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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANNIHILATION

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Bethlehem, 244:inner Self steadily and universally repudiates annihilation, and holds firmly to the belief thatBethlehem, 251:the Rosicrucians; and also the extreme theory of annihilation, which does not find much responseExternalisation, 426:their high place, and the complete defeat and annihilation of those responsible for launching thisExternalisation, 444:is your own. Work today for victory and for the annihilation of evil. Work tomorrow for justice andExternalisation, 469:whether they suffer eternally or attain complete annihilation. This surely cannot be so. None ofFire, 52:In terms of Buddhistic theology it produces annihilation; this involves, not loss of identity, butFire, 617:Shells and "Mara-rupas" - i.e. bodies doomed to annihilation. All these are: "Rupa-devas" - DhyanHealing, 401:theological certainties, either to complete annihilation as in the materialistic solution, or to aIntellect, 191:affirm. "The first step in unification is the annihilation of separation because separation is theIntellect, 192:'Four things are necessary to him who prays: annihilation of the lower soul, loss of the naturalIntellect, 192:of the inmost heart, and perfect contemplation.' Annihilation of the lower soul is to be attainedMagic, 298:in doubt, the fear of ultimate negation or of annihilation, the fear of death (which he sharesProblems, 171:determine man's destiny. Will it be a destiny of annihilation, of a planetary war, of worldwideRays, 132:about the destruction of the causal body, the annihilation of the Temple of Solomon, and the
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