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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMAL

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Magic, 396:of humanity the following stages: That of the animal consciousness. The emotionally polarizedMagic, 411:coordination. Instinct relates man to the animal world, intellect unites him to his fellow men,Magic, 438:below the diaphragm and is governed by his animal nature alone. Magic, 440:tendencies struggled to the fore. The stage of animal man was completed and when Sagittarius wasMagic, 462:four spheres of activity which we call human, animal, vegetable and mineral are now badly adjustedMagic, 462:demonstrates in what we call selfishness. In the animal kingdom, it demonstrates in what we callMagic, 462:force in the vegetable kingdom; this affects the animal and mineral [463] kingdoms and subsequentlyMagic, 466:In the lower human stages and in the stage of animal man, the same group activity reigns, only (asMagic, 501:below the diaphragm and is related primarily to animal sentient life. In the case of consciousMagic, 501:correspondence to the trance condition of the animal nature. In the process of death these are,Magic, 502:human being who has scarcely advanced beyond the animal stage. What then of the average man? AMagic, 502:unintelligent, unthinking man and by those whose animal nature is strong. This is the first pointMagic, 514:on the ladder of evolution and so predominantly animal that there is no mental reaction toMagic, 522:all existences or all souls, mineral, vegetable, animal and the animal body of man, expressMagic, 522:or all souls, mineral, vegetable, animal and the animal body of man, express themselves. This opensMagic, 525:we find the undeveloped types which are more animal than human. Between these two extremes we findMagic, 531:expressing itself through the medium of the animal kingdom is a self-conscious intelligent entity,Magic, 535:evolution. Instinct, governing the vegetable and animal kingdoms, develops into intellect in theMagic, 536:with one's fellow men. Prisoners within the animal kingdom, and already much is being done in thisMagic, 536:years? If prehistoric man, little more than an animal, has grown into the genius, what unfoldmentMagic, 537:in releasing the prisoners in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, I want to point out two things,Magic, 538:he contacts, be they his fellow aspirants, or an animal, or a flower. He will act as a transmitterMagic, 542:all those dealing with the welfare of the human animal, are the direct result of thoughtMagic, 605:being and awareness remains a sealed book to the animal. This is a salutary and needed lesson whichMagic, 612:consciousness. In its consciousness, the animal kingdom works with the second of these two basicMagic, 612:the etheric body and the force which governs the animal or material nature are the [613] primeMagic, 613:are the [613] prime expression of truth. Yet the animal is beginning to sense dimly the world ofMagic, 613:is beginning to fall before the eyes of the animal but it knows it not. The human being hasMagic, 614:ground (symbol of the foundational nature of the animal kingdom). Yet at times this stage is seenMagic, 614:It is the interlude between the dominance of the animal consciousness and that of the spiritual,Meditation, 23:progress might be measured from the moment when animal-man became a thinking entity, [24] a humanMeditation, 30:essence... What happens at the moment when animal-man becomes a thinking entity, a human being? TheMeditation, 30:do I mean by this phrase? Just this: that when animal-man had reached a point of adequacy; when hisMeditation, 30:that can be seen in the average domesticated animal, then the descending Spirit (which had taken toMeditation, 91:channel opens to the intuition and closes to the animal nature can a man wisely proceed with hisMeditation, 98:not only the human kingdom but also the animal and vegetable kingdoms in a lesser sense, so thatMeditation, 167:form, whether it is the dense physical form of animal, mineral, flower, human being or planet, orMeditation, 229:The mineral kingdom. The vegetable kingdom. The animal kingdom. The human kingdom. The spiritual orMeditation, 259:kingdoms: - the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human - and has, through meditation andMeditation, 268:of the mineral kingdom, out of the vegetable and animal kingdoms, that draws the latent Deity fromMeditation, 328:of the vegetable kingdom, or botany; and of the animal kingdom. Study of the history of man and theMeditation, 351:essence or fluid which emanates from human and animal bodies, and even from things. It is a psychicMeditation, 355:that which distinguishes man from the mere animal. It is the individualizing principle; that whichPatanjali, 12:full expression. The instinctual powers of the "animal soul," or the capacities of the aggregate ofPatanjali, 76:in nature; tenderness covers our relation to the animal or third kingdom; steadiness of purposePatanjali, 76:to our fellow men, Tender handling of the animal kingdom, Service on the physical plane inPatanjali, 138:has outgrown. For this reason, the gross animal sins are universally regarded as evil because it isPatanjali, 138:in the form of man has outgrown the third or animal kingdom. An adept, therefore, has transcendedPatanjali, 179:of the individualizing process, wherein animal man, the lower quaternary (physical, etheric, astralPatanjali, 185:and a form which allies a man closely with the animal kingdom. Any impulse which concerns the formsPatanjali, 198:of the vitality or the virility of the animal nature. The power to create upon the physical planePatanjali, 258:This type of psychism is a reversion to the animal state and to the child stage of the human race.Patanjali, 266:atom of substance, the mineral, or a tree, an animal or the "form of the Son of God" the jewel ofPatanjali, 269:first stage is the sapling, the caterpillar, the animal. The second stage is the growing tree, thePatanjali, 274:three subhuman kingdoms, mineral, vegetable, and animal. The explanation as to the prevalence ofPatanjali, 276:began, The reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, The aggregation of thePatanjali, 277:family which constitutes his link with the animal kingdom, and also belongs to an astral family.Patanjali, 290:symbol of the most powerful and mighty of the animal kingdom. It is a picture of the transmutationPatanjali, 290:of the transmutation or sublimation of the animal nature, for at the base of the spine is thePatanjali, 290:hiding Vishnu, seated in the center. Thus is the animal nature carried upward into heaven. ByPatanjali, 306:was not then so individualized as it is now. The animal soul controlled, and consequently fullPatanjali, 307:the great work of transmuting all the lower and animal desires into the higher. Through itPatanjali, 308:directs them upward. 4. In the solar plexus, the animal soul becomes merged in the soul of man, andPatanjali, 318:The sons of men are distinguished from the animal kingdom by the possession of intelligence, of thePatanjali, 323:man becomes aware of his surroundings. In the animal these five senses exist, but the thinkingPatanjali, 351:being to say "I see," "I smell," - a thing the animal cannot do. 4. Pervasiveness. All the sensesPatanjali, 378:are the result of the consciousness of the animal soul in man being en rapport with the anima mundiPatanjali, 381:of the close of their owner with the animal nature. This has to be outgrown before theProblems, 63:past. Man has been developed from an isolated animal, prompted only by the instincts ofProblems, 112:cry that white women must be protected from the animal instincts of the Negroes means nothing, forProblems, 112:nothing, for they need equal protection from the animal instincts of the white man, and thisProblems, 127:and of his sense of fear, inherited from the animal side of his nature - all these are fostered andPsychology1, xxv:cave man, with his consciousness centered in his animal life, up to the present time wherein thePsychology1, 45:ray is, in its turn, peculiarly related to the animal kingdom, producing the tendency toPsychology1, 45:they realized that they were only displaying an animal emanation. The desire of the Deity expressesPsychology1, 46:in their main stages, we call consciousness, animal consciousness, and allied differentiatingPsychology1, 54:have soul, but not in the same degree as has an animal; and an animal has soul, but not in the samePsychology1, 54:not in the same degree as has an animal; and an animal has soul, but not in the same degree as hasPsychology1, 56:These three vehicles humanity shares with the animal kingdom as regards its possession of vitality,Psychology1, 83:be profoundly altered; the vegetation and the animal life will be modified and developed, and muchPsychology1, 118:amazing knowledge of man, of his instincts and animal mechanisms, of his reactions to hisPsychology1, 119:is an established fact in nature, as is man, the animal. But man, the soul, remains still aPsychology1, 120:Who ensouls similarly the third kingdom, the animal kingdom, vibrates to the sixth ray. The BeingPsychology1, 121:- 4th Kingdom - 5th Ray - Concrete Knowledge. Animal - 3rd Kingdom - 6th Ray - Devotion upwards orPsychology1, 122:extinction of some particular form, some type of animal life, and leads to some vegetable aspectPsychology1, 134:that subtle quality of which "smell," in the animal sense, is the symbol. The great search and thePsychology1, 162:Ray V - Concrete Knowledge - 3rd kingdom - Animal. Ray VI - Devotion - 2nd kingdom - Vegetable. RayPsychology1, 163:kingdoms - elemental, mineral, vegetable, and animal as well as the human - is divided into sevenPsychology1, 163:individualization (i.e. the transition from the animal to the human kingdom) can take place atPsychology1, 163:follows that there must stand at the head of the animal kingdom, on each ray, some species ofPsychology1, 163:the animal kingdom, on each ray, some species of animal susceptible to human influence throughPsychology1, 163:to stand at the head of the second ray type of animal, while the cat and dog occupy a similarPsychology1, 169:i.e., in the elemental, mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms; but of course the deepest rootedPsychology1, 198:and the glory of the perfumed radiance." The animal kingdom has the quality of growing instinctualPsychology1, 198:and to man is committed the task of leading the animal kingdom towards liberation - a liberationPsychology1, 198:the agency of water are the initiators of the animal world. The secret of release for the animalPsychology1, 198:the animal world. The secret of release for the animal nature is hidden in the "watery nature;"Psychology1, 198:lies the clue to the liberation of the animal kingdom. Hence certain initiatory processes arePsychology1, 198:shedding of blood through the slaughter of the animal form of the human being in the Great War, forPsychology1, 199:divine purpose working out behind the evils of animal slaughter and the shedding of blood down the
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