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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMATED

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Meditation, 198:When an entire concourse of people is thus animated by a single high desire, when their auras blendMeditation, 266:if so I may express it. These groups are animated and vitalized from the atomic subplane where theMeditation, 284:servant of the Ego through one-pointed effort animated by love and wisdom. The result will be thePatanjali, 245:ideas which embody the ideals lying back of all animated forms. These may take the form of symbolsPatanjali, 276:desire-thought activity of the myriads of men, animated by desire for some form of experience orProblems, 22:- a young giant, aware of great possibility, animated by a deeply religious, though unorthodoxProblems, 31:each other as members of one family and as animated by one human spirit, the spirit of God? WillProblems, 85:fed and fostered by prejudice and those who are animated by ulterior and selfish intentions. NewPsychology1, 18:that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life. This is the third aspect, thePsychology1, 20:and differing purposes. These aggregated and animated forms present an appearance of an entity orPsychology1, 46:the totality of the manifested appearances, animated by the Life Which determines the quality. ThePsychology1, 152:every other planetary life in the solar system. Animated by energy emanating from one or other ofPsychology1, 153:seven solar systems, which are, in their turn, animated by the Life of the "One About Whom NaughtPsychology1, 154:it. These differentiated forms are therefore animated by energy coming from the cosmic Life, fromPsychology1, 171:and in every group. Thus all groups which were animated by any desire to serve, and which were (inPsychology1, 181:be free from personal ambition and selfishness, animated by love of humanity and by a desire toPsychology1, 191:is therefore linked with every other planet, animated by energy from one or other of the sevenPsychology1, 191:solar angel in the kingdom of souls. Each is animated by the energies coming from all the sevenPsychology1, 271:governing through the power of the mind, and animated by desire for the good of humanity. InPsychology2, 284:and love. These six energies in their turn are animated or impelled by the life of God Himself,Psychology2, 460:present within the form at all, but only an animated living body, informed by the animal soul butPsychology2, 731:of finance through the agency of those who are animated by a spirit of selfless service - and thereRays, 18:characterized by the same soul awareness, animated by the same spiritual activity, functioningRays, 57:fused and blended , present a unified sumtotal, animated by desire or aspiration, by plan orRays, 317:are now in full expression; the initiate is animated by Purpose, but faces still greaterRays, 595:and human greed, but a science which (when [595] animated entirely by goodwill) will lift humanityRays, 627:has an effective plan or program, that both are animated by party politics, and that the interestsRays, 649:of a different yet still material nature, but animated by a growing registration by the massesRays, 726:forms: the quality of love-wisdom which has animated our planetary Logos and is the basic qualitySoul, 18:man to that world. It deals with man as an animated body; it emphasizes the mechanics of hisSoul, 68:formed of a substratum of matter which has been animated by life, much as a length of wire may beSoul, 79:which cannot be negated. We live in a universe animated by forces. Speed, activity, vitality,Soul, 79:be merely matter and is conceived of as being 'animated'." [80] He goes on to say also: "And now atSoul, 80:by 'soul' is what we today call 'life.' 'Animated' and 'alive' are, as conceptions, completelySoul, 94:a material world which is brought into being and animated by a subjective world of forces, whichTelepathy, 116:communications from astral entities or from the animated astral forms to be found in the glamorsTelepathy, 180:body of the Entity, Space, where a living animated existence, such as that of a planet, is
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