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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANIMATING

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Astrology, 295:as the anima mundi, or the soul of the world, animating all forms of life below the animal kingdom;Atom, 19:Is there, behind the objective form and its animating intelligence, an evolution which correspondsAtom, 46:the different developments of this intelligence animating all atoms, but I should like for a momentAtom, 150:We shall find, probably, that the great Life animating the entire solar system, the great EntityBethlehem, 162:possible, for the life of that universal Christ, animating every form of divine expression, canDiscipleship2, 100:little group interplay and no group enterprise animating those few of you who remain steadfast.Discipleship2, 453:in Consciousness - the intrinsic parts of the animating Whole. I use this phrase "animating Whole"Discipleship2, 453:parts of the animating Whole. I use this phrase "animating Whole" advisedly to indicate that theEducation, 64:and laws. When I say "soul," I refer to the animating consciousness found throughout nature and onExternalisation, 53:them to the second ray. Rule by dictators, whose animating principle is not one of the new ageExternalisation, 127:involved and also a correct grasp of the ideals animating the two groups of opponents. In AtlanteanExternalisation, 540:workers on earth. The pureness of the motives animating the Hierarchy will constantly emerge withExternalisation, 685:and revealing clearly the Will-to-Good which is animating the entire evolutionary process - aFire, 28:The seven deep pits of hell belched forth the animating shades. The incoming seventh reduced toFire, 38:of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principle of the evolving units of theFire, 38:in ray terms as follows: First, we have the animating fires of the solar system, which are theFire, 40:solar system, and is its great internal fire, animating and vitalizing the whole, and penetratingFire, 50:who indwell the form, who demonstrate as animating factors through the medium of matter, andFire, 64:cosmic [64] mind, showing as will or power, and animating the Thinker on all planes. The object ofFire, 123:being distributed to the periphery of the body, animating and vitalizing all the physical organsFire, 146:human hierarchies in time and space. He is the animating principle; the will-to-live aspect of theFire, 147:Rishis in the Great Bear. The prototypes or the animating source of the seven Heavenly Men, theFire, 149:what the Logos is to His system) is likewise the animating will, the destroyer of forms, theFire, 150:work of the first Logos, which is that of the animating will. Fire, 151:effect upon the sheaths of which it is the animating factor, and upon the centers which comeFire, 237:in their equally diligent search for that animating subjectivity that is expressing itself throughFire, 242:Logos, HE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The animating principles of allied constellations andFire, 251:The action and the interaction between the life animating the groups or the Heavenly Men, and theFire, 251:the groups or the Heavenly Men, and the life animating the atoms or men who form the units inFire, 254:and His sphere of influence, or that activity animating the planetary chain. His spiritual lifeFire, 256:groups on the mental plane. He has (for the animating centers of His body) the seven major groupsFire, 258:around itself. By the activity of the life animating the ten schemes. By the extent of the controlFire, 261:in essence a quaternary - the etheric vehicle, animating life or prana, kama-manas, and lower mind.Fire, 273:and will repeat the measure or sound when an animating factor is brought to bear upon them. WhenFire, 295:an Entity Who synthesizes the groups and is the animating life of the cell has to do with theFire, 308:on the subject of the manasic fire, which is the animating principle of consciousness itself. LetFire, 310:causal level of the cosmic mental, and is the animating factor of Their Existence, the reason ofFire, 316:electric fire. Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms of matter, or the substance ofFire, 316:one from another. Solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms, and resultingFire, 329:activity, light, or activity taking form and animating form, sound the basis of differentiation andFire, 352:in man (existing in etheric matter), are the animating electrical impulse of his life. To expressFire, 352:is the directing Mind in that scheme, and the animating principle of manas or the activeFire, 352:only when it is admitted that man is the animating discriminative faculty of the tiny spheres whichFire, 355:originator of manas to His scheme; each is the animating fire of intelligence to his system; each,Fire, 358:through the seven centers, and the One Who is animating our scheme stands revealed at the thirdFire, 398:the embodiment of Universal Mind, who are the animating lives within the form, and who are theFire, 437:His entire system. Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding theirFire, 489:out - the transmitters of prana, or the vital, animating substance, and hence they set loose uponFire, 513:which flows through that atom and which is the animating force of the astral body is following theFire, 513:entities. It is the seven planes with their animating principles. Love-Wisdom is the manifestationFire, 522:with Brahma, we have the Spirit aspect animating the three higher subplanes of every plane, or theFire, 602:is the Lord of the mental plane. 88 He is the animating life of the solar system, and that life isFire, 604:cooperate. Illustration: Life of the 3rd Logos - animating atoms of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos -Fire, 604:atoms of matter. Life of the 2nd Logos - animating the forms, or aggregate of atoms. Life of theFire, 604:or aggregate of atoms. Life of the 1st Logos - animating the composite forms. 2. The one LifeFire, 648:meeting there, and performing their function of animating the dense physical body of the Logos inFire, 654:the life of matter itself and the intelligence animating the forms of all that exists on theFire, 658:vehicle of the deva lord Varuna. Fourth, as the animating lives of that involutionary matter of theFire, 672:the evolutionary devas who are the positive Life animating involutionary matter or deva substance.Fire, 770:on impulse based on the will-purpose of the Life animating the aggregate of groups on any subray,Fire, 770:based on the will, tinged by desire, of the Life animating a man's egoic group. Third, on impulse,Fire, 835:and energy and of the electric fire which is the animating principle of every system, scheme,Fire, 954:no particularly distinct forms and persisting in animating those forms for but a brief period, willFire, 1030:globe, kingdom, or atom, becomes in turn the animating principle of another scheme, globe, kingdom,Fire, 1072:channels of approach, that is five centers. That animating the fourth kingdom has seven, for theFire, 1110:"Temple of the Soul," if we studied the type of animating activity and arrived at a knowledge ofFire, 1244:gleaned most easily from a consideration of the animating impulse lying behind all world groupsHealing, 209:each atom in the body is fed. This process of animating the substance of the physical form isHealing, 393:There is only a great principle of love animating the entire universe; there is the Presence of theInitiation, 72:As the center of his group; the force animating the units of the group and binding them into aIntellect, 54:blood stream, the arteries and the veins, and animating every part of the [55] organism; the otherIntellect, 112:or form nature has been studied, the quality animating it and the motive or cause of theIntellect, 113:of a particular form. Meditation upon the life animating a particular form. All forms are symbolsMagic, 198:synthetic lotus) through which the energy always animating the heart and throat centers normallyMagic, 492:upon the strength of the spiritual impulse animating his idea, which is embodied in hisMagic, 493:something of the principle of life which is animating the personality, whilst the disciple isMagic, 568:body. According to the nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to the activity ofMeditation, 149:a purpose for that will and knowledge by an animating love which will give to him sufficient motiveMeditation, 269:that likewise bind, and blends him back into his animating source, the Lord of the Ray in WhoseMeditation, 286:can serve his race with love and wisdom as the animating cause. He has to learn the value of thePatanjali, 218:body. According to the nature of the force animating the etheric body, according to the activity ofPatanjali, 362:The forms of life in these worlds, and the lives animating those forms are good and right inPsychology1, 60:[60] divine purpose; They are the seven Breaths, animating all forms which have been created byPsychology1, 121:when the nature of the energy permeating and animating any particular kingdom in nature isPsychology2, 23:of conscious, intelligent awareness in the life animating the various forms. The exact state ofPsychology2, 24:range of satisfactions; the indwelling and animating soul becomes ever more deeply hidden, thePsychology2, 591:of man. Of this they are the counterpart and the animating factor, making sensitivity possible andRays, 395:is the focal point. This energy constitutes the animating life of the Ashram as well as the forceSoul, 67:of this vital force, of the 'livingness' animating matter and shows the relationship between lifeSoul, 75:Stoics gave currency to a new designation of the animating principle or theory of the vitalSoul, 84:All are studying the varying aspect of the one animating life. Soul, 108:himself with one, leaving the others void of the animating breath (prana), as so many unusedTelepathy, 154:of the planetary Logos, reduced within limits, animating, vivifying and correlating all the sevenTelepathy, 177:their being, and still others are in process of animating both the forms and their environing
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