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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPARENTLY

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Externalisation, 629:on abstract spiritual levels, and they have not apparently grasped the fact that the physicalFire, 93:What constitutes the difference between the apparently dead Moon, and a live planet, such as theFire, 195:vague something which calls the attention of the apparently blind self To another vibration. ToFire, 207:nor Vulcan. The orbit of Neptune includes apparently the entire ring-pass-not. Vulcan is within theFire, 347:forth owing to the interposition of force, apparently from an extraneous source, The Logos - SolarFire, 414:omitted. In the chart as given two chains are apparently lacking, the moon chain and the UranusFire, 414:of the schemes will merge until only three will apparently be left. Therefore the Earth chain isFire, 415:chains and globes, and eventually schemes, will apparently vanish from objectivity, and drop out ofFire, 509:incarnation of the Logos, the Brahma aspect is apparently the most important, it being the mediumFire, 651:and, at the beginning, may produce many apparently evil effects. The development of the physicalFire, 661:We may justly ask why, if this is so, it should apparently manifest so disastrously in connectionFire, 719:human family who - as H. P. B. says - though apparently men, are without the spark of mind. 40Fire, 804:the human and animal kingdoms, and produced the apparently dire results which we have beenFire, 804:conditions, and which serves to bring in factors apparently apart from the individual vibration ofFire, 893:animal kingdom in certain aspects, if such an apparently contradictory statement can be made. ForFire, 1003:its purpose. This accounts for many of the apparently phenomenal results achieved by selfish or byFire, 1066:the life they were concerned with out of its apparently legitimate sphere into a new realm ofFire, 1097:why the spheroidal true form of everything is apparently not seen on the planet can only at thisFire, 1112:and [1112] which are in constant flux produce apparently "key symbols" within the periphery of theFire, 1151:[1151] met at times; they are so one-pointed and apparently so unbalanced that their sole attentionGlamour, 37:third ray person to cultivate the intuition. The apparently profound wisdom of the manipulative andGlamour, 52:that the Master and even the planetary Logos apparently have in him. He talks about himself; heGlamour, 102:powers. He becomes aware of those two great and apparently opposing entities (with both of whom heGlamour, 131:of all other ideas - both religious in nature or apparently completely unrelated to religion. InGlamour, 154:the victim of circumstance and of his own nature apparently and under the lure and the urge ofGlamour, 191:shall we see LIGHT. A simple paraphrase of these apparently abstract and symbolic words could beGlamour, 247:an energy greater than any of these but hitherto apparently impotent, the energy of the soul as anHealing, 36:in certain areas will be colorless and apparently non-existent. But always there is a persistentHealing, 117:He is a devotee and one who loves the apparently unattainable - the Other than himself. Only whenHealing, 117:of duality and two persons express themselves, apparently, instead of the integratedHealing, 317:both. It is inherited in every case and, if not apparently physically so, is then based onHealing, 398:into those fastnesses of the spirit which apparently give sanctuary to that "I" which has been theHealing, 440:person be permitted to prepare himself, even if apparently unconscious, for the great transition.Healing, 541:bring about the desired cure; he will be healed apparently by nature itself, or by the natural andHealing, 686:which seems to keep them chained to the humdrum, apparently meaningless and thankless duties ofHercules, 220:that of the lamb, and this as the sun passed apparently from Taurus into Aries and from Aries intoInitiation, 181:Man, and lead often to events unforeseen and apparently inexplicable. Thirdly, initiations in whichIntellect, 7:crux of the situation lies. The human mind is apparently an instrument which we are able to use inIntellect, 127:the evolutionary growth, already established, is apparently persisting and must do so if anotherIntellect, 143:true mystic is developed not in one but in two apparently opposite but [144] really complementaryIntellect, 149:although reason - the search for truth - apparently played a [150] part in preparation for theirIntellect, 161:arouses no questioning. All sudden solutions of apparently insoluble or abstruse problems, andIntellect, 170:energy has been withdrawn from them, and has apparently gone toward heightening the clearness ofMagic, 11:and of being governed by a force which acts apparently with an unavoidable pressure and thusMagic, 62:a man's lives, for some lives can be seen to be apparently static and uneventful, slow and inertMagic, 63:has naught to offer and his service is arid and apparently without results. All is clear to himMagic, 129:underlying motives. As seen on the surface, many apparently diverse principles emerge and the surgeMagic, 150:he stands appalled by the unknown, and by the apparently empty stillness in which he finds himself.Magic, 153:back of every aspiring Son of God, e'en though apparently (and wisely) he is left to wrestleMagic, 212:not the same. In The Secret Doctrine they are apparently [213] regarded as the same, and the casualMagic, 221:It is not light, or starry or clear. It is apparently impenetrable disorder, for it is the meetingMagic, 350:and months of endeavor and of struggle against apparently insuperable odds, against the stupendousMagic, 371:and frequently suffering. He wonders why apparently what the world calls happiness and peace haveMagic, 373:of the human student the rate of increase is apparently so slow and gradual as to be inappreciable.Magic, 375:is the form. We have then the form constituting apparently all that there is. This is followed byMagic, 376:unity of form, wherein the self is identified apparently with the form, and is absorbed in formMagic, 487:thoughts which (on a wave of love) you send your apparently erring brother: thoughts of kindlyMagic, 499:person be permitted to prepare himself, even if apparently unconscious, for the great transition.Magic, 514:of work. Two groups of human beings work with apparently no physical plane ebb and flow, butMagic, 581:in his own nature. On the physical plane he is apparently the initiating cause and as he works withMagic, 594:to attract the attention of some Master, having apparently settled in his mind that he is ready, orMagic, 613:mutability; whilst it is in evidence we have the apparently ceaseless pulling hither and thither byMeditationeducated man. The writer of these letters has apparently attempted to supply the need of a briefMeditation, 21:is done, every effort of the personal life may apparently (in one particular incarnation) be givenMeditation, 56:shapes. You may ask here: Why have I thus apparently disgressed? It seems to you wide of the markMeditation, 81:The states of consciousness succeed each other apparently slowly, and in their slow progressionMeditation, 99:the frequent straying from sexual purity of many apparently spiritually inclined persons. They canMeditation, 136:the power of the Dark Brotherhood is dominant apparently on the physical and emotional planes. NotMeditation, 231:your feeling that even these hints but lead apparently to greater confusion. But by constantMeditation, 268:vibration. Again and again would I reiterate the apparently simple truth, that only similarity ofMeditation, 285:called love, - if logically followed out - would apparently dispense with the ladder of evolution,Meditation, 347:he who shews a record of faithful action in the apparently non-essential will be moved into aPatanjali, 21:This is one of the sutras which, though apparently short and simple, is of the most profoundPatanjali, 100:is excepted from this definition.)." Vivekananda apparently here translates purusha as soul, but itPatanjali, 180:will be noted that these means or practices are apparently simple, but it must be carefullyPatanjali, 216:or swayed by the million voices of earth. It apparently has no voice of its own, no character ofPatanjali, 299:six subrays of the one synthetic ray, which is apparently inferred). These are the sons of mind,Patanjali, 303:twelve signs of the Zodiac through which our sun apparently passes. Therefore it will be apparentProblems, 23:of a spiritual giving of which they are as yet apparently unaware. Their continued emphasis uponProblems, 32:the present forms of education. These forms have apparently failed to equip [33] humanity forProblems, 100:immortality is nowhere emphasized; salvation is apparently dependent upon the keeping of numerousProblems, 128:of a body of doctrines about which Christ apparently knew nothing. Christ cared only that menProblems, 146:He is truly here as He has been ever since He apparently left the earth; He will come in the sensePsychology1, 224:kingdom must be borne in mind, and these (though apparently unrelated to each other from the anglePsychology1, 335:the minor cycles. Two rays, you will note, are apparently not expressing themselves through thePsychology1, 375:as life", though it remains as yet the great and apparently insoluble mystery. There are twoPsychology2, 21:of this can be seen in the power of the sun apparently to put out a little fire when it can pourPsychology2, 56:development are - as in all else in nature, - apparently inchoate and formless, from the angle ofPsychology2, 249:more artists than another. The form will apparently take spontaneous expression when the inner lifePsychology2, 426:plane is unable either to understand them or, apparently, to heal them without aid from the soul,Psychology2, 440:window for all to see, and they make him what he apparently is to the outer onlooking world. By thePsychology2, 456:difficult to handle, as the early stages are apparently wholesome and sound. To work with somePsychology2, 465:They are intrinsically strong, though not yet apparently the stronger, owing to the wellPsychology2, 502:depths of evil to which his unrealized desires apparently bear witness. His unexpressed longingsPsychology2, 608:misty light within the head, permeating, apparently, the entire head. The concentrating of thisPsychology2, 623:is greatly increased by the fact that there is apparently a pronounced affinity between thePsychology2, 670:to be found. They realize that there is apparently no systematized spread of the principles whichRays, 198:are the rewards of moving forward into the apparently impenetrable darkness. For the initiate, thisRays, 239:on the Path, who evidences capacity and who is apparently ready for what has been called "theRays, 286:The words dealt with in this Rule XIV are apparently so simple that they can be easily understood.
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