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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANSWER

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Psychology2, 404:Organized religion has, alas, much to answer for, because of its fanatical emphasis upon doctrinalPsychology2, 545:who are clearly oriented towards the light? The answer is that the strain put upon the physicalPsychology2, 710:or a sense of beauty, and modern psychology must answer the question: What is it that [711]Rays, 344:Archives of the Masters, given in question and answer form. The questions are addressed to theRays, 409:to pause here and clarify your mind, A.A.B., and answer certain questions which you areRays, 638:tension is dominating him and his fellowmen? The answer is a simple one. Let each disciple and allRays, 648:Invocation prove that it can and does receive an answer to its invocative appeal. It would be goodRays, 676:major facts involved? Much will depend upon my answer and upon your interpretation of it. I wouldRays, 717:use the word "purpose" I am indicating the [717] answer to the question: Why did the planetaryRays, 717:the evolutionary, creative process? Only one answer has as yet been permitted to be given. SanatRays, 758:invocation and prayer mean anything at all - the answer is certain and sure. When we find presentRays, 766:knock thrice with pure intent. A voice will answer to that call. The words will sound: "Who is itReappearance, 39:the Kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has been flung back: "Father, Thy will beReappearance, 105:there a self. The Buddha came forth to give the answer and to lay the foundation for a moreReappearance, 106:Noble Truths, which satisfactorily and eternally answer man's demand of why. These Truths can beReappearance, 116:of all the problems of humanity, and the answer to much of human questioning. This doctrine will beReappearance, 164:are already being expressed. Therefore, another answer to the question posited is that Christ andReappearance, 176:disturbing financial situation - what is the answer to the problem? There are men and women to beReappearance, 176:and every educational foundation who have the answer. What hope is there for them and for the workReappearance, 176:where it will be more correctly used? The answer must be found. There are two groups who can doReappearance, 178:seem unable to materialize what they need? The answer is a simple one. Those groups and workers whoReappearance, 179:they have to learn that [179] the demand and its answer must be the result of spiritual purpose,Soul, 52:general outline? Who can say? But to my mind the answer lies in two questions or groups ofSoul, 73:its place and never succeeded in an adequate answer to the question as to how the mind goes out ofSoul, 96:what are we (as physical beings) at base? The answer is, infinitely tenuous formless energy whichTelepathyan interplay between the minds involved? The answer to this question is of paramount importance andTelepathy, 72:can know simultaneously both the demand and the answer or response which their invocation
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