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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANNUAL

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Autobiography, 171:during the past few years that I have let my annual dues lapse. I am writing about this somewhat atAutobiography, 176:is bliss." After that completely shocking annual convention of the T.S. in Chicago, Foster and IAutobiography, 239:was the Festival of Humanity making its major annual approach to God under the guidance of Christ.Autobiography, 304:larger group life. (Talk to the Students at the Annual Conference Banquet of the Arcane School, NewDiscipleship2, 28:synthesis and corporate effort will become an annual endeavor as time goes on, and will take placeDiscipleship2, 580:to receive long instructions from me at various annual points. We talk at times throughout theExternalisation, 225:Is there no foundation for the myth of the annual return of the Buddha, holding the door openExternalisation, 286:I would call your attention to the fact that the annual return of the Buddha to bless His peopleExternalisation, 347:Buddha and is held at the time when He makes His annual contact with humanity. This emphasis, whichExternalisation, 348:and blessing and that of the Hierarchy at His annual, though brief, return to bless humanity. ThisExternalisation, 542:and the Lord of the World. He could cease His annual contact with the Hierarchy at this time, if HeFire, 312:is ever changing owing to its rotation and its annual orbital motion, the successive cooling andFire, 755:which is held in mind during the century at the annual recurrence of the Wesak festival. StudentsHercules, 113:to Mars, the god of war. [113] Back from their annual visit to the haunts of men they came. WithinHercules, 215:marked out the path of the sun either in its annual revolution when the twelve divisions indicatedHercules, 217:through which the earth appears to pass in its annual revolution around the sun, and it is uponProblems, 163:months and lead, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which should affect the entireRays, 70:are individually Registrants of the Purpose. The annual appearance of the Lord Buddha is the outerRays, 731:ever portraying to us the essential facts in the annual progress of the four seasons, in the cyclesReappearance, 155:months and leading, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affect theReappearance, 157:larger undying relationships. Thus, the twelve annual festivals will constitute a revelation of
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