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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARATUS

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Intellect, 10:race, equipped with a sensitive response apparatus and a reasoning mind. We possess the rudimentsIntellect, 13:their debt [13] with their discoveries about the apparatus whereby a human being comes into contactIntellect, 15:him and develops in him a new and subtle [15] apparatus, by means of which he no longer sees theIntellect, 25:begin with the utilization of their instinctive apparatus to lead them on to the way of theIntellect, 25:their instincts and intellect as part of the apparatus of self-preservation in the external worldIntellect, 34:exhausted the possibilities of man's response apparatus, nor of the environment with which it canIntellect, 36:of that intangible world and of a response apparatus, by means of which it can be contacted. TheIntellect, 39:a new type, the soul type, with its own internal apparatus, and holding within itself again theIntellect, 39:development of a quick handling of the response apparatus which puts us in touch with the externalIntellect, 39:which have their seat in a subtler response apparatus. The soul type imposes itself upon the [40]Intellect, 42:a mind, a set of emotions and a response apparatus through which he is [43] brought into contactIntellect, 43:Second, according to the caliber of his apparatus and the condition of his mind, plus the nature ofIntellect, 51:the vital energy and the physical response apparatus, and these "mask" or hide the soul. TheseIntellect, 53:at death, a subtle body, formed of the psychical apparatus, including the senses." - Radhakrishnan,Intellect, 55:itself in the brain, and utilizes the nervous apparatus as its medium of expression. In the heart,Intellect, 56:all that is; he finds he is equipped with an apparatus which can put him in touch with theIntellect, 75:It has taught us that we possess such an apparatus and has presented to us some of its ways of use.Intellect, 95:and who can control and utilize his apparatus of thought, is the man who can the most easily masterIntellect, 98:for capriciousness is a quality of the sensory apparatus, and pride that of the mind. TheIntellect, 100:aims first to put a man in control of his mental apparatus, so that he becomes the one who uses itIntellect, 101:built up during the ages; as a response apparatus through which we contact aspects of the UniverseIntellect, 105:involves a distinction between the Thinker, the apparatus of thought, and that which is to beIntellect, 105:the true Self, or the Soul. The mind, or the apparatus which the Thinker seeks to use. The processIntellect, 107:will thereby learn to regulate his mind as an apparatus for his thought. Let me emphasize here theIntellect, 112:making it possible for the soul to have an apparatus of thought ready to its use. Reacting to theIntellect, 114:as a man begins consciously to use his mental apparatus and has made even a small contact with hisIntellect, 125:be refocused in its turn, it becomes a sensitive apparatus (a sixth sense, if you like) whichIntellect, 130:greatest efficiency and use intelligently that apparatus which the Behaviorists have done so muchIntellect, 134:the emotions, and so renders passive the sensory apparatus, the brain and that vast interlockingIntellect, 141:quieted and held steady; the feeling or sensory apparatus has also been stilled and is no longerIntellect, 143:It is for this that the need of a good mental apparatus will become apparent. A trained mind and aIntellect, 163:in its physical relations and reactions by the apparatus of the instincts, working through theIntellect, 201:are not yet registered, nor is the feeling apparatus making its familiar impacts upon theIntellect, 211:makes itself felt primarily in the feeling apparatus, the emotional states of being. [212] When theIntellect, 212:mind is the dominant factor, then the thought apparatus, in the higher brain, is swung into anIntellect, 252:and will have a working knowledge of the apparatus with which they are working. If they areIntellect, 260:the mechanism and stimulates the entire sex apparatus. The weak point is always discovered andMagic, 18:we call the brain, the heart, and the breathing apparatus. This is the microcosmic symbol ofMagic, 19:to, his environment. This entire sensory apparatus is that which produces the organized awarenessMagic, 19:associated with the energy aspect, being the apparatus utilized by that energy to vitalize theMagic, 20:does sensitive response to environment, and the apparatus of that response, the divine duality ofMagic, 20:and known; it is that of which the sensitive apparatus [21] becomes aware. This, as we shall seeMagic, 32:the nature and point of view and the perceiving apparatus of the man whose eye [33] registers andMagic, 46:be registered in the subhuman kingdoms, and the apparatus of the vital body in man is soMagic, 147:within the outer form, which is the response apparatus for the process of becoming aware of theMagic, 147:the disciple builds a new subtler response apparatus whereby the subjective worlds can be known.Magic, 147:is set up, and because the inner subtle response apparatus is only in an [148] embryonic conditionMagic, 148:Light, Vibration. The development of a response apparatus for use in the phenomenal world. TheMagic, 149:and the gradual use of the subtler response apparatus. The response apparatus of the soul - mind,Magic, 149:of the subtler response apparatus. The response apparatus of the soul - mind, etheric body, brainMagic, 149:develops a new and subtler use of his response apparatus, he practices the science of the breath,Magic, 151:a medium of expression and a response apparatus in the three worlds of human living. In the life ofMagic, 164:a peculiar significance. These three form the apparatus to be employed by all disciples during theMagic, 164:in incarnation at this time, and that the apparatus with many who are functioning on the level ofMagic, 165:is no comprehension of how, or why, or when, the apparatus is used. An animal employs a mechanism,Magic, 166:as souls. Until such time as their use of their apparatus becomes voluntary they would be wellMagic, 167:of the purposes and employment of the physical apparatus. Now through the use of a still higherMagic, 180:of communication, utilizing the brain or voice apparatus of the medium, are not highly evolved, andMagic, 193:the intellectual faculties and the mental apparatus totally undeveloped and latent. When this isMagic, 213:awareness of this light increases so does the apparatus of vision develop, and the mechanismMagic, 226:of consciousness: He gains, through his sensory apparatus, consciousness in the world of forms, andMagic, 246:he finds himself at-one with the sensitive apparatus of divine manifestation which carries the loveMagic, 284:The sympathetic nervous system, that marvelous apparatus of sensation, is closely related to theMagic, 294:beings, in the fact that they possess as yet an apparatus inadequate for the registering andMagic, 294:avenues of realization offer. Until the mental apparatus is sufficiently awakened and controlled itMagic, 338:the "I" upon the throne of intelligence, and the apparatus through which he can contact the outerMagic, 365:to learn to think; to discover that he has an apparatus which is called the mind and to uncover itsMagic, 366:learns and gains through right use of the mental apparatus. How is this to be done? How bringMagic, 378:act, of the necessary mental unit or mental apparatus of thought, within the causal or spiritualMagic, 383:till it becomes a part of the instinctual apparatus - as much a part of the subconsciousMagic, 413:subjectively, thus utilizing the inner sensitive apparatus and the intuition. It is to be composedMagic, 416:intense sensitivity, a highly organized mental apparatus, an astral equipment which is primarilyMagic, 463:or ruler of the mechanism, of the form-apparatus. This control is only possible where there isMagic, 464:in so far as it tends to develop the mental apparatus. This solar system is a system of effects,Magic, 493:to these two the conscious control of his mental apparatus, though only in certain of its aspects,Magic, 493:therefore beginning to work with his subjective apparatus or energy aspects. Secondly, thisMagic, 496:world of being and becomes centered in another apparatus or mechanism. In death, both the threadsMagic, 497:senile decay, when there has been a high grade apparatus utilized in life, there may be theMagic, 498:to be as he was before, though without an apparatus whereby he can contact the physical plane. HeMagic, 499:takes strength and a strong hold on the nervous apparatus to produce pain. Is it impossible toMagic, 500:underlie or are the counterparts of the nervous apparatus - the nerves and the nerve ganglia. InMagic, 527:being analogous to the brain cells in the human apparatus. Just as the human brain, made up of anMagic, 568:according to the wholeness of the breathing apparatus, and according to the ability of thatMagic, 568:apparatus, and according to the ability of that apparatus to oxygenate and render pure the blood,Magic, 592:obviously be a direct effect upon the external apparatus and this in its turn will definitelyMagic, 593:produces destructive results upon the protective apparatus, and is no true indication of spiritualPatanjali, 64:realization of the need of soul culture. The apparatus of thought must be contacted and used beforePatanjali, 121:the different organs and the entire mechanical apparatus of the physical body. The latter has to doPatanjali, 132:and in so doing identifies himself with his apparatus of manifestation. He is doubly blind, for hePatanjali, 140:the mental plane. He has to gain control of the apparatus of thought; then he has to learn how toPatanjali, 140:of thought; then he has to learn how to use that apparatus, and when this has been accomplished, hePatanjali, 181:frequently to concentrate upon the physical apparatus of breath to the exclusion of the analogousPatanjali, 219:according to the wholeness of the breathing apparatus, and according to the ability of thatPatanjali, 219:apparatus, and according to the ability of that apparatus to oxygenate and render pure the blood,Patanjali, 221:and etheric). This concerns: The breathing apparatus and the use of the breath. The vital airs andPatanjali, 223:of the types of energy and of their apparatus, the system of centers, to be found in the ethericPatanjali, 313:those contacts with his physical brain apparatus. Hence the necessity of becoming aware of one'sPatanjali, 350:that which is subjective, and with the subtle apparatus through which forms are contacted andPsychology1, xxiv:leads inevitably to an unfoldment of the mental apparatus (with a subsequent development of the, asPsychology1, 5:of his reactions, the caliber of his thought apparatus and the quality of his physical mechanism,
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