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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMAL

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Fire, 348:stimulation effected by the electric rod this animal man awoke to consciousness on the mental. ThusFire, 351:The fire of mind shone forth and illuminated animal man in Lemurian days, during that vast cycleFire, 394:initiation, and in the manasic impregnation of animal man. Thus were swept into objective activityFire, 425:by a vast destruction of the forms we call animal-man. This point has seldom been brought out inFire, 425:effect of its presence caused the death of the animal form, thus producing the immediateFire, 434:responsible for the manasic stimulation of animal man in the third root-race, so in [435] the fifthFire, 436:not only the manifestations of the vegetable and animal kingdoms but induces interaction betweenFire, 442:and aim. Second. Its work in relation to: The animal kingdom. The human kingdom. The deva kingdom.Fire, 446:cycle, a transference of units from out of the animal kingdom into the human will proceed in theFire, 457:effect of the incoming force on the human and animal kingdoms. These points are of profoundFire, 457:seventh Ray during the coming centuries upon the animal kingdom and the deva evolution. TheFire, 457:first this seventh Ray and its effect upon the animal kingdom. Practically little is known to manFire, 457:out at various times; the development of the animal consciousness and its immediate future is asFire, 458:subject, may be enumerated as follows: 1. The animal kingdom holds the same relation to the humanFire, 458:between their bodies of objectivity. 2. The animal kingdom is the third of the kingdoms and isFire, 458:and the same mother aspect as seen in the animal kingdom as a basis for the evolution of man. EachFire, 458:and fifth kingdoms, the work and place of the animal has not received its due recognition. 3.Fire, 458:due recognition. 3. During the third root-race, animal individualization took place, and theFire, 459:two kingdoms became closed, and no more of the animal kingdom passed into the human. Their cycleFire, 459:terms of fire or of electrical phenomena - the animal kingdom and the human became positive to eachFire, 459:and resulted in a period of repulsion of the animal units, leaving their consciousness to beFire, 460:Who is the informing evolutionary Life of the animal kingdom. This is a point of view needingFire, 460:as the centers of the solar Logos. The animal kingdom likewise is the expression of the life of aFire, 460:Such an Entity finds expression through the animal kingdom, of which He is the informing Soul, andFire, 461:principle, if we count the dense physical or animal body of man as a principle. In their lack ofFire, 461:have enumerated six occult statements anent the animal kingdom, the third kingdom of nature. TheyFire, 461:during the third root-race, opportunity for the animal kingdom occurred and many individualized. InFire, 461:through them, permitting of their incarnating in animal form on earth, and their gradual evolution.Fire, 461:in the fourth root-race of three-fourths of the animal units, the remaining triads (or one-fourth)Fire, 462:before the climax of the seventh, so the animal monads (if I may employ such a term) who wereFire, 462:the great division in the fourth root-race, the animal kingdom has been primarily occupied with theFire, 462:play made upon the third spirilla in the animal atoms by human magnetism or radiatory energy. TheFire, 462:The sumtotal of the domestic animals - the animal units brought into closest connection with man -Fire, 462:body of that great Entity Who is the life of the animal kingdom. From the heart flow all theFire, 462:ray of ceremonial magic. The effect upon the animal kingdom of the force of this ray will be farFire, 463:coupled with the use of sound and color, the animal kingdom will be better understood, and betterFire, 464:manner, and in a stimulative capacity upon the animal kingdom, the force of its vibration pouringFire, 464:more effective apprehension all the units of the animal kingdom. Hence it can be seen how close isFire, 465:repel - it will cause a great destruction in the animal kingdom. During the next few hundred yearsFire, 465:the next few hundred years many of the old animal forms will die out and become extinct. To supplyFire, 465:disease, and through causes latent in the animal kingdom itself, much destruction will be broughtFire, 465:likewise a destroying one, and new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, one of theFire, 465:plan. The inner life or fire which animates the animal groups, and which is the life expression ofFire, 470:The mineral kingdom. The vegetable kingdom. The animal kingdom. This is necessarily the karma ofFire, 475:The work of the devas in connection with the animal and the vegetable kingdoms will be likewiseFire, 475:time will come, when the attitude of man to the animal kingdom will be revolutionized, and theFire, 480:the vegetable. From vegetable forms into the animal forms. From animal forms into the human orFire, 480:From vegetable forms into the animal forms. From animal forms into the human or consciously andFire, 485:superintend the passage of the life out of the animal kingdom into the human after the thirdFire, 487:order, or with the transference of life into the animal forms. Only when the Self within, or theFire, 487:work in connection with the transmutation of the animal monad into the human kingdom, with all theFire, 488:energy of the sphere concerned (whether human, animal, vegetable or mineral) and produces resultsFire, 492:other kingdoms of nature also. A portion of the animal kingdom will enter into a temporaryFire, 498:and subsequent formation or clothing of the animal kingdom, which in its turn is passing it on toFire, 498:Man having evoluted in the first Round from the animal via the two other kingdoms, it stands toFire, 498:in the present Round he should appear before the animal world of this manvantaric period. But seeFire, 500:present stage of physical existence from that of animal man. It concerns also the transference ofFire, 532:one exception of the mental unit. Those of the animal groups are upon the second subplane; those ofFire, 533:and mental. The Lords of the third Kingdom, the animal. They are seven Entities whose bodies areFire, 533:are seven Entities whose bodies are made up of animal souls just as the Heavenly Men embody for manFire, 533:Buddhic principle, so these lords embody for the animal kingdom the manasic principle, which is theFire, 557:All the creative functions of the vegetable, animal, and human family, viewing them as a whole, areFire, 558:vitalization of another large section of the animal kingdom. When these two things can be seenFire, 559:of reproduction is one which man shares with the animal kingdom, and is based upon his animalFire, 559:with the animal kingdom, and is based upon his animal instincts, and his dense physical nature,Fire, 559:When he is totally emancipated from the animal kingdom, and the third and fourth kingdoms standFire, 559:it will coincide with a period wherein the animal kingdom will again be under manasic impression,Fire, 563:concerned. The reason for the suffering in the animal kingdom is hidden in the mystery of the sinFire, follow:Base of Spine Man Fourth Triplicity 5. Astral Animal Generative Organs Third Duality 6. EthericFire, follow:the consciousness of the mineral and that of the animal is so vast that their respectiveFire, follow:kingdom, approximating more generally the animal consciousness than the mineral, and having a mostFire, 566:our Earth and Venus? Is the purpose of the animal kingdom, as a whole, in any way to beFire, 584:Control that effected the juncture of astro-animal man, and the descending Monad, using the sparkFire, 588:four kingdoms of nature - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - and at their merging into theFire, 590:Science has a peculiar relationship to the animal kingdom, in that it is the Ray that governs theFire, 590:the impetus which produced the spark of mind in animal man - a fact well known. It is also theFire, 595:lowest type of human being this shows itself as animal passion; as evolution proceeds it showsFire, 599:was implanted and the door was opened from the animal kingdom into the human; and later, anotherFire, 613:Man. The potentiality of every organ useful to animal life is locked up in man, the Microcosm ofFire, 617:(Future men). Beasts - Elementals second class - animal elementals (Future men). Rakshasas -Fire, 617:of view find their fullest expression in the animal kingdom. When they, as the initiatory impulse,Fire, 617:they, as the initiatory impulse, had produced animal man they had performed their prime function,Fire, 617:as the power of the third kingdom, the animal, over the human is being [618] superseded byFire, 619:superseded. For example, the third kingdom, the animal, in the early stages nourishes and preservesFire, 622:descends into, or is attracted by the lower animal. The Solar Angels form the "Soul" or SecondFire, 643:build between each kingdom - mineral, vegetable, animal and human - that which in each caseFire, 645:the three middle kingdoms of nature (vegetable, animal and human) either collectively orFire, 645:to the lower kingdoms, and particularly to the animal and mineral, has brought about a peculiarFire, 645:tended to complicate deva evolution. The use of animal food (and the use of minerals as medicine inFire, 646:[646] of that kingdom into the higher stage (the animal) which is its goal. The transmutation ofFire, 646:as food. The transmutation of the life of the animal into the human kingdom takes place onFire, 646:esoterically understood, of the animal as food for man. This is an argument for vegetarian livingFire, 647:are becoming active. In the third kingdom, the animal, the center at the base of the spine will beFire, 651:which protected certain groups in the human and animal kingdoms was rent in various places, and theFire, 653:- Paracelsus by Robert Browning. 13 Man is an animal, plus a living God, within his physical Shell.Fire, 653:85. S. D., II, 284. Man is the Macrocosm for the animal, therefore he contains all that is meant byFire, 653:he contains all that is meant by the term animal. - S. D., II, 179, 187. Divine consciousness isFire, 653:from the living God. - S. D., II, 103. The animal forms the basis and the contrast for the divine.Fire, 653:II, 100. The light of the Logos is awakened in animal man. - S. D., II, 45. Man is the Tabernacle,Fire, 653:of Tabernacle: Outer court, the place of animal sacrifice and purification. The Holy place, the
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