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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARATUS

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Astrology, 29:but - as far as man is concerned - his response apparatus and his mechanism of reaction remain whatAstrology, 188:is dependent upon the nature of the response apparatus. Ponder upon this thought, for it is thisAstrology, 267:path. This readiness indicates that his response apparatus (the threefold personality) is moreAstrology, 291:registered by an unprepared form (the response apparatus of the soul in the three worlds and, inAstrology, 292:soul, which tightens its hold over its response apparatus, avails itself upon every possibleAstrology, 294:the medium of the three aspects of the response apparatus of the soul; Sensitivity to the will,Astrology, 403:relatively undeveloped state of his "receiving apparatus." When thus bewildered let him rememberAstrology, 413:dependent upon the quality and nature of the apparatus of response, be it a solar system, a planet,Astrology, 492:Psychic development - The growth of the response apparatus and the synthesis of the innerAstrology, 495:of energy which affect the mental response apparatus of humanity and to the above triangle whichAstrology, 495:and the unfoldment not only of man's response apparatus, the [496] form nature, but also of hisAutobiography, 276:upon control of the lungs and the breathing apparatus but upon correct orientation and the rhythmicBethlehem, 88:In their totality they constitute his "response apparatus," as the psychologists call it. We knowBethlehem, 92:conception? Is it not probable that our sentient apparatus is still inadequate to grasp theBethlehem, 94:or sentiency, and its developing response apparatus which is sensitive to sunlight, to warmth andDestiny, 41:even the most advanced of the sons of men. Their apparatus remains inadequately developed and soDestiny, 115:through the medium of group work. [115] The apparatus of the human being, which is the mechanismDestiny, 119:controlling integration with the dense physical apparatus, reducing it to complete submission as aDestiny, 123:effecting needed and developing changes in the apparatus of contact. The white magician knows thatDiscipleship1, 148:in connection with the sensitive, response apparatus. You are being rendered sensitive and so madeDiscipleship1, 201:your physical vehicle is such a good response apparatus to mental impression, and why your lifeDiscipleship1, 752:nature of the vision of the one who sees and the apparatus of response which is in use. Two wordsDiscipleship1, 753:process is one of developing a response apparatus with which to register them; having done so, theDiscipleship2, 269:this great step is in control of his emotional apparatus; his lower mind is keenly alert andDiscipleship2, 367:initiate within the Ashram and is changing his apparatus of perception from the tangible one of theDiscipleship2, 412:in a Master's Ashram; it developed the mental apparatus, providing a better instrument for soulDiscipleship2, 502:spite of the increasing "creaking" of the human apparatus and the inevitable tendency which comesDiscipleship2, 625:to say: I am not my body. I am not my feeling apparatus. I am not that which is developed throughDiscipleship2, 761:aspects, being creative, build the phenomenal apparatus or mechanism by means of which a MasterEducation, 7:to impressions coming to it via the sense apparatus and so carrying information about the outerEducation, 8:In this formulation of the function of the apparatus with which all educators have to deal (theEducation, 10:defects. The nature of the response apparatus will be carefully studied and developed. 4.Education, 11:Coordination between: Brain and the response apparatus in the outer world of phenomena, Brain andEducation, 13:the reaction of their very sensitive response apparatus to group ideas and the dominant thoughts ofEducation, 14:physical equipment, the nature of his response apparatus with its varied reactions, and his majorEducation, 24:must not work, as they do today, with the brain apparatus and with the lowest aspects of the mind;Education, 29:processes later to be applied, with the mental apparatus which comes under definite and plannedEducation, 127:into three parts: That concerning the tangible apparatus, the animal body, and the responseExternalisation, 8:tied up with the human mechanism or response apparatus, and serve to put the man in touch withExternalisation, 15:the astral plane, lacking the physical response apparatus. The great need, therefore, is not thatExternalisation, 530:endeavoring to "create" the needed responsive apparatus which will be of such a nature that [531]Fire, 199:the many. The senses are developed, and the apparatus is perfected by the Self for the utilizationFire, 502:to arrive at conclusions apart from the ordinary apparatus - the mental body and the physicalFire, 910:of transportation, such as steamers and railway apparatus, will be entirely revolutionized. ThisFire, 1131:the nature of the sheaths, and the function and apparatus of energy and so let him gradually becomeFire, 1234:As soon as a man begins to use his mental apparatus and has made even a small contact with his egoFire, 1242:useless but also dangerous. He has not yet the apparatus of thought necessary for its safeFire, 1265:of the eye is the nucleus of sight and the apparatus of vision itself. The remainder of the eyeGlamour, 3:mind and which can reflect itself in that mental apparatus which is held "steady in the light."Glamour, 12:It sweeps into focused activity the mental apparatus. You then become aware of the concept or ideaGlamour, 111:word "sentient" I do not refer to the sensory apparatus of the physical nervous system, but to theGlamour, 141:body must be regarded by him as his response apparatus to the world of sensation and as the onlyGlamour, 192:of innate reaction to environment produces the apparatus needed to contact that environment, so theGlamour, 212:call it. They must have an understanding of the apparatus of thought, of the creation ofGlamour, 240:Through illusion, he becomes aware of the apparatus of thought, of its activity, expressed inGlamour, 248:ray but to know also the rays of his mental apparatus, and his emotional nature. This will leadGlamour, 262:at all times the Observer and User of the apparatus of manifestation. What is this technique? WhatHealing, 2:organism. The physical body is the response apparatus of the indwelling spiritual man and serves toHealing, 2:spiritual entity en rapport with the response apparatus of the planetary Logos, the Life in whichHealing, 4:and is building, the outer physical response apparatus, and is today forcing a mechanism that hasHealing, 15:is the best man can do with his present mental apparatus. When the intuition rarely works, and theHealing, 22:This fact is often unrecognized. The apparatus of realization is as yet inadequate. This pointHealing, 36:that demonstrates. Later as man's response apparatus, or bodies, becomes more developed, theHealing, 37:outer expression of man and use it as a response apparatus, are (during the evolutionary process)Healing, 45:4. Throat center Thyroid Breathing apparatus Alimentary canal Creative energy SoundHealing, 60:Tuberculosis Aryan Mental Animal Breathing apparatus Throat center In referring above to theHealing, 83:is fundamentally the most important response apparatus which man possesses, producing not only theHealing, 87:and receptive, there will be found a physical apparatus which will be responsive to the forcesHealing, 87:can be transmitted, you will find a physical apparatus which will be equally slow and unresponsive.Healing, 92:which are caused by the failure of the physical apparatus to measure up to the demands of theHealing, 139:of understanding. By this means the response apparatus of the soul in the three worlds is built. IHealing, 155:flowing through the throat center, through the apparatus of speech and the two lungs. You have inHealing, 184:are blended, and the response apparatus of the divine man is perfected, enabling him to contact andHealing, 196:physical result of an inner sensitive response apparatus is still undefined and unrecognized byHealing, 204:their affiliated glands that the soul builds the apparatus upon the physical plane which we callHealing, 275:forces coming from the astral or the emotional apparatus, from the mind or from the soul body.Healing, 332:that, to the soul, the body is only its response apparatus on the physical plane and a medium ofHealing, 333:millions, and produce the sensitive response apparatus through which we work and of which theHealing, 333:Finally it might be said that the physical apparatus which is the direct result of the innerHealing, 351:invalid, an old person whose response apparatus of contact and response is imperfect, or a baby whoHealing, 369:a fireplace ionizes the air; that with suitable apparatus one may extract either the negative orHealing, 379:plane by the aid of the needed sensitive apparatus. February 1944 [380] Healing, 432:the increased sensitivity of the human response apparatus, leading to a turning inward or to a newHealing, 440:takes strength and a strong hold on the nervous apparatus to produce pain. Is it impossible toHealing, 454:world of being and becomes centered in another apparatus or mechanism. In death, both the threadsHealing, 455:underlie or are the counterparts of the nervous apparatus - the nerves and the nerve ganglia. InHealing, 463:two minor centers connected with the breathing apparatus. These will remain normally energized,Healing, 465:the control of the astral body and the mental apparatus. You will see consequently why, earlier inHealing, 525:invocation, plus an understanding of the subtle apparatus of the etheric vehicle. The power toHealing, 530:are sad. The reason for this is that the nervous apparatus of the average human being (and by thatHealing, 612:their activity as aspects of a divine response apparatus, of a mechanism which enables the HeavenlyHealing, 702:preparation, related to his mind, the thinking apparatus. I mean not five hours of consecutiveHercules, 49:no meeting of obligation, no use of the physical apparatus, in which the soul cannot fulfil theHercules, 93:simply an extension of his response apparatus and the development of the instinct into intellect.Hercules, 93:its own method of contact and its own response apparatus. Diana, the huntress, claimed the doe,Hercules, 100:and emotional states, vitality, and the response apparatus of the physical body. These four we haveHercules, 118:habits; the body being but an automatic response apparatus, [119] subject to the control of theHercules, 187:through you has an effect upon your vocal apparatus. You are dealing with energies and you areInitiation, 190:part of the eye is the nucleus of sight, and the apparatus of vision itself; the remainder of theIntellect, 8:85. As we shall see later, it is the thought apparatus which is involved in Meditation and which
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