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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEAL

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Externalisation, 169:Its utterance by man throws the weight of human appeal and desire behind the age-old efforts of theExternalisation, 174:both hearts and purses. The idea of a Christmas appeal and call to prayer and to invocation of theExternalisation, 174:usefulness and opportuneness. Omit from this appeal none that you know, for through them millionsExternalisation, 185:America can only be aroused into action by an appeal to her self-interest and security. For ourExternalisation, 198:for that very reason, it may fail to make an appeal. The quality required by those engineering thisExternalisation, 208:people who will constitute the hardest problem. Appeal must be made to the best that is in them,Externalisation, 251:the release of humanity is the prayer and the appeal of your brother, the Tibetan. Externalisation, 264:have been called to prayer, and this proclaimed appeal of millions cannot be disregarded or remainExternalisation, 268:and can be reached by true servers with the appeal of service. Bear this in mind. As man progressesExternalisation, 291:Entity, is called forth by a demand or massed appeal, and evokes response and consequent changes inExternalisation, 294:thus an Avatar can manifest. It is the magnetic appeal or the massed intent of the disciple or ofExternalisation, 309:which will find expression in the voiced appeal to the Avatar? It is feeling and fanaticalExternalisation, 310:everything in an endeavor to unite on the needed appeal and activity. They are contending for theirExternalisation, 311:minds and see the situation whole, they can then appeal to the Avatar to make His appearance. ThisExternalisation, 311:to the Avatar to make His appearance. This appeal must be made via the Christ. Disciples mustExternalisation, 338:a "decision in a time of crisis," hence made its appeal to the mentally focused aspirants andExternalisation, 338:of the human consciousness will bring a mighty appeal to bear upon the hidden Centers of theExternalisation, 338:Centers of the "Saving Force." It is this united appeal which must now be organized. Thus the massExternalisation, 349:the effort by focusing in Himself the spirit of appeal as it is evoked by the stimulation beingExternalisation, 349:being applied by the Buddha. He will embody that appeal in a great Invocation, one which cannot beExternalisation, 349:to you, but which He is prepared to use if the appeal comes forth in sufficient strength from theExternalisation, 350:- to arouse people everywhere to make a great appeal, and by this appeal enable the Christ toExternalisation, 350:everywhere to make a great appeal, and by this appeal enable the Christ to invoke for them theExternalisation, 352:to gather into Himself all that they have of appeal, prayer and demand - voiced or unvoiced -Externalisation, 378:in every field of thought. There is a mounting appeal not only for international understanding andExternalisation, 385:have prior claim upon all men. I would therefore appeal to all whom I can reach through thisExternalisation, 388:of humanity into one great group of invocative appeal. Make a real effort to be present and inExternalisation, 390:tension") so that humanity may be focused in its appeal and bring about a response from the highestExternalisation, 392:the first five groups so that the spiritual appeal can express a group integrated and unitedExternalisation, 404:Then Their united effort, plus the invocative appeal of all who truly know and truly love, willExternalisation, 409:seek enlightenment and liberation. The true appeal of Christ's words: "Ye shall know the truth andExternalisation, 412:the emotional nature is rendered immune from the appeal of the senses and desire fails to deter theExternalisation, 414:the invocative and evocative side of spiritual appeal. Man invokes the divine Approach in two ways:Externalisation, 414:in two ways: by means of the inchoate, voiceless appeal or invocative cry of the masses, and alsoExternalisation, 418:will also be the trained, scientific work of appeal and invocation as practiced by those who haveExternalisation, 421:therefore be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, ofExternalisation, 444:during the ensuing years), I make one last appeal. Stand with fixed intent, implementing the massedExternalisation, 465:cry, for they know not where to turn, but whose appeal is heard and noted. Their work, however,Externalisation, 474:attempted to offset their efforts. They made appeal to the spiritually minded people of the world;Externalisation, 474:spiritually minded people of the world; Their appeal reached millions and culminated in May, 1936,Externalisation, 479:within them, or when their invocative appeal is potent enough to reach Him. He uses all possibleExternalisation, 479:by the quality and the caliber of the invocative appeal of humanity and that, in its turn, isExternalisation, 483:will set in motion in response to the invocative appeal of the new group of world servers, the menExternalisation, 489:form, they will be potent in their invocative appeal, if said with mental intensity and ardentExternalisation, 490:stanza in terms which will make it of general appeal and not simply of importance to convincedExternalisation, 518:the battle goes contrary. One thing always I appeal to you to remember, for it is of vitalExternalisation, 522:adjustment is very much harder. Their invocative appeal to the Lord of the World in His CouncilExternalisation, 522:mounting for some time. It has been called "The Appeal for Alignment" because the Members of theExternalisation, 537:The "cycle of Shamballa impact" is now over; the appeal of humanity to the Christ and His HierarchyExternalisation, 546:human relations with its acute and immediate appeal to the masses; it is this that the masses wantExternalisation, 565:of the world war (1914-1945) and its note and appeal are still persistent. The rapid development ofExternalisation, 594:I speak because the time is ripe and because the appeal of simple faithful hearts has penetrated toExternalisation, 596:name, surely, which we give to the invocative appeal of humanity which leads to the evocativeExternalisation, 624:to provide them with a motive so magnetic in its appeal that they must perforce give; they haveExternalisation, 628:students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made for aid in preparing the way for theExternalisation, 629:business of directing money into channels which appeal to them. The question is often asked: Why doExternalisation, 631:of prayer there is, and a new form of divine appeal which a knowledge of meditation has now madeExternalisation, 631:use it... I have naught to add in the way of an appeal for funds, courage or understanding. If theExternalisation, 661:mass of living units so that their "magnetic appeal will be the outstanding quality of their divineExternalisation, 662:hope and demand combine to make their united appeal. The Ashram or group center through which theFire, 381:As yet but dim speculations and hints that appeal only to the spiritual and the intuitive are inFire, 496:or of certain metals into gold, will hold no appeal for man, for it will be recognized that theFire, 513:it is the logoic demonstration of the sex appeal, His search for His polar opposite, and theirFire, 555:the result of subjective impulse, and makes its appeal to the subjective consciousness throughFire, 755:up currents of thought which will have a great appeal in the occult sense of that term. IndicationFire, 875:Complementary suitability, Instinctual appeal, Approach, and recognized cooperation, Union, TheFire, 1175:its temptations. This inner round has a peculiar appeal to units on certain Rays, and has its ownGlamour, 49:as a symbol. This light is different in its appeal to the individual. Yet it is ONE LIGHT. But itsGlamour, 176:the human consciousness and to meet its constant appeal and demand for further light and knowledge.Glamour, 194:and effects, their glamor and attractive appeal, and their power to delude and imprisonGlamour, 270:the Angel, waiting and dynamic. The invocative appeal of the Dweller on the Threshold. TheHealing, 669:not suffice, though the united and invocative appeal of the [670] men of goodwill throughout theHercules, 3:theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal and in spite of the revolt against organizedHercules, 205:theological religion has no longer its ancient appeal but, in spite of a widespread revolt againstInitiation, 2:the message of these pages as a spiritual appeal in an idealistic setting, a presentation ofInitiation, 24:serve, and the strength of the method of their appeal. Knowing the quintessence of pain, knowingInitiation, 71:side of nature, and to him the form makes no appeal. He works with force and through force; heIntellect, 251:knowledge and carry a note of authority by its appeal to the intuition; it will respond to the lawIntellect, 261:to which many are liable if they respond to the appeal of teachers for pupils to "sit forMagic, 5:seek in this book to do four things, and to make appeal to three types of people. It is based, asMagic, 32:given, for instance, in this Treatise will appeal to all. It should be remembered that all peopleMagic, 116:the man's higher Self. It makes little or no appeal to the personality. It embodies a conception ofMagic, 121:desire, and when thought powers will be used for appeal and for the guidance of the world, as nowMagic, 131:the astral plane; to them it makes an emotional appeal, becoming public opinion. It is nowMagic, 425:naturally belong. Should the new mode of work appeal to you, see to it that the personality isMagic, 468:playground of the sons of God no longer holds appeal. The voice which has twice sounded from outMagic, 469:on the playground of the Lord, make their appeal for light. The cave is long and narrow. The air isMagic, 471:to the goal as it progressively makes its appeal to his vision, will he arrive at a trueMagic, 557:perform miracles in salvaging the world. I here appeal to all who read these words to reconsecrateMagic, 638:of you to study it with care. I close with an appeal to all who read these instructions to rallyMeditation, 88:instructions are always given orally, as they appeal to the intuition and are not for the ponderingMeditation, 108:be the building in of unselfish devotion by the appeal of needy dependents; or it may be theMeditation, 175:which concern your own protection. Rites of appeal, which call and reveal the elementals. [176]Patanjali, 49:aspect in its many variations has for him no appeal. He has experienced, He knows, He has suffered,Patanjali, 64:reason why Raja Yoga necessarily makes a greater appeal to mental types than to pure devotees, andPatanjali, 76:and dispassion in regard to all forms which appeal to the appetites and to the senses, whetherPatanjali, 87:simplicity carries with it, its own powerful appeal. In it can be traced the various stages ofPatanjali, 209:have trod. The Way of Fire calls me with fierce appeal. Naught in me seeks the way of peace; naughtProblems, 59:and the future thrown open to him also in an appeal for his individual effort and personalProblems, 104:[104] environment to which they ceaselessly make appeal, proffering only material solutions and
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