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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARENT

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Problems, 162:invocation. The potency of this is surely apparent. Let us indicate the possibilities of such aProblems, 167:Nations at this time, it becomes immediately apparent that peace, security and world stability arePsychology1, xxv:not fully developed. It is becoming gradually apparent that under diversity lies a basic unity, andPsychology1, 18:life and quality and form is made most clearly apparent to us in the story of the Christ ofPsychology1, 52:of the feeling evolved become therefore apparent. The seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order or MagicPsychology1, 64:always to be found in their work, and hence the apparent cruelty and impersonality of theirPsychology1, 68:or modern culture and science, it will become apparent how potent and influential in our day andPsychology1, 85:its cycle of activity will become increasingly apparent. A Treatise on White Magic is an attempt toPsychology1, 86:His usefulness to His six Brothers is therefore apparent. He makes Their work appear. He is thePsychology1, 121:giving a general impression at this time. It is apparent nevertheless that when the nature of thePsychology1, 166:before the rise of Christianity. It is also apparent that Buddhism cannot have been, as was at onePsychology1, 189:we proceed further I want to touch upon the apparent contradictions which occur (and which mayPsychology1, 189:prime importance. These discrepancies are only apparent, and their cause lies hid in the rightPsychology1, 222:warrant careful study. It is, for instance, apparent that if the seventh ray is now coming intoPsychology1, 236:(The Light of the Soul, page 338.) Here it is apparent how valuable is the teaching of this sutra,Psychology1, 246:and complexity of the subject thus become apparent. In the emergence of color in the vegetablePsychology1, 258:in Nature b. Individualization It is of course apparent that the effect of the interrelationPsychology1, See pa:164 for a different enumeration of the rays. The apparent contradiction may be due to the use ofPsychology1, 332:are those which play upon him as a result of the apparent progress of the sun through the heavens,Psychology1, 333:modern psychology concerns itself with the more apparent aspects of incarnated man and with aPsychology1, 346:unifying the subjective and the objective. It is apparent that force in the first group ends inPsychology1, 364:will be steadily developed. It will be apparent therefore that A Treatise on White [365] Magic hasPsychology1, 369:His purpose. When this has been done, it will be apparent that one of the results of thePsychology1, 421:Ray III - Saturn. A study of this will make it apparent why Saturn is ever the stabilizer. In thisPsychology2, 5:real clarity of thought on these matters. It is apparent as we study, how this entire sequentialPsychology2, 82:and nothing whatever is imposed. It will be apparent, therefore, that substance itself exists inPsychology2, 91:thought to your deep consideration. It will be apparent, therefore, why it is the energy of thePsychology2, 92:why our little planet, the Earth, is of such apparent importance in the solar system. It is notPsychology2, 149:or occultly "repudiates." It will be apparent, therefore, that our understanding of its activityPsychology2, 182:consciousness of the race. Therefore, it will be apparent that the first and foremost requirementsPsychology2, 197:angle of the three worlds as a whole. It will be apparent, therefore, that certain developmentsPsychology2, 225:with the divine Purpose. This does not become apparent to the man who is immersed in the detail ofPsychology2, 241:is the urge to formulate a plan. It will be apparent that this urge grows out of, or is dependentPsychology2, 260:of the effect that they are having. It will be apparent therefore, that the needed changes in ourPsychology2, 301:he should go. Of this more anon. It will also be apparent that, as the relationships of thePsychology2, 321:of quality, of the underlying soul, is not apparent. Then the form or vehicle is sentient in twoPsychology2, 367:on this, the function and relation will be apparent. [368] Let us now add to the three wordsPsychology2, 371:ordinary occult and religious work. It will be apparent, therefore, how a new relationship and aPsychology2, 372:vision. Love more your fellow men.' " It will be apparent, therefore, that the sixth ray disciplePsychology2, 378:being we call man. Therefore, it will be apparent to you from the start, how necessary it will bePsychology2, 381:simplified phrases, truths which will be apparent to two groups of aspirants: Accepted disciples,Psychology2, 389:of the divine creative faculty. It will be apparent at this point how important is motive, for itPsychology2, 392:his relationship to the whole. It will be apparent therefore that this whole is somethingPsychology2, 396:to contemplate and understand. Perhaps this apparent simplicity may be due to your failure toPsychology2, 411:- Some Problems of Psychology It will be apparent to you, therefore, how wide is our subject and ofPsychology2, 417:appearance of separativeness. Thus it will be apparent to you that the cleavages are "healed" by aPsychology2, 430:rather than in unearthing the detail of his apparent disaster. There is no real disaster. There isPsychology2, 431:suicide which humanity is showing. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that the time element canPsychology2, 435:the above is carefully studied, it will become apparent that the cleavages which exist in man arePsychology2, 444:through right understanding. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that one of the first studiesPsychology2, 470:This accounts for the futility and the apparent and fruitlessness of many quite intelligent people.Psychology2, 499:aspects of the [499] lower nature. It will be apparent to you, however, that this method is of usePsychology2, 509:interpret this class of dreams. It will be apparent to you also that the ray type of the soul andPsychology2, 592:be seen. The great sweep of the energies will be apparent, the point in evolution more easilyPsychology2, 613:with vision and with light. It will be apparent to you that the revelation of power is obviouslyPsychology2, 683:situation. The needed right activity will be apparent when the time comes. The trained use of powerPsychology2, 700:heretofore, and the results will be appreciably apparent. For the individual disciple, thePsychology2, 704:their spiritual resources. These interludes of apparent silence, of inertia and of inactivity arePsychology2, 719:with which the Hierarchy had to deal. It will be apparent, therefore, if we have read the abovePsychology2, 744:make the lines of cleavage, already existing, so apparent that the issue is clear. This you can seeRays, 8:the formless realm. The reason for this will be apparent. Under the governing law of matter, theRays, 14:process depends. It will therefore be apparent to you that the descent of energy brings with it -Rays, 17:of incarnated life is to be found. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that in this achievementRays, 34:by the pure reason of the intuition. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that these higherRays, 75:related point, and its significance will not be apparent to the present generation, or even to theRays, 85:and in relation to advanced humanity. It will be apparent, therefore, that the more rapidly theRays, 88:bodies have faded into the past, it will be apparent to the understanding aspirant that much evilRays, 104:from the very first moment that it has become apparent that the form experience has served itsRays, 114:all hierarchical effort would begin to be dimly apparent and that, slowly, these factors would alsoRays, 115:for disciples - not applicants. This becomes apparent when you study the two rules: one forRays, 133:observer and worker become possible and apparent. Much, very much, has been given out during theRays, 160:of the center which we call Humanity will be apparent. The Secret Doctrine has ever taught thatRays, 186:point" or center, the Hierarchy. It will be apparent, therefore, that the following energies wereRays, 188:left hand Path and the Path of Initiation became apparent to the advanced humanity of the time.Rays, 206:energies which they embody. It will therefore be apparent to you inferentially, how comparativelyRays, 211:it were - desire dies of attrition. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that it will take timeRays, 212:the line of the destroying aspect - it will be apparent to you that the method employed is that ofRays, 212:of the group Will. It will be equally apparent that the group Will can only make its appearanceRays, 224:to see that which lies ahead and beyond the apparent finality of soul fusion faces disciples, amongRays, 275:response from the true builders. It will be apparent to you, therefore, that this creative work,Rays, 299:of making this fundamental truth still more apparent. You can here see why - as a hierarchicalRays, 300:are they [300] endeavoring to make simple and apparent? One of the easiest things in the world toRays, 310:you in understanding. If this is so, it will be apparent to you that only initiates who have takenRays, 311:to man. The synthesis of this picture will be apparent if carefully studied. At the same time itRays, 324:not be then regarded as esoteric. It will be apparent to you that this long Treatise is in theRays, 326:of the Spiritual Triad. In doing this, it became apparent that there were three groupings or levelsRays, 354:to see, even when the superficial meaning is apparent, because that superficial meaning hides andRays, 363:way in which the distinction and the goal become apparent. Just as those who read and study theseRays, 365:to point this out because it will become apparent as we read and study this section of the TreatiseRays, 365:line, where a meeting place will become apparent, where a joint goal will be unitedly recognized,Rays, 395:Seven Paths confronting the Master It will be apparent to you now that the Master confronts twoRays, 410:to be present even though the differences are apparent more than real. Two causes account for this:Rays, 414:of taking the higher initiations, it becomes apparent to the initiate that two major streams ofRays, 423:of this triangle is therefore unique and apparent; it produces relation between our system, ourRays, 472:only, is the true dualism of the divine nature apparent and the illusory duality disappears. ThenRays, 472:in words that but limit and confuse, leads to apparent contradictions, and this is one of theRays, 475:when it has reached a certain point it becomes apparent that a creativity or a creative activity ofRays, 485:- a significance which is not usually apparent except to the trained disciple who has been taughtRays, 485:world of meaning and to see interpretations not apparent to the neophyte. [486] Perhaps by the timeRays, 489:and so the numerical significance will become apparent to you. He must work slowly at this point,
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