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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEAR

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Externalisation, 545:a religious war which will make the past war appear like child's play; antagonisms and hatreds willExternalisation, 553:in the Himalayas at which the Buddha will appear as usual, He has let it be known that His mainExternalisation, 570:of the senior Members of the Hierarchy will appear and take outer and recognizable physical controlExternalisation, 570:souls, known to us as the Hierarchy; they will appear in office of some kind or another; they willExternalisation, 573:this new type of political guidance will later appear. This second group will implement the newExternalisation, 580:be that of the third ray; by the time disciples appear from that Ashram the world will be ready forExternalisation, 585:human effort in which their lot and life-trend appear to cast them. They may be quite unconsciousExternalisation, 588:of its existence emphasized. The fact will appear that the Kingdom has always been present but hasExternalisation, 591:message and the one following it on Page 612 appear in chapters III and VII of The Reappearance ofExternalisation, 599:be exactly as the Scriptures [599] would appear to indicate. For instance, He will come indeed "inExternalisation, 601:has been successful, and what may appear as reverse activity is of no importance in the long run,Externalisation, 602:so frequently the case today, nor will someone appear and say: This is the Christ. He is here or HeExternalisation, 602:faith. But all of them have made His work appear difficult for man to grasp, and the undue emphasisExternalisation, 602:which He Himself never made) has made it appear that He and He only, and no one else, couldExternalisation, 605:which as yet remain deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is theExternalisation, 609:go up to Jerusalem" (Luke IX.51); He will again appear and guide mankind into a civilization and aExternalisation, 616:that He is ready and anxious publicly to appear to His loved humanity only adds to the sense ofExternalisation, 617:nor does it indicate any inability to appear. Rather, it indicates the wonder of the divinity inExternalisation, 629:trustees would then automatically appear. The difficulty is not with the organizing of the moneyExternalisation, 634:- the time had come when the Christ could again appear and take His rightful place as WorldExternalisation, 637:when immediate action is blocked. Today it would appear, from all the indications and from theExternalisation, 648:energies will bring about what may at first appear to be undesirable results, because the remainingExternalisation, 648:drastic measures, but great good will eventually appear. To prepare the minds of men so that theyExternalisation, 675:slowly and gradually. A senior disciple will appear and will work quietly at the foundation work,Externalisation, 677:that the forerunner of all movements which appear upon the physical plane is an educationalExternalisation, 678:will magnetically draw out that which must appear when a center is organized. They are in factExternalisation, 678:and move is existent, then the living form can appear. Objectively, therefore, the second ray workExternalisation, 696:Members of the Hierarchy in Their various grades appear on earth? Will They come through theFire, 31:is one, yet on the lower spheres only the forms appear. They seem in their divisions more than canFire, 71:force flows in, and three whorls immediately appear, surrounding the "hole" with their tripleFire, 171:cast off rays of fire in two directions, which appear to split the vortex into two; the motion isFire, 245:but in development the stages of growth may not appear the same in detailed evolution, viewed fromFire, 260:microcosmic objectivity, the problem might not appear so complex. We might express it thus: What isFire, 312:to our humble opinion) - electricity will always appear, as either cause or effect - or rather bothFire, 405:Pitric essence or the no loka is made fit to appear as a loka down below or the unmanifestedFire, 498:to reason that in the present Round he should appear before the animal world of this manvantaricFire, 567:though, from the standpoint of humanity, they appear as major ones. a. Three Cosmic Laws The firstFire, 690:the centers upon that plane and the egoic groups appear. They blend in latency the three types ofFire, 708:their appearance in time and space: First. There appear upon the third subplane of the mental planeFire, 709:the very heart of the lotus, three more petals appear which close in on the central flame, coveringFire, 709:is now composed of twelve petals, nine of these appear at this stage in bud form and three areFire, 723:is fully conscious. Such entities from Sirius appear at the occasion of the initiation of the solarFire, 724:of time. An avatar from the cosmic center will appear as pralaya is nearing and will produce in theFire, 725:initiation of a planetary Logos, an avatar may appear in His scheme on the seventh globe from thatFire, 726:with individual units from chain to chain). They appear usually twice in the history of a scheme,Fire, 727:reasons, leave Their Own Hierarchy, and appear in one or other of the deva Hierarchies. ThisFire, 727:lowest one on which these interplanetary deities appear. No more can be communicated on thisFire, 748:Existences and certain highly evolved Entities appear among men to do a specific work might be veryFire, 766:wheel. [766] The four wicks and the flame appear as one, and nearly all the smoke is gone, forFire, 768:are appropriated by the jiva concerned, and appear at the base of the egoic lotus.Fire, 852:in connection with our planet that Egos appear in those groups whose lotuses are not produced asFire, 853:effect both upon the groups in which they appear, and upon the type of man who will make hisFire, 929:[929] of devas from the logoic throat center appear, and cooperate with their brothers. All theFire, 997:and the significance of color and of sound will appear beneath the exoteric form of the phrasing toFire, 1089:is hinted at in the words: "The fifth did not appear as the product of the present. The five spokesFire, 1097:Maya is therefore a power that makes a thing appear as what it is not, or a power of illusion thatFire, 1122:that the atoms which form the physical sheath appear to radiate. This is the occult truth behindFire, 1136:it is called, is divided into seven parts which appear in each of the seven races of a worldFire, 1150:of high position in a Master's group will appear in physical incarnation, and be "over-shadowed" orFire, 1193:may (from the standpoint of the three worlds) appear as the work of three separate greatFire, 1194:would assume when leaving his physical he would appear in his astral body - having in addition allFire, 1225:with five wings outspread. Above this symbol appear certain hieroglyphics in the earliest SensaGlamour, 55:wonder and of vital moment. The ideas contacted appear to him of great marvel, and superblyGlamour, 126:pervades the disciple's being and makes his life appear to be a ceaseless conflict between theGlamour, 153:[153] the great human Dweller on the Threshold appear as an integrated entity, or the Dweller in aGlamour, 176:it should emerge, and where and when it should appear. To ascertain with what obstructions,Glamour, 257:or the result of sound rhythmic breathing will appear. This is Inspiration. Breathing exercises, myHealing, 22:a plausible explanation of things as [22] they appear to be, and are themselves fond of dealing outHealing, 66:homosexuality and inflammations and fevers appear. According to the temperament so will be theHealing, 95:There are, however, certain diseases which appear in the physical mechanism and which areHealing, 121:vehicle. They are, however - little as it may appear - controlled in these cases from soul levels,Healing, 135:inadequate and partial, and for that reason may appear incorrect and to be challenging to those whoHealing, 150:effects can be noted, certain ray influences appear more dominant than others; certain "patterns ofHealing, 150:than others; certain "patterns of being" appear; an expression of a spiritual Being at a certainHealing, 162:of love and the lotuses up the spine will appear - all five of them - differing only in the numberHealing, 179:in the Divine Hermaphrodite (later to appear) you will have another combination: Again you willHealing, 217:because psychological conditions begin to appear. The man is no longer simply an animal. The wearHealing, 222:divine plan, no matter how undesirable it may appear to those who idealize purity of relationship,Healing, 224:Inevitably a more homogeneous humanity will appear during the changes of the next one hundredHealing, 224:for which we have as yet no precedent will appear upon a large scale. Healing, 235:these two most ancient racial diseases may well appear to the non-esotericist as possible but notHealing, 252:in the many cities and lands. Certain diseases appear to be purely local; others seem universal inHealing, 276:reality the involved and complicated matter they appear to be today to the student of the advancedHealing, 285:this subject of healing the more complex it will appear, until the time comes when he can work inHealing, 361:those mantrams the name of the Blessed One will appear. But the mantram for His coming age is notHealing, 365:are thwarted or jealous or angry at those who appear to have that which they want and demand, andHealing, 380:you to note this phrasing, paradoxical as it may appear. You have no direct means of knowing howHealing, 386:ashramic group. These ten requirements may appear simple but are not so by any means.Healing, 386:are not so by any means. Superficially, they may appear to deal with character and quality andHealing, 426:own and seek the cause of its appearance. Let it appear to be thyself. Discover thus the world ofHealing, 430:than animals, of imbeciles and certain men who appear to be born with no centralized point ofHealing, 437:the act of restitution. To you, what I say may appear as speculative or hypothetical; in any caseHealing, 467:desire for physical plane existence will not appear so attractive, and the activity of the astralHealing, 492:force which will create the forms later to appear. It might be said that: Seed One determines laterHealing, 571:to the higher mind and to man as he finally will appear. In the average human being, and beforeHealing, 586:to the three lower kingdoms) will begin to appear, and men, in group formation, will consciouslyHealing, 597:and one which - when recognized - will appear both simple and reasonable. "That which they produce"Healing, 610:in the three worlds, as might [610] sometimes appear to the casual and superficial thinker. That isHealing, 637:or adequate substance by means of which to appear; They cannot take a dense physical body, and haveHealing, 647:as there are more significances in them than appear upon the surface. The first sentence in each
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