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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARENT

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Astrology, 20:This phrase has always disturbed me, but the apparent retrogression, based upon the precession ofAstrology, 46:of the at-one-ing principle, it will become apparent how great and all-important is their place inAstrology, 52:of the various energies and forces will make it apparent that, when the conditioning planetaryAstrology, 60:step will clearly show forth. It thus becomes apparent again to what an extent the "principle ofAstrology, 64:to reconcile the seeming discrepancies and apparent contradictions which appear in [65] theAstrology, 75:ASTROLOGY Introductory Remarks It will be apparent to you after studying the foregoing that one ofAstrology, 110:you are referring is the physical Sun and its apparent path in the heavens. This "appearance" willAstrology, 111:of day) and this dual life will consist of our apparent experience and situations and our innerAstrology, 126:the Zodiacal Constellations From this it will be apparent how important and powerful is this sign.Astrology, 156:in these the mystery lies hid." It here becomes apparent that three mysteries are hidden in theAstrology, 185:of this will be [185] obvious. It is easily apparent how, through the influences of Mercury andAstrology, 266:various constellations, it will have become apparent to you that the main function of the planetsAstrology, 268:we are now entering and it will be increasingly apparent to you (if you reflect upon my words) whyAstrology, 291:the nature of the form had to be made apparent and man accustomed to it before the meaning behindAstrology, 292:can be easily demonstrated and instantly made apparent once modern science accepts the occultAstrology, 294:Constellations A little thought will make it apparent to you why the Sun is the ruler of all theAstrology, 300:the disciple and the initiate. This may not be apparent to you at first sight and I may not furtherAstrology, 300:of the Zodiacal Constellations It will be apparent to you (given a little thought) that the Sun, asAstrology, 301:to grasp all the implications, but enough may be apparent to reveal the underlying theme andAstrology, 301:(second ray) and Venus (fifth ray). It will be apparent to you that we here have another sphere ofAstrology, 306:touched upon above and is, of course, easily apparent to you if you have the slightestAstrology, 348:the second ray, pours through Gemini it becomes apparent how true is the occult teaching that loveAstrology, 359:reality, the nature of this illusion will become apparent to him, but at present this is notAstrology, 365:again the essential dualism of this sign becomes apparent. When the Jupiter influence becomesAstrology, 372:humanity, as its broad outlines begin to become apparent to the developing intelligence of man.Astrology, 395:his immense opportunity for progress. It will be apparent to you that a whole new field of studyAstrology, 444:is evoked. This then leads to resistance to the apparent karmic necessity and this brings aboutAstrology, 447:of these triangles, it [447] will become apparent to the student that the combination of theAstrology, 453:cycle the information should be applied, these apparent inexactitudes will disappear. What is trueAstrology, 457:the Darjeeling center is not so immediately apparent but it is of major importance as aAstrology, 468:a state of awareness. These facts will become apparent if the four esoteric planets connected withAstrology, 468:- Beneficent Life Pluto - Death It will also be apparent to the astrologer of the future alongAstrology, 478:in these simple words because it must be apparent to you that only as the soul illumines the mindAstrology, 487:Path of Outgoing; this has become increasingly apparent. Today, Capricorn is producing a thirdAstrology, 488:with the teaching upon the rays, it will be apparent how necessary it is to know which of theAstrology, 559:He suffers, agonizes, desires, strives, is the apparent victim of circumstances, and isAstrology, 559:earlier crucifixions become almost blindingly apparent and a vision of the unified intent of theAstrology, 589:divine manifestation which is as yet so little apparent upon the physical plane that we lack theAstrology, 625:of the seven rays; this becomes beautifully apparent in the activity of the second ray as it is theAstrology, 640:The intricacy of the whole subject will be apparent when it is borne in mind that not only do theseAstrology, 666:not really belong to our system, in spite of its apparent connection with the Sun. The connectionAtom, 13:sole interest to be found in that which [13] is apparent and material? Such queries pass throughAtom, 17:main lines of evolution. The line that is most apparent is necessarily that which deals with theAtom, 19:there, but the whole grandeur of the idea is not apparent to us. We may have a vision, we may haveAtom, 34:of the situation had to be faced. It became apparent that what was considered the ultimate particleAtom, 35:their orbital paths around it. It would be apparent to each of us that when this definition of theAtom, 47:with other atoms. These two stages are apparent in the evolution of the human atom. The first wasAtom, 70:this idea into our consciousness, when it is apparent to us that there is purpose and directionAtom, 78:a number of negative particles. It became apparent to us that the tiny atom of the chemist and theAtom, 85:would term the "image of God." For, as must be apparent to all thinkers, the only way in which weAtom, 104:achieved, the group stage. If there is one thing apparent to all of us who are in any wayAtom, 122:line, that of radioactivity, and it is becoming apparent in many cases there is an active radiationAtom, 122:more scientists find out, the more it becomes apparent (as they themselves realize), that we areAtom, 146:it makes. As evolution proceeds, it becomes apparent that in time the atom begins to react to aAtom, 148:of which he is a part. This prior stage is very apparent in the world today. A large percentage ofAutobiography, 141:"one creation" plan. I had worried so over the apparent unfairness of God. Why should I have beenAutobiography, 215:rest back upon that. In the fall of 1930 it was apparent that the work of the school was growing inAutobiography, 229:of trained disciples also becomes increasingly apparent. The world has to be salvaged by those withAutobiography, 230:Looking back over the years it is now very apparent to us what has been definitely accomplished byAutobiography, 233:the people of that era. This becomes still more apparent when the sun transitted into the nextAutobiography, 234:aggression and racial discrimination are made so apparent that only the stupid and unintelligentAutobiography, 235:and blissfully hope that He will make that love apparent in humanity. Thus the New Group of WorldAutobiography, 237:religion can be founded. The need has long been apparent for some point of contact between theAutobiography, 237:steps in meditation are identical. This will be apparent to anyone who studies the works of MeisterAutobiography, 260:the Tibetan and Mrs. Bailey, it will also be apparent that the full value of the Treatise will onlyAutobiography, 260:fine instance of the real telepathy. It will be apparent from a perusal of the data in the TreatiseAutobiography, 263:testify to the existence of the real. It will be apparent, therefore, that no true esoteric schoolAutobiography, 271:of responsibility as the evidences become apparent. All the time he lives among them as a learnerAutobiography, 278:Thus the synthesis of all manifestation becomes apparent and the place of the part within the wholeBethlehem, 22:and pain, or revolting in the West from the apparent monstrous injustice of the one sorrowful lifeBethlehem, 39:this time if we are not to be submerged in the apparent world chaos and thus lose our perspective.Bethlehem, 40:into higher states of consciousness. This is apparent in the Gospel story. [41] Bethlehem, 47:the individual aspirant, so that it may become apparent that, as children of God, we can allBethlehem, 51:of a period of travel. The symbolism of this is apparent. "The treading of the Path" is a familiarBethlehem, 73:to our individual situation, it becomes equally apparent that today humanity, as a race, standsBethlehem, 96:and the consequent illumination was made apparent to His disciples. He appeared before them as SonBethlehem, 112:give an interpretation of the devil? Is it not apparent that there are in the world today twoBethlehem, 117:translation are studied this becomes glaringly apparent. Christ meant something much deeper thanBethlehem, 129:to the enticements of the devil and, from apparent right motive and love of humanity, accepted theBethlehem, 145:in Himself certain basic human cleavages is thus apparent, and to those above enumerated we can addBethlehem, 156:- for all time - the inner meaning might be made apparent to those of us who have followed later inBethlehem, 223:the overwhelming disparities of life were but apparent, but I was met from the eyes and brow of HimBethlehem, 250:in fact. Human beings are convinced that the apparent injustice of the world provides legitimateBethlehem, 264:thread of purpose which will lead us out of the apparent impasse; to isolate, out of the manyBethlehem, 274:attention to the words of Christ will make apparent that the three outstanding characteristics ofDestiny, 41:factors today in world affairs. It will also be apparent to you how the lower and the higherDestiny, 62:capacity Spain has earlier served. It will be apparent to you also how inevitable has been theDestiny, 62:the national government. It will also be apparent why the battleground of two great ideologies -Destiny, 69:will make certain outstanding conditions apparent and even with the small knowledge of esotericDestiny, 69:the present point in evolution will make this apparent. In the next great and succeeding race toDestiny, 70:the definiteness of the initiate-entity becomes apparent; a few again are purely embryonic. ThusDestiny, 70:difficulty of the science becomes increasingly apparent. There is, however, no need forDestiny, 127:of the new age workers is to bring these two apparent opposites together, to demonstrate thatDestiny, 129:of opposites upon the astral plane. It will be apparent, therefore, that, having established theDestiny, 136:time. Its implications will become increasingly apparent as time goes on and I am, therefore,Destiny, 140:to Humanity becomes possible. It will be apparent, therefore, why in the second decanate ofDestiny, 151:and one following immediately after the apparent death of Christ. They are: The story of the upperDiscipleship1, 11:what others may tell him - no matter how [11] apparent the truth or how much the person may protestDiscipleship1, 23:which they deliberately cooperate. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the purpose of theseDiscipleship1, 28:be any waste time or lost motion. It will become apparent to you that much that I seek to
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