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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANTAHKARANA

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Fire, 1160:in his mental body, he begins to bridge the antahkarana. When the center between the shoulderFire, 1258:it will be through a comprehension of the human antahkarana, or the path which links higher andFire, 1258:with our planetary Logos) just such an antahkarana, and as He builds and constructs it, it formsFire, 1260:energy which is identified with the planetary antahkarana. It is not permitted, therefore, to stateGlamour, 256:Any disciple who is in process of building the antahkarana can begin to use, with care, directedGlamour, 256:be brought into contact with each other, via the antahkarana. When such a relation exists or isGlamour, 261:of monadic impression, until such time as the antahkarana is built - that bridge in mental matterHealing, 145:monadic energy, of the will aspect of divinity. antahkarana, which disciples and initiates are inHealing, 146:inverted lotus, with the stem of the lotus (the antahkarana, in reality) reaching up into "theHealing, 153:not related to any of the divine aspects by the antahkarana because that thread which links monadHealing, 153:only comes into creative activity when the antahkarana has been built. In the earlier stages it isHealing, 153:thing to remember. The building of the antahkarana only becomes genuinely possible when theHealing, 158:of love. It might here be stated that when the antahkarana has been finally constructed, the threeHealing, 183:thread. This is the externalization of the antahkarana, composed of the antahkarana proper, theHealing, 183:of the antahkarana, composed of the antahkarana proper, the sutratma or life thread, and theHealing, 183:path is not used correctly and safely until the antahkarana has been built and the Monad andHealing, 197:the Path of Discipleship - by the monad, via the antahkarana, using that self-created path as aHealing, 198:integrated with the soul, and later - via the antahkarana - with the Life principle. Today as thereHealing, 406:this marks the completion of the building of the antahkarana and the institution of direct,Healing, 501:identifying himself with the soul, and when the antahkarana is built by means of the lifeHealing, 518:plane and the newly created personality, via the antahkarana. These two points are given to you forHealing, 521:reference, very briefly and obscurely, to the antahkarana; she thus left the seed which, [522] whenHealing, 525:with the Spiritual Triad. [525] Therefore, the antahkarana must be somewhat in process ofHealing, 546:by the Spiritual Triad, have built the antahkarana and can therefore use the spiritual will, canHealing, 546:person. In the New Age, teaching anent the antahkarana and the constitution of man, principallyHealing, 572:can give you: the optic nerve is a symbol of the antahkarana, and the entire structure of the eyeHealing, 586:mechanism of approach to the life aspect - the antahkarana and the agent, the spiritual will - hasHealing, 586:the first faint hints as to the use of the antahkarana, and its purpose in relation to theHealing, 587:through the building and the utilization of the antahkarana. Along the rainbow bridge the lifeHealing, 587:it are vast indeed, the inference is that the antahkarana is firmly established; the rainbow bridgeHealing, 591:with the creation and development of the antahkarana, the ray of the monad must also be broughtHealing, 642:is, needless to say, the sutratma. It is not the antahkarana, or the creative thread or the threadHealing, 642:is that those who have succeeded in building the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge between the MonadHealing, 683:made clear, and the disciple begins to build the antahkarana between the personality and theInitiation, 140:descends from the manasic permanent atom via the antahkarana, and is directed to whichever centerInitiation, 173:at-one-ment is seen clearly revealed, and the antahkarana is shown in its real nature, and havingInitiation, 215:Root Race, whom we now call the Atlanteans. Antahkarana The path, or bridge, between higher andMagic, 139:saying that They look for the perfecting of the antahkarana, that channel of communication betweenMagic, 386:happened, the disciple has built the bridge (the antahkarana) which links: The spiritual triad. TheMeditation, 94:become polarized in the causal body, using the antahkarana, as the channel of communication betweenMeditation, 275:whilst he builds and employs this channel (the antahkarana). This channel eventually supersedes theMeditation, 330:a view to egoic contact. The building of the antahkarana, and the development of the higher mind.Meditation, 349:Root Race, whom we now call the Atlanteans. Antahkarana The path, or bridge, between higher andPatanjali, 295:reflection in the body of the building of the antahkarana on the mental plane. "As above, soPsychology1, 28:wherein the light of the soul reveals the antahkarana (the bridge between the personalityPsychology1, 379:their [379] own private development: build the antahkarana, which will bridge the gap between thePsychology2, 50:the Path of Return in which the bridge (or the antahkarana) is established between the lower mentalPsychology2, 69:called. Thus the first half of the "bridge", the antahkarana, is constructed. By the time the thirdPsychology2, 70:on the external plane. How is this bridging antahkarana to be built? What are the steps which thePsychology2, 71:let it be stated that the real building of the antahkarana only takes place when the disciple isPsychology2, 74:merits consideration. This building of the antahkarana is most assuredly proceeding in the case ofPsychology2, 74:be added in connection with this building of the antahkarana, and that is the statement of thePsychology2, 103:and no suffering. When the living, vibrating antahkarana or bridge is built, this "way of escape"Psychology2, 103:In the cases mentioned above, and where the antahkarana is not a consummated, established fact, thePsychology2, 103:of the Martian influence. The building of the antahkarana, which releases the man from the controlPsychology2, 118:the coming science of the mind. The science of Antahkarana, or the science of the bridging whichPsychology2, 134:has been more constantly made, and when the antahkarana (the bridge connecting the higher and thePsychology2, 151:lower consciousness via the egoic lotus and the antahkarana. This statement is the second basicPsychology2, 160:expressed in the words: "The construction of the antahkarana between higher and lower manas by thePsychology2, 160:to immortality. This is the true path of the antahkarana, which the disciple weaves from out ofPsychology2, 174:the consciousness of the man who is building the antahkarana and who is proceeding with the SciencePsychology2, 190:and the lower mind, and with the building of the antahkarana; and their task is that of linking thePsychology2, 190:mind - so that there is established a group antahkarana between the kingdom of souls and the worldPsychology2, 356:succeeds, once this line of contact, this antahkarana, has been established and recognized, and aPsychology2, 447:is closely connected with the building of the antahkarana. This name is given to the line of livingRays, 27:as it stands at the penetrating point of the antahkarana as it contacts the manas or lower mind andRays, 27:as you know - related to the personality by the antahkarana. The heart as an aspect of pure reasonRays, 28:will be in a similar unimpeded relation, via the antahkarana. I would have you remember that theRays, 29:the time to work with them. But the group antahkarana is still incomplete and the aspect of pureRays, 30:focused directly upon the personality, via the antahkarana and not specifically through the soul,Rays, 30:or a world burning ground. When the antahkarana of a group is rightly constructed, then theRays, 31:distortion) is gradually transmitted, via the antahkarana, direct to the man upon the physicalRays, 34:can only be brought into play when the bridging antahkarana is beginning to play its part. HenceRays, 43:the construction of what is technically the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge. This is built by theRays, 46:phrase from an ancient writing describes the antahkarana. It is not possible in these briefRays, 50:the moment that the first thin strand of the antahkarana, the rainbow bridge, is completed betweenRays, 61:Triad, linked and brought together by the antahkarana. Each of these three lower aspects has itsRays, 65:through the power of monadic energy, using the antahkarana as a distributing agency. The disciplesRays, 101:What is left is the Monad and the thread, the antahkarana which it has spun out of its own life andRays, 112:only of those who are in process of building the antahkarana, the bridge between the Triad and theRays, 113:to give, down the years. The teaching on the Antahkarana (briefly hinted at by H.P.B.) has beenRays, 114:concern: The building of the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana. The nature of the intuition and itsRays, 115:form. This is the demand for the building of the antahkarana which relates the disciple in hisRays, 119:disciple builds the rainbow bridge, the antahkarana, and as a group of disciples build the groupRays, 119:and as a group of disciples build the group antahkarana, they make possible the "TriadalRays, 122:of Meditation and the conscious building of the antahkarana will be the first two preliminaryRays, 123:human consciousness will become possible: 1. The antahkarana can be built and the shining of theRays, 131:now being given out anent the building of the antahkarana. It is only through this bridge, thisRays, 131:on to the Path of the Higher Evolution. The antahkarana is built by aspirants and disciples andRays, 137:and hence the constant need for him to build the antahkarana. In this Rule we are therefore dealingRays, 161:initiation. You must bear in mind that when the antahkarana is constructed and in use, there isRays, 167:of abstraction), using the straight line of the antahkarana from above downwards (from the centerRays, 167:that abstract mind is developed in you and the antahkarana tenuously constructed will be yourRays, 183:an important point to remember. It is along the antahkarana that the force used by the initiateRays, 184:Triad and related to the personality via the antahkarana. Secondary interpretations and tertiaryRays, 216:of potency. Later, as the disciple builds the antahkarana and thus establishes a direct channel ofRays, 221:the group life to be transferred along the group antahkarana and focuses it once and for all in theRays, 222:point of tension; unitedly they have created the antahkarana; unitedly they have invoked by theRays, 251:Kumara. Directions as to the building of the antahkarana, which is the first step towards achievingRays, 256:and not an event. It signifies that the group antahkarana is built and is being consciously used,
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