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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARENT

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Discipleship1, 42:in the world, the international cataclysm and apparent impasse, the religious dissatisfaction, theDiscipleship1, 58:and unchanging sincerity. This must surely be apparent to you. In the group work in which disciplesDiscipleship1, 121:times spoken to you with frankness and even with apparent harshness. This I have done in an effortDiscipleship1, 164:way of evoking interest will easily become apparent. The work upon the inner planes is already doneDiscipleship1, 181:the significance of two other words would become apparent and you would radiate light and love andDiscipleship1, 182:you will learn that things which are potent and apparent in your personality consciousness are inDiscipleship1, 201:mind nature) and Active Intelligence. It will be apparent to you then, if you think clearly, whyDiscipleship1, 204:and problems. These are not yet particularly apparent as the group is only in process ofDiscipleship1, 232:of ancient crystallizations, it becomes apparent to me that the power of your soul is making itselfDiscipleship1, 248:suggestions which I may give. They may not be apparent to you at first but your ignorance in no wayDiscipleship1, 255:third Ray of Active Intelligence. This will make apparent to you the lines of energy which areDiscipleship1, 282:, and you can help him through a period of apparent loneliness from which he now suffers. Your workDiscipleship1, 344:of the ray forces present in this group, it is apparent that you should find points of contact. TheDiscipleship1, 388:at what I am setting you to do, and at my apparent omission to give you a set form at which toDiscipleship1, 413:If at the end of this next period of study it is apparent that you should not do any of the workDiscipleship1, 466:for many of your life reactions will become apparent to you. There is little of the first ray lineDiscipleship1, 471:and passed onward and forward in spite of apparent failures and the destruction of pastDiscipleship1, 512:servant. Suspicion ever lies, but lies with such apparent truth that it seems only correct [513]Discipleship1, 513:no real light, no sound or movement and no life apparent. It remains just dreaming and colorless.Discipleship1, 532:October 1935 BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: It will be apparent to you that there would be no gain in myDiscipleship1, 533:and let me fill that need. Be not misled by the apparent simplicity of these seed thoughts forDiscipleship1, 541:and condition; a sense of values should be apparent to you which will necessitate certain basicDiscipleship1, 545:produce an inner unfoldment which may be more apparent to those who teach you than to yourself.Discipleship1, 549:second ray soul. This will become increasingly apparent to you as you learn to focus yourself inDiscipleship1, 551:my thought rest constantly upon you. NOTE: It is apparent from his first instruction that theDiscipleship1, 556:not here upon the hidden significance which is apparent to you. [557] It interested me to see thatDiscipleship1, 569:do this faithfully, in six months it will be apparent to you why I have stressed this aspect ofDiscipleship1, 570:paramount, even if it has to be made objectively apparent. It is of vital moment to you. ItDiscipleship1, 580:attendant upon this fact, will be immediately apparent to you. Let us look at your problem as itDiscipleship1, 595:you. I only offer opportunity. NOTE: It will be apparent from the above instruction that theDiscipleship1, 602:growth and stimulation. I speak thus with apparent harshness in an effort to bring to an end yourDiscipleship1, 620:disappointment, ceaseless struggle, hard knocks, apparent unaccountable failure - and all becauseDiscipleship1, 638:Your function in the group will become more apparent as time goes on. You have an over-active mindDiscipleship1, 640:is upon the seventh ray, and this will be easily apparent to you, accounting, as it does, for yourDiscipleship1, 641:under the influence of their souls. It will be apparent to you also why it has taken so long a timeDiscipleship1, 653:and to move them forward is futile. Its truth is apparent to me all the time, and if you willDiscipleship1, 696:and not with the individual. This is not easily apparent until disciples are accepted and integralDiscipleship1, 696:the outer group of aspirants? It must surely be apparent to you that a Master, in forming hisDiscipleship1, 700:and work significantly in an Ashram. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that when a discipleDiscipleship1, 765:for which we have no terminology. Is it not apparent to you that the initiate of high degree livesDiscipleship2, 6:upon to do this necessary absorption, the apparent rejection of certain people is not the fault ofDiscipleship2, 17:that the results of this work will not become apparent to you until the full moon of May, and evenDiscipleship2, 41:a much closer rapport and spiritual confidence apparent between those pledged disciples who haveDiscipleship2, 45:he is being prepared for initiation. It will be apparent, therefore, that the loneliness to which IDiscipleship2, 55:the requirements had been duly met. It will be apparent to you, if you have followed the above inDiscipleship2, 55:To students such as you, the symbolism should be apparent and can be seen as inviting a dualDiscipleship2, 115:the active and awakened center. It will be apparent to you that the first stage is occupied withDiscipleship2, 127:at a group fusion in love; some success is apparent. Now work at the united evocation of the will.Discipleship2, 152:to these two, even if this is not immediately apparent to you. It concerned alignment. You haveDiscipleship2, 156:of very deep import and are not superficially apparent. I challenge you to penetrate, throughDiscipleship2, 163:spirit is matter at its highest, and that the apparent duality is but an essential unity. ADiscipleship2, 163:This will later make itself invincibly apparent. They brought pure evil to the surface in such aDiscipleship2, 163:that the issues between good and evil became apparent in a clearer light and the causes of humanDiscipleship2, 166:expression of these underlying facts will be apparent and an era of hierarchical propaganda,Discipleship2, 168:are fortunately few and far between. It is apparent, therefore, that the first three stanzas orDiscipleship2, 173:what might at that time have appeared to be an apparent failure and that his mission was notDiscipleship2, 193:you will study and think for a while, it will be apparent to you that this cross is only correctlyDiscipleship2, 246:five significances or meanings which will become apparent only as each of these initiations isDiscipleship2, 266:speculative theories in your life. It will be apparent to you consequently the need for definiteDiscipleship2, 269:with its attendant horrors and in spite of the apparent unawakened attitude of the masses, a veryDiscipleship2, 292:and finally seen; a new world of being stands apparent, which has always been present though neverDiscipleship2, 303:assent to that word. It will become increasingly apparent to you that the entire life of a discipleDiscipleship2, 304:for thinking is carefully considered, it will be apparent to you that it is suitable for all trueDiscipleship2, 318:of a nature entirely different to the usual and apparent meanings. In the olden days, as you wellDiscipleship2, 335:member of an Ashram. If you consider the many apparent failures in my experiment in forming anDiscipleship2, 336:his personality. This is, of course, not [336] apparent to you, on account of your day by dayDiscipleship2, 336:day consideration of each other; it is, however, apparent to those who view humanity with greaterDiscipleship2, 349:and consciously for revelation. It will be apparent to you that the revelations with which I amDiscipleship2, 354:The significance which is immediately apparent is the one which probationary disciples can wellDiscipleship2, 354:is now called. Let me point out that the apparent significance is applicable to the training andDiscipleship2, 355:can convey. As I do so, it will become apparent to you that you must always have in mind threeDiscipleship2, 360:the group relationship to the planning becomes apparent and important to him as an individual asDiscipleship2, 411:containing much that is not immediately apparent. Hints given by a Master are never obvious inDiscipleship2, 411:are never obvious in their significance; any apparent simplicity is the veil of deeply hiddenDiscipleship2, 461:towards your goal. But it must surely be apparent to you that if the focus of all your energiesDiscipleship2, 503:episode of this life experience so that it is apparent that he is a member of an Ashram; he mustDiscipleship2, 506:of detail needed and to persist in the face of apparent non-success. Much skill in action will alsoDiscipleship2, 522:has well-nigh crippled your essential (not your apparent) usefulness. You [523] have, withinDiscipleship2, 590:particular need will, I think, be immediately apparent. I make it very brief, for long meditationsDiscipleship2, 643:The accuracy of my statement is, therefore, apparent if you will ponder for a few minutes on theDiscipleship2, 671:have a significance which is not immediately apparent; they are what I might be permitted to callDiscipleship2, 691:to each of the remaining words. It will be apparent to you, my beloved brother, that what I amDiscipleship2, 736:apparently at no action. They are lives of apparent futility but nevertheless of great value.Discipleship2, 757:This will undoubtedly surprise you, but your apparent inability to write, for instance, a fluentEducation, 11:[11] 5. Spiritually. By this I mean that the apparent age of the soul under consideration will beEducation, 11:tendencies will be considered and their apparent lack noted. Coordination between: Brain and theEducation, 14:the standpoint of academic science) there is an apparent hiatus between facts and known species. InEducation, 16:the idea as is needed to make it effective or "apparent" (esoterically speaking). Of this theEducation, 51:the goal will be clearly visioned. It will be apparent, then, that those to be taught will beEducation, 52:Illumination Path of Initiation It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the whole goal of theEducation, 59:some understanding senior friends. It will be apparent to you also that the task of the newEducation, 83:world of effort open to him, pointing out that apparent barriers to progress are only spurs toEducation, 84:future. It, therefore, becomes increasingly apparent that the coming education could be defined inEducation, 103:and, if necessary, fight. It is therefore surely apparent that behind all the surface turmoil andExternalisation, 5:the display of the lower psychic powers, by the apparent deterioration of the physical body, asExternalisation, 31:in the New Age, Vol. I and II). It will be apparent to you therefore why it was necessary for theExternalisation, 49:today responsible for modern Humanism with its apparent materialism and yet its deeply spiritualExternalisation, 54:laws whereby they should be governed. It will be apparent, therefore, along what three lines ofExternalisation, 59:out in the five kingdoms in nature. It will be apparent to you that the teaching connected withExternalisation, 90:for the confining bars." This parable will be apparent to esotericists. The clue to what I have to
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