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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANSWERING

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Astrology, 233:comes up and will increasingly come up for answering, and it is in Libra that the balancing of theAutobiography, 175:give more thought, time and consideration to the answering of my correspondence. Sometimes I signBethlehem, 44:way into the kingdom is found by questioning and answering, by seeking and finding, and by theBethlehem, 96:of Thee, and comest Thou to me? "And Jesus answering said unto him, Suffer it to be so now, for itDiscipleship1, 234:in my mind which I bring to you today for answering is whether the mental emphasis which you imposeDiscipleship1, 389:I will put to you three questions, and in their answering, we will find indication of theDiscipleship1, 631:read them. Was the task helpful to you? Did the answering of those questions bring you illuminationDiscipleship1, 733:to bear in mind always that they grow by the answering of their own questions; the task of theDiscipleship1, 734:disciple or by the group as a whole, and the answering of these questions has a conditioning effectDiscipleship1, 739:faced with clear and definite questions, in the answering of which they discover themselves and theDiscipleship1, 747:to the work to be done and, incidentally, the answering of the questions: Do you, in reality, knowDiscipleship2, 97:and much serious reflection, prior to answering. The answers should convey the truth, as theDiscipleship2, 98:you and how can you strengthen that control? The answering of this question will require a truthfulDiscipleship2, 233:group meditation? That is a questioning worth answering and of great encouragement to the neophyte.Discipleship2, 301:A hint ever evokes a question, and it is in the answering of these questions that the disciplesDiscipleship2, 448:seeks to have you answer this life, because in answering it you will find a release which will giveDiscipleship2, 448:than perhaps you guess. It holds in its correct answering the secret of your success. Are youDiscipleship2, 488:question some time ago which I have been long in answering. As it has a bearing on the subject weDiscipleship2, 625:emotion, and not the mind. Therefore, in answering your third question, I would say that thoughtsEducation, 25:of the child spend much of their time in answering or evading questions posed by the awakeningEducation, 25:- and so throwing always the responsibility of answering the questions upon the child, yet at theExternalisation, 203:the practical aspects of the subject and to the answering of the following question: Given theExternalisation, 291:questions which normally arise and need clear answering. An Avatar is a Being Who - having firstFire, 18:the sphere of blue felt the vibration and answering, roused herself and hastened to the call. TheFire, 243:and space. The questions we are now engaged in answering embody certain fundamental aspects ofFire, 266:angle of vision. We have considered them thus in answering question six because we have sought toFire, 507:these three atoms is the causal sheath, answering the following purposes: It separates one unit ofFire, 709:force, waxes ever brighter until it produces an answering vibration from both the lower and theFire, 789:The activity of these centers sets up an answering vibration in the three lowest subplanes of theHealing, 371:a mechanism which is responsive to impact, I am answering your question in part, but if this isHealing, 372:when I assure you that I am not seeking to evade answering any questions, but if I can awaken youHercules, 156:such a peculiar application to each one of us answering to the name "aspirant". [157] There are twoMagic, 504:This involves, prior to all such activity, the answering of two questions: - Am I rendering thisMagic, 543:In dealing with the subject of qualification and answering the question: What constitutes theMeditation, 291:vibration steady until he senses the Master's answering vibration or the perfume. Then he endeavorsProblems, 78:and Employment Certain questions arise. In the answering of these questions, humanity will solvePsychology2, 123:is by formulating certain questions and then answering them as fully and as concisely as possible.Psychology2, 124:Wisdom serve upon our planet at this time. In answering these questions, we will proceed to takePsychology2, 736:this time, do you place your life emphasis? The answering of these two questions in the light ofRays, 480:The activity of these centers sets up an answering vibration in the three lowest subplanes of the
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