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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANSWER

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Astrology, 442:to pause for a moment and interpolate a word in answer to a perfectly normal question which isAstrology, 493:with the unfoldment of mind in humanity? The answer is that they are not. It is humanity which -Astrology, 546:trusted to arise unhurt from the experience in answer to the call of the undying spirit. This callAstrology, 661:Planet Mars Reference in The Secret Doctrine In answer to the questions: "What planets of thoseAtom, 16:it will not be possible for us fully to answer the question, What is the truth? nor to express anyAutobiography, 22:the world of meaning which must be found, if any answer to the perplexities of life and the sorrowsAutobiography, 47:of any advice I might give. I had an answer for everything and knew just what should be [48] done.Autobiography, 48:the sure touch of complete inexperience and my answer to every problem, and my cure for every illAutobiography, 48:cure for every ill was always to be found in the answer to the one question: "What would Jesus doAutobiography, 48:beginning to ask questions, though refusing to answer them, and underneath all the surety andAutobiography, 49:and I believe that They, in Themselves, are the answer and the guarantee of man's ultimateAutobiography, 50:they frequently had themselves found the answer and solved their own problems, which is always soAutobiography, 55:could not take me back but in due time and in answer to my perennial question, "What would JesusAutobiography, 71:interest out of India. I asked for a truthful answer and not just propaganda. He hesitated andAutobiography, 96:was: to whom could I go for advice? That I could answer easily. I went around to the Deaconess'Autobiography, 120:in my mind and are - for me - part of the answer. The Jews hang on to a religion which is basicallyAutobiography, 127:in the seminary and found that his [127] answer was that this Biblical statement proved that GodAutobiography, 163:for consideration; that he would not take my answer then and that he would come back in threeAutobiography, 195:years in some purely exoteric group. He had no answer to this and I increased his bewilderment byAutobiography, 200:promiscuity and out of all this searching for an answer some true solution will eventually emerge.Autobiography, 280:feel it right that you should ask and we should answer certain important questions, such as: WhatBethlehem, 76:and to His father, but only received the calm answer, spoken with conviction, and so changing allBethlehem, 123:of test. The clue to this is found in Christ's answer, where He takes His stand upon His divinity.Bethlehem, 168:or ideas which decide the fate of an age, the answer is that the age get its ideas fromBethlehem, 232:has happened to cause this transformation? Their answer is unanimous: on the third day he rose fromBethlehem, 247:to consider the problem and seriously to give an answer, would feel that as individuals we warrantBethlehem, 262:of resurrection? Christ has provided a definite answer and program for the solution of the problemBethlehem, 262:to make? What is the question that we have to answer? Christ has said that man is divine. Was HeBethlehem, 266:which we have not yet, as a race, attempted to answer. The vital need is to return to the simpleBethlehem, 278:to the individual aspirant, and which he must answer if he is to understand clearly what he isDiscipleship1, 17:questions arise and time alone will give the answer. If there is persistence in effort, if there isDiscipleship1, 52:have a twofold purpose. They will, if you answer them truthfully and face them clearly, lead you toDiscipleship1, 52:our need of workers. If you will write down and answer these questions and share the replies withDiscipleship1, 63:telepathically upon the mind of any person? The answer is that you are doing it all the time,Discipleship1, 106:understand not the above injunctions and I will answer. You will find this line of more quiescentDiscipleship1, 106:thing I would remind you and this perhaps will answer some of your questions. I view theDiscipleship1, 126:This is an important question for you to answer to your soul. I ask myself anew: How can I conveyDiscipleship1, 141:Master rest upon you, my co-disciple. I seek to answer the two questions you have asked me. AsDiscipleship1, 196:it during the next six months. Then each month answer one of the six questions I here set you, oneDiscipleship1, 247:[247] These are questions which you alone can answer and they still hold for you indication of aDiscipleship1, 322:can be sacrificed? Is this not so, my brother? I answer: Over-analysis of the reactions of othersDiscipleship1, 349:thoughts, into your meditative reflection and answer them, one each month, during the coming halfDiscipleship1, 386:my choice of you for work in this group. My answer may surprise you, for I give it in terms whichDiscipleship1, 389:which will be for you the way into the Presence? Answer these three questions and realize that forDiscipleship1, 391:months, I am going to ask you to ponder over and answer the following questions. You have a lifeDiscipleship1, 392:the first day on which the Sun moves northward, answer these questions in my presence and to me,Discipleship1, 392:attitude. The fourth and fifth questions please answer in writing and elucidate as clearly as mayDiscipleship1, 410:will not break down if, for instance, you do not answer the telephone during that period and permitDiscipleship1, 413:of the glandular system? The answer lies in three factors, which I will put frankly before you,Discipleship1, 427:questions I will ask you here, which I shall not answer for you but which, if answered by you withDiscipleship1, 451:you the wider picture as we see it and so to answer some of the problems of your rightlyDiscipleship1, 506:You ask: What is my gift to the group? I answer: The gift of a pure and unselfish spirit and a rareDiscipleship1, 516:is: Which do I do - help or hinder? Let me answer this last question in connection with you. You doDiscipleship1, 531:OF OLD: In this address, you get a clue to the answer of your question: Why was I chosen as aDiscipleship1, 558:and mine to see. Should you, however, care to answer them in such form that they may be of serviceDiscipleship1, 571:that to which you seek to subject others? Your answer to both these questions will be, I know, inDiscipleship1, 607:of your heart and the light of your soul - to answer them. I told you: To sacrifice your ownDiscipleship1, 607:you done this? Two of these questions, I will answer for you, but I will not enlarge upon them.Discipleship1, 693:intelligent and non-fanatical response and answer. Discipleship1, 726:and only the chelas themselves can provide the answer. In the mastering of the task of karmicDiscipleship1, 733:own questions; the task of the Master is not to answer questions which, given a little time orDiscipleship1, 733:a little time or thought, the disciple could answer himself, but to suggest or throw into theDiscipleship1, 733:mind so that he can successfully find the answer. You can see, therefore, how important this entireDiscipleship2, 47:as a soul. What can I therefore do?" My answer would be: You must first of all accept the fact ofDiscipleship2, 96:and then - during the course of the year - answer six questions which I will dictate. The purposeDiscipleship2, 100:from me and from the Ashram. I would have you answer it, to the best of your ability, from thatDiscipleship2, 226:clearly to yourself in your own words, the answer to the following questions: As a member of theDiscipleship2, 291:which corresponds to the third eye in man? The answer is as follows: the Monad is to the planetaryDiscipleship2, 302:of the emergence of the will aspect. Can you answer the question: Why is this indicated? ThatDiscipleship2, 323:problem to would-be initiates if they had to answer certain questions, among them the following:Discipleship2, 381:keep the group back from initiation? The answer is no. The result of the dominant shortcomings ofDiscipleship2, 421:fitness? These are all questions which you must answer before you can pass on to a deeper meaningDiscipleship2, 448:question which your soul seeks to have you answer this life, because in answering it you will findDiscipleship2, 448:and in your service to humanity? A general answer will not suffice, for you will find that severalDiscipleship2, 469:dimly to sense its meaning. Therefore I cannot answer your question because until the head centerDiscipleship2, 488:on the subject we are considering, I shall answer it here. After a few subsidiary comments theDiscipleship2, 526:to you? Those are just questions and I will answer them. I concern myself with your problemsDiscipleship2, 528:life? These are questions which only you can answer. In order to answer them you should enter intoDiscipleship2, 528:questions which only you can answer. In order to answer them you should enter into a cycle ofDiscipleship2, 603:which you are all engaged? It is not hard to answer your enquiry because for you the task isDiscipleship2, 621:sympathy? How will you discover and be able to answer these questions? That is for you to find out.Discipleship2, 622:a rather lengthy question which I should like to answer here, for it has psychological implicationsDiscipleship2, 631:of finding, alone and without any outer aid, the answer. With you, this is a fixed belief andDiscipleship2, 631:The question in your mind which still lacks an answer is evoked by my statement in the lastDiscipleship2, 701:You might ask me why this is so? I would answer that in the distant past - a past which lies behindDiscipleship2, 714:long enough to show results. Why is this? The answer lies in two directions: Your over-active mindDiscipleship2, 715:that there will be time for accomplishments? My answer is: Complete cessation from all meditationDiscipleship2, 716:8th month - The cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of my Life, and stand within the ranksDiscipleship2, 716:ranks of those who serve. What shall I do? The answer comes: The thing before thine eyes. 9th monthEducation, 7:system might be regarded as impossible. In answer to the first question, the prime function of allEducation, 8:(the mind and the brain), I have indicated the answer to the second question asked, which was: "AreEducation, 9:state curriculum - is well-nigh impossible to answer, owing to the wide differences in human beingsEducation, 86:a problem for investigation and as an effort to answer the question: What is man; what is hisExternalisation, 113:must surely be apparent to you and may serve to answer the question which is uppermost in the mindsExternalisation, 218:objectives of humanity will enable you to answer these questions. If you do not need to answer themExternalisation, 218:to answer these questions. If you do not need to answer them because your position is clear in yourExternalisation, 226:the indicated stages: Study with care and answer with sincerity and to your own completeExternalisation, 243:world order. This new world will not come as an answer to prayer or by the passive wishful thinkingExternalisation, 264:cannot be disregarded or remain negligible. An answer must be forthcoming, though it may not takeExternalisation, 285:man's demand for truth and prove adequate to answer his ceaseless yet intelligent questions? I
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