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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMAL

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Discipleship2, 292:creature which antedated the most primitive animal man. Things unknown can now be sensed, searchedDiscipleship2, 408:of men is rooted in and is a break-away from the animal kingdom. 2. The antahkarana is now beingDiscipleship2, 408:symbology, "The Bridge of Sighs" which links the animal world with the human world and leads allDiscipleship2, 556:is the higher correspondence to the instinctual animal reactions with which we are all familiar.Education, 12:[12] Response to the instinct governing the animal and desire nature, and to human tendencies.Education, 28:and thereby ceases to be identified with the animal outer form and learns to identify himself withEducation, 74:nursemaid, at a stage when a destructive little animal should be developed into a constructiveEducation, 90:past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal, prompted only by the instincts ofEducation, 111:the way of man as he gropes his way out of the animal condition to his present increasinglyEducation, 126:that great hierarchical unit which we call the animal kingdom, the third kingdom in nature, man isEducation, 126:is definitely related through the medium of his animal, etheric and astral bodies. He is alsoEducation, 126:as his physical body is an integral part of the animal kingdom. The aspect of himself which isEducation, 127:at the same time recognized) from the animal. The state of consciousness related to the kingdom ofEducation, 127:That concerning the tangible apparatus, the animal body, and the response mechanism wherebyEducation, 128:and all of these can manifest either in their animal, psychical, mental or spiritual forms. ThatEducation, 128:the human state of consciousness and that of the animal has developed, through the divineEducation, 128:for the care of the family. Once an animal or a bird can fend for itself physically, it is cast offEducation, 131:Parenthood will not be regarded primarily as an animal function or as a purely social or economicEducation, 131:and the ordained result, of the relation of two animal [132] bodies, and I would have you ponder -Education, 134:door will be shut for some time as yet upon the animal kingdom, and for a long period noEducation, 136:a rhythmic law - under which, for instance, the animal lives function, or the seasonal law underEducation, 138:of the world today is the result of an animal response to those urges and of the generalExternalisation, 8:applied - Mediatorship Lower Psychism: Animal - Uncontrolled - Negative - Automatic - MediumshipExternalisation, 8:the animals; these powers are inherent in the animal body and are instinctual, but they have, forExternalisation, 8:man, which takes the form of what we call "the animal soul," which really corresponds to the HolyExternalisation, 9:can always include the lesser, but the purely animal psychic does not include the higher. ThatExternalisation, 10:soul, but is little better than an instinctual animal, if he is not literally an empty shell, whichExternalisation, 10:thus I am dealing with the very lowest type of animal Mediumship of which there is far too muchExternalisation, 11:is indeed their brain (as it is the brain of the animal) are forced to act as mediums to satisfyExternalisation, 47:remember that in that momentous period wherein animal-man made the great transition into the humanExternalisation, 48:of mind was implanted in some of the aspiring animal-men by the Hierarchy, and these animal menExternalisation, 48:aspiring animal-men by the Hierarchy, and these animal men became human beings, of a very low orderExternalisation, 48:in what class or race. The instinctual nature of animal-man (found active among those who had notExternalisation, 48:Thus in due course of time a large group of animal-men became human beings. They today representExternalisation, 49:infinitely slow processes evolved out of the animal condition into that of human beings, with anExternalisation, 49:itself (by almost imperceptible stages) from the animal condition. This necessarily causes aExternalisation, 58:kingdoms, with particular emphasis upon the animal and the vegetable kingdoms. The consciousness ofExternalisation, 85:have all forms of existence from the human and animal upwards, and it is an interesting study toExternalisation, 92:soul - throat center 3rd Kingdom - Instinct - animal soul - solar plexus 2nd Kingdom - Sentiency -Externalisation, 97:- after implantation and development - in animal-man, producing the living self-consciousExternalisation, 98:the gift of mind to the more advanced among the animal-men in a majority of cases, the stimulationExternalisation, 100:earlier and first method of mind-implantation in animal man, whilst the New Group of World ServersExternalisation, 101:are not fulfiled. The early seeds sown among animal-men were imbued with, or qualified by,Externalisation, 111:reflection in the crisis which overtook the animal kingdom and which resulted in the formation of aExternalisation, 119:body, thus fortifying and stimulating the animal nature and developing the physical organism andExternalisation, 119:man became primarily a selfish and a fighting animal with, however, at times, vague tendenciesExternalisation, 119:in the region of the adrenal glands, producing animal courage and resistance to shock. But theExternalisation, 120:and thus acquired, began to control the purely animal nature; man began to be acquisitive and toExternalisation, 120:The lines of cleavage between the instinctual animal and acquisitive man began to be more clearlyExternalisation, 121:to living. The lines of cleavage between the animal, instinctual nature and some form of desireExternalisation, 121:then as is the modern world but so it was. The animal nature, being dominant, the tendency wasExternalisation, 196:produce of the fields, the contribution of the animal kingdom, the riches of the sea, and theExternalisation, 269:essentially One like unto ourselves - human and animal combined as are we all, but fused withExternalisation, 409:in nature to the three (mineral, vegetable and animal) already existing. The kingdom of manExternalisation, 438:are: At the time of the individualization of animal-man when the mind principle was implanted. ThisExternalisation, 531:(because it exists for humanity and for the animal kingdom), to traverse this region of glamor andExternalisation, 536:of the mineral kingdom, implicating also the animal and the vegetable expressions of divine life. Externalisation, 655:produces and stimulates every aspect of the animal magnetism with which every physical form isFire, 53:that causes all fertilization, whether human, animal, or vegetable. Active or radiatory fireFire, 55:body we have the fires of the lower nature (the animal plane) centralized at the base of the spine.Fire, 57:there. Its correspondence can be seen in the animal kingdom, in which instinct holds the intuitionFire, 60:It is perhaps better expressed by the term "animal magnetism." It is the distinctive quality of theFire, 61:a spiritual emanation and that which is purely animal. It might be wise here to point out that thisFire, 67:the heat of the bodily frame, whether human or animal, and who are likewise the warmth terrestrial.Fire, 67:that may be found in the human, vegetable and animal kingdoms, and who blend with the fires of theFire, 84:luxuriance, and of phenomenal growth, vegetable, animal and human would naturally lie where pranaFire, 91:The remainder is cast off in the form of animal radiation, or physical magnetism - all termsFire, 93:life. Such forms are the units in the vegetable, animal and mineral kingdoms. Forms that are theFire, 95:the pranic emanations given off by units of the animal and vegetable kingdom (after they haveFire, 95:relationship to the group soul of the radiating animal or vegetable. This matter cannot be dealtFire, 96:radiation, they transmit it principally to the animal kingdom, thus demonstrating the closeFire, 106:that must be made in the life of the human animal (which is the aspect we are dealing with now)Fire, 106:the life they lead is more normal (from the animal standpoint) than in any other portion of theFire, 125:fire that develops under the forms of instinct, animal memory, and functional recollection whichFire, 163:The mineral kingdom, The vegetable kingdom, The animal kingdom, The human kingdom, The superhuman,Fire, 171:and to that period wherein man was simply animal; all that was being formed was a field for theFire, 175:At the coming of the Pralaya no human, animal, or even vegetable entity will be alive to see it,Fire, 186:five senses as used by the human being. In the animal these five senses exist but, as the thinkingFire, 186:with them at this juncture. The senses in the animal kingdom are group faculty and demonstrate asFire, 202:spiritual counterpart of that sense which in the animal, the pigeon and other birds, leads themFire, 237:Entities involved in the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. - S. D., I, 210, 298. The life ofFire, 237:Logos - groups of atoms built into forms (plant, animal). The life of the first Logos - the formsFire, 279:on the emotional and the mental planes. Animal, vegetable and mineral consciousness which differsFire, 279:activity plus embryo sensation or feeling. Animal Kingdom 3. Intelligent activity, sensation plusFire, 283:the objective form of a crystal, a vegetable, an animal, a man, a planet, a system. Finally, bothFire, 286:contact can be seen working out in the animal and human kingdoms; the difference between the twoFire, 286:employs the physical brain for this purpose. An animal likewise has an instinctual memory,Fire, 287:in the manner which a man does. The [287] animal uses the solar plexus in the same way that a manFire, 287:the next two races. This is paralleled in the animal kingdom by the gradual transference of theFire, 288:Man, is coordinated. In the same way the animal is brought at a certain stage into the zone ofFire, 301:Those on the evolutionary arc, such as in the animal kingdom. [302] Those on the involutionary arc,Fire, 326:of physical individualization. Only when the animal to be individualized was fully conscious onFire, 335:not pause to consider it. In relation to the animal kingdom it might be said that the key wherebyFire, 335:This instinct, towards the final stages of the animal's evolution, and as it becomes more and moreFire, 335:or into that embryo mind which is latent in animal-man, and which simply needed the stimulatingFire, 335:opposite electrical pole through the activity of animal instinct, and by the blending of the two aFire, 335:faculty of mind, which - as in the animal's individualization - brings about at a certain stage aFire, 335:Therefore, we have: Instinct - The key from the animal into the human kingdom or from the thirdFire, 346:where its opposite pole could be contacted. Animal-man aspired; Spirit answered; the vibration ofFire, 348:in intelligent work on the mental plane. Animal man was conscious on the physical, and on the
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