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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPALLING

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Astrology, 579:unified desire was the basic reason for the appalling early successes of the Axis. The only factorAutobiography, 4:good. Looking back, I can imagine nothing more appalling than the perpetuation of the VictorianAutobiography, 69:that did not matter much seemed to be quite appalling, and really [70] serious things did notAutobiography, 79:health was never good and I suffered from quite appalling migraine headaches. These would lay meAutobiography, 108:not be overheard - that he was developing an appalling temper. My Waterloo was the weekly washing.Autobiography, 119:see any immediate solution of their crucial and appalling problem. There are faults on both sides.Autobiography, 175:public has the faintest idea of the literally appalling number of letters I both dictate andAutobiography, 303:to believe, for I was too deeply aware of the appalling consequences of the second war, but theBethlehem, 187:case is different. We can no longer accept the appalling theological doctrine that for some mysticDiscipleship1, 42:the economic and social upheaval and the appalling effects of war are all the results of energiesDiscipleship1, 450:world today are in great confusion, owing to the appalling disturbance and condition of the astralDiscipleship1, 704:of the physical body, present the Master with an appalling picture of the liabilities with which heDiscipleship2, 35:distresses of his fellowmen, horrified by the appalling psychological results of world war, by theDiscipleship2, 350:largely owing to the planetary Karma and the appalling situation with which humanity has confrontedDiscipleship2, 572:that which can practically help in this appalling world emergency. The problem of all disciplesDiscipleship2, 643:for a few minutes on the implications. There is appalling suffering everywhere. Physically andDiscipleship2, 739:of humanity as a whole is in a condition of appalling riot - if I may use so peculiar a phrase. TheExternalisation, 180:many nations to the unparalleled cupidity, the appalling educational process and the defiance ofExternalisation, 255:This is not as yet possible and it is the appalling situation of terror, of slavery and of imposedExternalisation, 309:and trifling ideals (trifling in the face of the appalling world situation) and focus everyExternalisation, 342:unified desire has been the basic reason for the appalling Axis successes. The only factor whichExternalisation, 368:to join hands with Japan across Asia, with the appalling probability of a totalitarian victory.Externalisation, 609:will reveal to the sincere thinker how appalling is the task which He has undertaken. But He hasExternalisation, 626:in homes and schools, we would not have had the appalling statistics of the money spent, prior toFire, 352:and the difficulty of its comprehension be less appalling. Man, the Thinker, the Knower, theGlamour, 202:It is then that he becomes aware of the appalling nature of the glamors in which he automaticallyHealing, 127:on in the world as a whole today, causing the appalling disruption of human affairs, culture andHealing, 253:and definite brain trouble. All this presents an appalling picture. Against the ills which itHealing, 291:becomes acute and terrible, as it is in today's appalling world experience, it indicates thatMagic, 589:brought to the surface, and the result seems appalling and uncontrollable to those who only see theProblems, 9:and the perils of its non-accomplishment are so appalling that it is necessary to indicate certainProblems, 76:classes to awaken to the situation and to the appalling living conditions under which the laboringPsychology1, 256:animal-men in mid-Lemurian days was terrible and appalling. Little nomadic groups of human beingsPsychology1, 298:the accuracy of my presentation of the present appalling conditions, given the possibility of anRays, 32:from the angle of the soul, but frequently appalling from the angle of the personality. Similarly,Rays, 39:the case of the Christ, for instance) to that appalling moment in the Garden of Gethsemane, andRays, 86:is being burnt out through the revelation of the appalling character of that evil, and throughRays, 87:to resurrection and to life. The destruction is appalling, but it is only the destruction of theRays, 695:forefront of his consciousness the sudden and appalling recognition that the soul itself, the egoicReappearance, 57:will reveal to the sincere thinker how appalling is the task which He has undertaken. But He hasReappearance, 127:the values to be extracted out of this period of appalling deprivations through which men are everyReappearance, 174:in homes and schools, we would not have had the appalling statistics of the money spent, prior to
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