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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ANTICIPATION

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Discipleship1, 104:the years spent in occult work, nor in feverish anticipation of a few more years of directed occultDiscipleship2, 394:distress (rightly handled) and of spiritual anticipation. The above is true of the life and work ofDiscipleship2, 410:to recognize on every side the signs of human anticipation, and the pronounced indication of theDiscipleship2, 480:and quietly and with a spirit of waiting anticipation - to contact me, your Master and your friend.Discipleship2, 611:I would urge you to look forward with joyful anticipation to a fuller and a richer life. A greatDiscipleship2, 697:Radiation. Freedom from partisanship. Anticipation Life purpose, persistent ever. Friendship. TheExternalisation, 138:happen and if it does much pain, terror, fearful anticipation, suffering and the agony entailed byExternalisation, 152:produces an intensification, retrospection and anticipation which the larger group does notExternalisation, 313:the moment, by anxiety over the future, and by anticipation of still worse happenings. TheirExternalisation, 660:which men, down the centuries, have created in anticipation of His coming or advent. The movementFire, 193:threefold manner: As recognition. As memory. As anticipation. Each of the five senses, when coupledFire, 286:instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryo anticipation, but (lacking mind) he is unable toFire, 563:from karma, for they have neither memory nor anticipation; they lack the correlating faculty and asHealing, 391:themselves through correct thinking and sane anticipation. The morbid attitude of the majority ofInitiation, 93:the ceremonial aspect, as so many do in excited anticipation, but by working systematically andIntellect, 66:basic idea is demanding what is wanted, and the anticipation factor enters in; also something isIntellect, 102:up, finding later expression as memory and anticipation. Moods, emotional reactions, feelings andIntellect, 190:in two successive phases that the Yogi saps by anticipation the basis of further existences andMagic, 238:memory of past pain and grievance and through anticipation of those we foresee, the power of fearPatanjali, 86:have been known, as states of consciousness, Anticipation of things as they may be known or ofPatanjali, 175:of the mind, based upon memory, imagination and anticipation, and the power to visualize. These arePsychology1, 250:in him of certain aspects of the lower mind - anticipation, memory, imagination, the power toReappearance, 59:unprovable) may be far more at fault than the anticipation of the Knowers of God and the expectant
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