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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANTAHKARANA

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Rays, 485:effort. In the task [485] of building the antahkarana the disciple has to work also on mentalRays, 486:method of construction and the means whereby the antahkarana is built will appear with greaterRays, 486:possible, and it is done by means of the antahkarana. Let us, therefore, take these six aspects ofRays, 487:to begin the conscious task of constructing the antahkarana. It is this thought which really liesRays, 488:the personality, in the three worlds. When the antahkarana is being built, this awareness must beRays, 489:of the "plans" laid for the building of the antahkarana and the visualizing of the bridge of lightRays, 491:themselves in the personality and the soul. The antahkarana per se, completed by the bridge builtRays, 491:or of the great withdrawal. It is with the antahkarana that the initiate is concerned in the fourthRays, 494:is then a going forth towards the aspect of the antahkarana, constructed by the disciple, alongRays, 494:make contact with the lower projection. Thus the antahkarana is built. The tension of the lowerRays, 494:to this, response can be made via the completed antahkarana. Down - or rather [495] across - thisRays, 495:as he begins to work at the building of the antahkarana. Reflect upon these matters and proceedRays, 497:and initiates of the world, we can see the group antahkarana gradually appearing - that bridgeRays, 497:from matter and form. This building of the antahkarana is the great and ultimate service which allRays, 497:point where humanity stands in relation to the antahkarana. It might be said that the whole goal ofRays, 498:through the medium of alignment. To build the antahkarana, using the six modes or means outlined byRays, 501:I have given you the six methods of building the antahkarana, and as we proceed to take up our nextRays, 503:effect) which is evoked by the building of the antahkarana, and which eventually (when it isRays, 506:unfoldment upon the part of the builder of the antahkarana; it means that there are indications ofRays, 508:both groups of lives, through the medium of the antahkarana. The moment the disciple approachesRays, 508:approaches that point in consciousness and the antahkarana is firmly anchored (even if as yet but aRays, 508:his monadic ray, but any disciple building the antahkarana, and who has reached the stage ofRays, 510:light. It causes a vibration throughout the antahkarana which in its turn evokes response from theRays, 510:Thus the work of constructing the racial antahkarana is furthered. I am here doing two things -Rays, 511:out to the public of the teaching upon the antahkarana. You will find below, in tabulated form, theRays, 511:for Reflective Contemplation on Constructing the Antahkarana I. Points to have in mind. This workRays, 511:of both to the mind. The work of building the antahkarana must be done with as much consciousRays, 512:II. The six steps or methods of building the Antahkarana. Intention. The achieving of rightRays, 513:processes and followed by a conscious use of the antahkarana. Resurrection and Ascension. This isRays, 513:which will lead to a successful building of the antahkarana. It is the quality of a particularRays, 514:silence which results, the act of projecting the antahkarana is performed, [515] and it is thenRays, 515:blended personality and the soul is a fact. The antahkarana is also a fact. The dual expression ofRays, 516:which leads to Nirvana. Of this, the projected antahkarana is the stage first consciously realizedRays, 517:his complete identification with spirit, via the antahkarana. This word is "Purpose itself am I."Rays, 518:concrete mind are blended through the projected antahkarana.) Ray Six - Devotion or Idealism - "TheRays, 518:We have practically concluded our study of the antahkarana; however, I want to enlarge a littleRays, 520:consciousness of the divine purpose. Once the antahkarana is constructed and the higher initiationsRays, 522:name) the initiate-disciple treads the Way of Antahkarana and the Way of the Higher Initiations. InRays, 528:of a [528] completely finished and constructed antahkarana, and thus He facilitated the work of allRays, 528:as the opening of each stage of the planetary antahkarana is concerned. He presented the "firstRays, 528:Earth humanity had interwoven with the planetary antahkarana. Here lies the secret of the sixthRays, 529:of the six stages of conscious building of the antahkarana, has been detailed; but I have pointedRays, 529:can - through the construction of the antahkarana - reach heights and stages of inclusiveness whichRays, 530:have our being. Through the development of the antahkarana and its conscious, scientific use, theRays, 531:reach the brain and are there registered via the antahkarana; the results of the experience ofRays, 531:energies of the Monad through the medium of the antahkarana, then the first and second initiationsRays, 533:[533] reveals the existence of the cosmic Antahkarana, created by the Lord of the World and HisRays, 534:to the disciple as he succeeds in building the antahkarana. The energy of the hierarchical AshramRays, 535:of the higher light, through the medium of the antahkarana. [536] It is revealed both through theRays, 540:arising at many points along the bridge, the antahkarana; it is through the activity of pure reasonRays, 541:Let me illustrate. In the work of creating the antahkarana, the disciple first of all and as far asRays, 541:the disciple works at the creation of the antahkarana; this will eventually bring about the desiredRays, 544:in other writings and in the teaching on the antahkarana. I will confine myself here to the fusionRays, 547:are therefore dependent upon the use of the antahkarana which the disciple is in process ofRays, 547:this is rapidly becoming a part of the group Antahkarana, built by disciples (working in the threeRays, 547:can see why, therefore, the teaching anent the Antahkarana was deemed by us to be timely and wise.Rays, 547:Master are dependent upon the existence of the Antahkarana. In the early stages of its creativeRays, 547:early stages of its creative construction, the Antahkarana is adequate to permit some contact withRays, 547:with those of very high degree. Later, as the Antahkarana perfects itself, higher and more durableRays, 585:word) via the Spiritual Triad, utilizing the antahkarana. After the fourth initiation, the effectsRays, 591:Impressions from the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana; these come when the antahkarana isRays, 591:Triad, via the antahkarana; these come when the antahkarana is constructed or in process ofRays, 592:comes from the Spiritual Triad and utilizes the antahkarana. The energy of this fifth ray might beRays, 599:of the Transfiguration Initiation and via the antahkarana - thrown into the brain; therefore theRays, 672:the personality and the soul. Just as the antahkarana has to be constructed and established as aRays, 693:an unbroken contact with the Monad, via the antahkarana - he renounces the Mutable Cross ofRays, 695:he realizes (because he sees and knows) that the antahkarana has been successfully completed andRays, 695:line of energy from the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana, to his mind and brain. This brings toRays, 698:channel as the pathway or the symbol of the antahkarana - will pour into it from the highest headRays, 710:upon the Path, he has been trying to build the antahkarana. Even that has meant for him an act ofRays, 710:letting them pour into and through him, via the antahkarana, and then to direct them towards theRays, 710:his higher self. Through the building of the antahkarana another thread is added to theRays, 711:from the abstract mind and travelling along the antahkarana; these make contact with his nowRays, 712:follows next, and (as the disciple perfects the antahkarana) it sweeps through the medium ofRays, 724:seven Paths which unitedly form the planetary antahkarana, is forced thereto by the accumulation ofSoul, 117:expression of consciousness in the form of mind (Antahkarana). As consciousness is not a propertyTelepathy, 50:the head center as an anchoring center for the antahkarana, and that the ajna center is concernedTelepathy, 51:concern himself are those of the building of the antahkarana, the correct use of the lower mind inTelepathy, 58:out through a group of my disciples anent the Antahkarana. (Education in the New Age. A Treatise onTelepathy, 70:emanation which employs the higher aspect of the antahkarana as its channel of contact. I refer notTelepathy, 74:upon the brain of a man who has constructed the antahkarana and passed the fourth initiation. It isTelepathy, 86:the Master. From the Spiritual Triad, via the antahkarana. [87] The first two stages cover theTelepathy, 96:nature; he is successfully constructing the antahkarana along which the higher impressions canTelepathy, 97:impressions, reaching the disciple via the antahkarana and - later - from the Hierarchy as a whole,Telepathy, 104:Triad (and later from the Monad), via the antahkarana. [105] Telepathy, 105:the condition of the channel of reception, the antahkarana; in this recording, curiously enough, aTelepathy, 107:Later, as the disciple consciously creates the antahkarana and becomes a functioning part of theTelepathy, 112:is dependent also upon the construction of the antahkarana and upon the steady orientation of theTelepathy, 122:can disciples truly work with the Plan until the antahkarana is to some measure adequatelyTelepathy, 130:comes to the student who is constructing the antahkarana and who is, therefore, coming under theTelepathy, 139:This gap will be bridged by the building of the antahkarana, and this can only be built by advancedTelepathy, 152:relation between this system of nadis and the antahkarana when it is in process of creation or isTelepathy, 156:being the case. It can only truly be so when the antahkarana is built and acts, therefore, as aTelepathy, 157:and that which is found below it. When the antahkarana is constructed and the higher three areTelepathy, 160:level, called the monadic plane. When the antahkarana has been built, then cosmic etheric substanceTelepathy, 165:is conditioned by the Spiritual Triad, when the antahkarana is built or in process of building, andTelepathy, 176:gaining experience; and that also, as the antahkarana is built, it is intended to carry theTelepathy, 190:Triad. It is only actively useful when the antahkarana is constructed or in process of
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