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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANTICIPATE

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Astrology, 273:Cross. He Whom the masses sense or He Whom they anticipate - Cancer - Cardinal Cross. He Who is,Destiny, 142:- so long a time that it is needless for us to anticipate its waning influence. That planetaryDiscipleship1, 385:in fruitful service. You are stronger than you anticipate and have reserves upon which you canDiscipleship1, 386:will be far more potent than you can possibly anticipate. Discipleship1, 609:for they will not be at all along the line you anticipate. First of all, I would say to you: TakeDiscipleship1, 660:also needed but it may not be as serious as you anticipate (in spite of brave words, my brother).Discipleship2, 423:carries in it more than you might imagine or anticipate; each of them hides in its heart and at theDiscipleship2, 438:are deep mysteries and you cannot expect or anticipate full comprehension. Many lives of struggle,Discipleship2, 480:Expect results, though not at the time you anticipate. Sound the OM softly seven times. May peaceDiscipleship2, 691:These words are probably not what you might anticipate, but they will open up to you a group andExternalisation, 530:far more difficulty than you might imagine or anticipate, because it entails the development ofExternalisation, 541:will be far more effective. This you may anticipate and upon this you can count. [542] But - as youFire, 286:of the man consciously to remember, apprehend, anticipate, and utilize the fruits of pastGlamour, 36:experimental group such as this, it is well to anticipate such a situation; such wrestling willHercules, 183:number of intelligent men and women to anticipate happenings with an understanding based on whatInitiation, vii:of an interesting hypothesis. To those who anticipate such a consummation of all their endeavors,Magic, 532:will enable them to relate past and present and anticipate the future. They are exempt from thePsychology1, 186:as the fear-mongers indicate. But we shall anticipate no such failure and no such setback to the
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