up of forms in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms what we understand as sensation beginsAtom, 84:lives, built up into the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. Now we can pass to the next stageAtom, 101:consciousness must be predicated not only of the animal and of the human being, but that it must beAtom, 102:study of the development of consciousness in the animal kingdom, in the vegetable kingdom, and itsAtom, 102:in a different way to the mineral. In the animal kingdom a third reaction appears; not only is theAtom, 102:a third reaction appears; not only is the animal showing signs of sensation in greatly increasedAtom, 102:mind. Instinct is a recognized faculty of all animal units, and [103] the word comes from the sameAtom, 103:When the power to instigate begins within any animal form it is a sign that an embryo mentality isAtom, 115:When the consciousness of the vegetable and animal kingdom merged, and the life passed from theAtom, 115:was an initiation. When the consciousness of the animal expanded into that of the human being,Atom, 144:in the two kingdoms of nature, the vegetable and animal, demonstrated another quality of the Deity,Atom, 144:love and emotion; we also found that in the animal kingdom a third quality, that of rudimentaryAutobiography, 22:knowledge, just as the instincts of the animal, the child and of the undeveloped person alwaysAutobiography, 40:realm, the aspiring disciple, the evolving animal and the beauty of the vegetable and mineralAutobiography, 153:for vegetarianism, based on the cruelty of animal eating, may not be as sound as it appears to theAutobiography, 153:for its roots are in the mineral kingdom. The animal kingdom, on a very large scale, draws itsAutobiography, 153:be regarded as drawing its sustenance out of the animal kingdom and, because man is the macrocosmAutobiography, 154:of primitive man, men were the victims of the animal kingdom and they were quite defenseless. TheAutobiography, 154:cheese, nor milk, nor eggs because they were animal products and they felt that they were very,Autobiography, 280:of the kingdoms of nature as are the human or animal kingdoms; it is sometimes called the KingdomBethlehem, 64:in the ancient mythologies, for man is an animal, plus a god, and therefore a human being. Then HeBethlehem, 69:kingdom. The ox and the ass represent the animal nature, but they represent also far more thanBethlehem, 88:call it. We know that man is a physical animal as well as an emotional, sentient being and aBethlehem, 89:kingdoms we find death and disease, and in the animal and human kingdoms not only these, but alsoBethlehem, 94:so? All aspects of the three subhuman kingdoms - animal, vegetable and mineral - are found in man;Bethlehem, 94:and to other environing climatic conditions; the animal kingdom with its greatly increasedBethlehem, 95:all the kingdoms in nature, mineral, vegetable, animal, which means, in their synthesis, the humanBethlehem, 112:evil things done by man which, when done by an animal, are not so regarded. A man or a fox, forBethlehem, 112:in the other a natural instinct is followed. An animal may kill another animal in rage or inBethlehem, 112:instinct is followed. An animal may kill another animal in rage or in defense of its female, butBethlehem, 155:of speech and of that thinking, speaking animal which we call "man." So, in the apt symbology ofBethlehem, 181:of the Zodiac, and as the four powerful sacred animal signs, are both cosmical and spiritual...Bethlehem, 191:so doing. Although today men are predominantly animal-emotional, yet through the success of theBethlehem, 192:psychic and mental - which distinguish the human animal. He brought to us a manifestation of whatBethlehem, 197:and the effort to expiate it, in the form of animal sacrifice, has always been present. The beliefBethlehem, 200:the wrath of God in natural phenomena through animal sacrifices, preceded in still more ancientBethlehem, 253:to the instinctive consciousness of the animal; then it has progressed on into the human kingdom,Destiny, 14:and scientific destruction of forms in the animal kingdom. This is the destroying force, asDestiny, 14:of the effect of first ray energy in the animal kingdom, as expressed through human activity. TheDestiny, 33:To this, must also be added the energy of the animal kingdom (again a combination of the energiesDestiny, 33:fifth and sixth rays) for this governs the animal or physical form of every human being. You have,Destiny, 45:- the [45] Members of the Hierarchy and the animal kingdom. Ponder on this. If, therefore, theseDestiny, 123:ray is, as you know, very closely related to the animal kingdom and its effect there is to produceDestiny, 123:there is to produce in the higher forms of animal life the quality and expression of domesticity,Destiny, 123:of domesticity, and the adaptability of the animal to human contact. The rays controlling theDestiny, 123:to human contact. The rays controlling the animal kingdom are the seventh, the third and the sixth.Destiny, 125:in nature. These are as follows: [125] All animal bodies will be steadily refined and in the caseDestiny, 125:to work. The relation between the human and the animal kingdoms will become increasingly close. TheDestiny, 125:become increasingly close. The service of the animal to man is well recognized and of ceaselessDestiny, 125:the case some very extraordinary occurrences of animal mediumship under human inspiration will takeDestiny, 125:By means of this, the intelligent factor in the animal (of which instinct is the embryonicDestiny, 125:of the outstanding results of the intended human-animal relationship. There will be, as aDestiny, 125:the rapid destruction of certain types of animal bodies. Very low grade human bodies willDiscipleship1, 19:At the close of this period, the door into the animal kingdom will again be opened and opportunityDiscipleship1, 191:feed the emotional nature of those you contact? Animal magnetism is not what interests you, butDiscipleship1, 353:an integral part of the whole man, just as the animal instinctual nature or the reaction of theDiscipleship1, 353:the five senses, lies below the threshold of the animal consciousness, but is protectivelyDiscipleship1, 699:process to the work of prana, impelling the animal instinctive nature into activity. TheseDiscipleship1, 703:correspondence to the herd instinct of the animal world and of the world of men, but is of aDiscipleship2, 71:kingdom on earth is encumbered with shock - animal, vegetable, mineral, as well as human. ThisDiscipleship2, 158:of enlightenment, includes the anima mundi, the animal soul, the human soul, and that consummatingDiscipleship2, 160:was invoked by the mass appeal of instinctual animal-man; he little knew what that almost inchoateDiscipleship2, 220:which we are today emerging. As man leaves the animal, the strictly physical and the highly
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