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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARENT

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Healing, 699:soul ray is not known but the personality ray is apparent. The ray of the personality is easilyHealing, 700:are disciples, and consequently their rays are apparent and obvious to the healer, which greatlyHealing, 707:by the trained spiritual healer when it is apparent to him that the patient's hour has come andHercules, 9:possible to many thousands now. It will become apparent also how curiously applicable to modernHercules, 12:the plan of that Deity becoming significantly apparent. In the passage of the sun through theHercules, 12:who awakens the silent beholder". It has become apparent to seekers in all fields that within allHercules, 29:will be in the reverse manner to that of the apparent path of the sun (clockwise) which is begun inHercules, 34:as the arbiter of his own destiny.... It is apparent, consequently, that in Aries right directionHercules, 46:and many others which could be adduced, it is apparent how closely linked with sex, in its lowerHercules, 102:the fifth labor and the fifth sign thus becomes apparent. "Honor thy father and thy mother, thatHercules, 144:task which Hercules undertook are thus plainly apparent. He had to learn the art of transmuting theHercules, 205:of the Hercules Myth In days of darkness and apparent spiritual deadness, this revival of interestHercules, 216:belt of the heavens through which passes the apparent path of the sun; its point of commencement isInitiation, viii:of their evolution. This book seeks to make it apparent that here and now the average man may beginInitiation, viii:themselves as brothers, severed by tongue and apparent diversity of belief, but fundamentallyInitiation, 4:are two very different conditions, it becomes apparent how remote is the possibility of ourInitiation, 9:result and effects. One thing before all else is apparent to the most superficial student, and thatInitiation, 20:of planetary evolution. This will become more apparent as we proceed. Secondly, that these forces,Initiation, 76:loves steadily, quietly, and deeply through all apparent divergences, knowing that when each hasInitiation, 88:work of the macrocosm is very advanced. It is apparent, therefore, why it is only at the thirdInitiation, 90:wields the law in the solar system. It will be apparent that, should he search these subjects withInitiation, 101:bring about - as its significance becomes more apparent - a revolution in the attitude ofInitiation, 116:mystery of human life, but it will only be apparent to those who have eyes to see. The mysticInitiation, 118:to face with Truth and Existence. It will be apparent to thoughtful students why this revealing ofInitiation, 144:via the Triangle and the Sponsors. It will be apparent, therefore, to the student that when theInitiation, 154:to his point in evolution, for it is immediately apparent that the A sound is reaching even theInitiation, 158:the significance of its inner reaction will be apparent. 6. The Masters and initiates, in theirInitiation, 163:the initiation ceremony to the initiate. It is apparent of course, that only the fact of theInitiation, 165:symbolically to the inner eye. It will now be apparent why so much stress is laid upon the study ofInitiation, 166:again that which has once been seen. It will be apparent here why the emphasis has been laid by allInitiation, 180:manifestation into the triad. Therefore it is apparent that what one might consider as lesserInitiation, 185:us, and the one that we should tread will become apparent to us. All in this system works under theInitiation, 189:Path the Logos Himself Is On It will have become apparent to all occult students who have studiedInitiation, 198:deeper and a wider significance than perhaps is apparent, for it holds, if rightly interpreted, theIntellect, 28:the difficulty of defining education becomes apparent, and the questions arise as to the real goalIntellect, 69:mind, to shine in its glory even through the apparent folly and wickedness of Man. The poet, theIntellect, 85:and dominates His bodies, His powers become apparent upon the physical plane and potentialitiesIntellect, 86:hasty and scornful eyes, but ever increasingly apparent to earnest unbiased seekers. According toIntellect, 94:burning fiery furnace, yet the result of that apparent tragedy was the releasing in their midst ofIntellect, 114:the plane of objectivity... These ideas become apparent to the student after he has entered intoIntellect, 119:of our eastern and western methods becomes apparent. One school teaches its students to gainIntellect, 143:the need of a good mental apparatus will become apparent. A trained mind and a well-stocked memoryIntellect, 151:"Because it can be seen or cognized it is apparent that the mind is not the source ofIntellect, 157:stressed, and the quality of knowledge most apparent. Note what Meister Eckhart himself says:Intellect, 158:but the universe, the deity, of whom this apparent self is a part." - Müller-Freienfels, Richard,Intellect, 180:is the main factor in the bringing about of this apparent miracle. We have arrived at anIntellect, 184:when this should be definitely realized becomes apparent when we note the wide study of comparativeIntellect, 194:of the mind at its highest point, the same apparent futility of the mind beyond that point to carryIntellect, 200:of knowledge becomes steadily and revealingly apparent. At the same time there is also registered aIntellect, 205:evolution of the life of God in man. It becomes apparent, therefore, that the answer to our firstIntellect, 239:for Care in Meditation It will, therefore, be apparent how necessary it is that the aspirant shouldIntellect, 241:Ten - The Need for Care in Meditation It will be apparent, therefore, that the man who is learningIntellect, 242:of the meditation work is summed up. It becomes apparent also what is the problem confronting theMagic, 7:will arrive at a meaning which will not be apparent to those in the first group and which will onlyMagic, 8:of that duality which is everywhere, cyclically, apparent. Magic, 9:echoing the teaching of the East, it becomes apparent that through the interplay of the poles, andMagic, 33:body involved and the environment, it will be apparent that no approach to such abstruse subjectsMagic, 40:By a close study of the above it becomes apparent in what way the soul acts as the mediator betweenMagic, 61:dreams and aspirations. Therefore, it will be apparent why workers in white magic are ever advancedMagic, 64:into activity. Upon careful study, it becomes apparent that we have, for aeons of time, identifiedMagic, 66:and from knowledge, how will they bear the apparent lack of communication that they will then findMagic, 83:life concentrates itself on things concrete and apparent then the true goal of existenceMagic, 118:through into their bewildered brains causing in apparent momentary clashing of ideas. ThereforeMagic, 129:efforts, and the need for group work is more apparent than ever before. These are days, therefore,Magic, 129:of motives, and through this testing it is made apparent (to the watching Guides) who, in everyMagic, 130:When all outward props fail and when all the apparent authorities differ in the solution proffered,Magic, 130:inner contact with the higher self is becoming apparent in gradually unfolding degree, and leads toMagic, 130:- The Creative Work of Sound Several things are apparent at this juncture to the careful thoughtfulMagic, 144:sounds, and vocal quality will become ever more apparent. Magic, 144:absence of light produces the fading away, into apparent non-existence, of the phenomenal world.Magic, 193:and to new states of being. It will be apparent therefore how necessary it is to go slowly in theseMagic, 199:only symbolizes an expression of force and its apparent effect in matter. The five centers withMagic, 213:by no means identical. This H.P.B. knew, but the apparent confusion was permitted until more of theMagic, 219:first Rules of Magic will become increasingly apparent. [220] These fifteen rules are divided into:Magic, 230:the seven Paths, and it will therefore be apparent how much more strenuous and difficult is hisMagic, 242:human body, an even more serious situation is apparent, which can only be safely worked out whenMagic, 243:of progress into illumination [243] and apparent betrayal into darkness, characterize the growth ofMagic, 243:of a soul in incarnation, indicating the apparent ebb and flow of its unfoldment. The outstandingMagic, 258:in the bringing about of results. It will be apparent therefore that in magical work (which hasMagic, 260:arrayed against him may be overcome by the apparent futility of his effort and the seemingMagic, 267:purpose appears does the distinction become apparent, and hence the training of the aspirant inMagic, 294:altogether. If this is borne in mind it becomes apparent that man, being but a tiny fragment of aMagic, 296:which floweth north." The symbology of this is apparent, and can be also used to depict the flow ofMagic, 306:illusion and, if this is grasped, it will become apparent why depression exists, for the cause ofMagic, 309:has ascertained the cause, the cures will become apparent. I have dealt somewhat at length with theMagic, 323:of registered contact alternate with periods of apparent silence. Note here the choice of words.Magic, 327:and of questioning, of rebellion and consequent apparent license. The methods of science, -Magic, 330:we have our present state of world upheaval, of apparent license and disruption. It should not beMagic, 334:evolution, will be noted and become objectively apparent, the relative capacities of old souls, andMagic, 335:all forms of life everywhere which will become apparent only as time elapses. Some forms of life inMagic, 338:in the world of current thought it becomes apparent that one of the most dominant is the increasingMagic, 349:in the cosmic whole that the reward becomes apparent; but cease from fear, and know that theMagic, 355:from consummation. The dark becomes more truly apparent; the chaos and misery and failure of theMagic, 375:This produces in the man a state of apparent negativity and inertia which may last for one life orMagic, 412:These two groups necessarily, and in spite of apparent divergences and differences are moreMagic, 412:urges, characteristics, and with the purpose - apparent or hidden - of his being. The other groupMagic, 439:and the trends of the life energies will become apparent. Eventually, even in this department ofMagic, 472:and negative thoughts becomes increasingly apparent as the aspirant progresses upon his way. As theMagic, 502:If the student is thinking clearly, it will be apparent to him that one exit concerns the spiritualMagic, 505:usually be unconscious. This unconsciousness is apparent but not real. In nine hundred cases out of
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