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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCE

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Astrology, 7:which the outer illusion is but the phenomenal appearance, conditioned by men's thoughts throughoutAstrology, 8:it has been poetically called) is the phenomenal appearance of that entity. You will note that IAstrology, 8:You will note that I did not say the material appearance, but the phenomenal appearance.Astrology, 8:say the material appearance, but the phenomenal appearance. Speculation about the nature, theAstrology, 26:time and space - which determines the phenomenal appearance. Before we penetrate further into theAstrology, 77:mode of arranging and of vitalization, and the appearance of these esoteric triangles vary with theAstrology, 95:earlier pages of this treatise: Life - Quality - Appearance. Aries is also the purveyor to ourAstrology, 110:Sun and its apparent path in the heavens. This "appearance" will not outwardly change and - here isAstrology, 151:Mutable Cross. Aries - 1st Aspect - expressed. - Appearance of the will to cooperate with the Plan.Astrology, 169:the fourth Creative Hierarchy as a whole, the appearance and experiences of the life of theAstrology, 174:and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity upon our Earth. There areAstrology, 196:the will to create or to manifest makes its appearance and the great divine experiment isAstrology, 203:the Seven Rays we have called: life, quality and appearance. Thus the three great [204] tests inAstrology, 216:in the world today of the psychic senses and the appearance on every hand of the subtler and moreAstrology, 222:nature and his environment. Life, quality and appearance are all tested, but as the entireAstrology, 225:that personality demonstrates life, quality, appearance. Ponder upon this, for in Scorpio the MoonAstrology, 232:of spiritual desire - The soul triumphant. Appearance 4. Pisces - consummation of divine desire. -Astrology, 236:the inevitability of the solution and the appearance of desirable attitudes and conditions whereinAstrology, 262:including Capricorn. Pisces - Birth - appearance of the world Savior. In the consideration of theseAstrology, 278:from the signs as they cyclically make their appearance, and special effort will be made, forAstrology, 285:It is because of this fact that you have the appearance of the dictators in different countries atAstrology, 299:Spirit Soul Mind Brain Life Quality Illumination Appearance Inhalation Interlude ExhalationAstrology, 302:successive involutionary periods which produce appearance upon the physical plane. Libra - isAstrology, 305:The squares or quaternaries relate to material appearance or form expression; the stars concern theAstrology, 310:understood as the advanced Leo subject makes his appearance. He will be distinguished by hisAstrology, 316:whole revelation of evolution, to the recurrent appearance of life in form, and to the revelationAstrology, 340:Intelligence. Thus the stage is set for the appearance of the soul in form. You would find it anAstrology, 345:Pisces - This is the life expression and active appearance [346] of the Christ consciousness inAstrology, 346:consciousness in form; it is also the energetic appearance (symbolically speaking) of a worldAstrology, 348:to be found behind the fourfold phenomenal appearance. Speaking symbolically and in the words ofAstrology, 363:aid they give to our Earth which produces the appearance in form of the dual energies of soul andAstrology, 409:to the development of the intellect and the appearance of the intuition) - is basically the resultAstrology, 410:of these great cyclic events to their own "appearance" and functioning processes in time and space:Astrology, 417:can imagine their progression, position or appearance. These three major triangles are onlyAstrology, 420:throughout this treatise: Life, Quality and Appearance. These energies change within, themselvesAstrology, 424:that great Synthesis (which is qualified Life in appearance or manifestation) can be seen inAstrology, 426:and source, much as the Monad stands behind the appearance of a man upon the physical plane or ofAstrology, 433:upon energy units (all qualified and producing appearance) and with the response of those energyAstrology, 448:planet which we are told was responsible for the appearance of the individualized consciousness inAstrology, 448:realization will be subordinate to the appearance of the first stages of an expanded consciousnessAstrology, 461:the physical plane, producing manifestation and appearance. Astrology, 464:the soul and it is these twelve and their appearance in the horoscope or their failure to appearAstrology, 479:the application of directed motion and the appearance of two triangles in the place of one square.Astrology, 483:in the realm of consciousness produced the appearance of another triangle: Leo, Polaris and anotherAstrology, 483:therefore, through these related triangles, the appearance of Shamballa and Humanity - the twoAstrology, 487:this crisis proving effective and producing the appearance of a new kingdom of nature on Earth isAstrology, 498:so, that science deals with life, quality and appearance in the three worlds of divine Purpose andAstrology, 511:body or form - The causal body of the soul. Appearance or manifestation - The emergence of theAstrology, 547:the fact of these distributed energies by the appearance upon Earth and among men of theirAstrology, 548:the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance of the kingdom of God on earth and alsoAstrology, 559:Whole, purpose-motive-expression, life-quality-appearance, shifts and changes. Upon the MutableAstrology, 563:Monad, ego and personality - so that there is an appearance of the blended energies. The keynote ofAstrology, 583:consciousness and form, of life, quality and appearance. This phase of Christ's life expression hasAstrology, 591:and expressed in terms of life, of quality and appearance. The word "life" in this triplicity ofAstrology, 603:the quality or consciousness and the life or appearance, the precipitation of will and quality. TheAstrology, 608:unimportance) is yet a part of the sevenfold appearance of that same Essential Cause. As you know,Astrology, 620:completed, divine fulfilment. It connotes body, appearance. It is the expression of the thirdAstrology, 629:Ray of Active Intelligence during the "period of appearance" has - in this solar system -Astrology, 630:will express divinity; that it defines not only appearance but the revelation of that quality ofAstrology, 630:but the revelation of that quality of which the appearance is the effect or result, and thatAstrology, 630:of that divine trinity of Life-Quality-Appearance (considered in the opening pages of Volume I);Astrology, 633:Humanity. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Form. Appearance. Body. Intelligence. Individuality.Astrology, 677:the goat lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in the third round of the third chainAtom, 102:kingdom, in the vegetable kingdom, and its appearance also in the mineral kingdom; we should find,Atom, 133:world we can look for unity to make its appearance. There is, even now, a much greater spirit ofAutobiography, 130:a great, hulking, dirty, elderly man - whose appearance was terrible and who smelt to high heaven -Autobiography, 232:through the sign of the Bull. We then had the appearance on earth of the Mithraic mysteries whichAutobiography, 233:for the next 2000 years. Then we have the appearance of the scapegoat in Jewish history. We haveAutobiography, 233:the sign of Pisces the Fishes. Then we had the appearance of Christ and the fish symbology whichAutobiography, 263:where due preparation can be made for their appearance. The above is not an indictment of muchAutobiography, 263:will - under the Law of Evolution - make their appearance. Esoteric schools are no exception to theAutobiography, 266:seeming and point to the causes which produce appearance and effects; they are concerned with theAutobiography, 278:consciousness and form, or life, quality and appearance, and thus gains some insight into theAutobiography, 288:for the coming Avatar and the Mohammedan for the appearance of the Imam Mahdi. The universality ofBethlehem, 5:governs all manifestation - the Law of Cyclic Appearance. This revelation passes through the phasesBethlehem, 5:through the phases of all form-manifestation, or appearance, then growth and development, andBethlehem, 18:Hence the frequent references to fishes, and the appearance of the [19] symbol of the fish inBethlehem, 19:when the sun was in Aries, we find the frequent appearance of the ram or the scapegoat in the OldBethlehem, 30:in the inner world of reality, and the outer appearance of physical living will be known to be onlyBethlehem, 34:it was possible for humanity to achieve. The appearance of Christ in the cave at Bethlehem was theBethlehem, 42:in due time and season the infant soul makes its appearance, and the first of the five initiationsBethlehem, 57:The uniformity of their life story, the appearance again and again of the Virgin Mother (whose nameBethlehem, 95:surely be, under the evolutionary scheme, the appearance of another kingdom in nature. ThisBethlehem, 95:of all the kingdoms in nature, thus causing the appearance of a fifth kingdom. We might sum up theBethlehem, 106:for so long. The Old Testament opens with the appearance of the raven at the time of the foundingBethlehem, 106:to know it. The New Testament opens with the appearance of a dove - one the symbol of the ragingBethlehem, 117:the symbol and the significance behind the outer appearance of theology. Truth, for the perfectedBethlehem, 121:do human beings, and these kingdoms antedate the appearance of the human family upon Earth.Bethlehem, 136:Form intelligently motivated. Life, quality, and appearance - these are the three major aspects ofBethlehem, 136:clearly. At the Birth in Bethlehem we have the appearance of God, God is made manifest in theBethlehem, 137:1st Initiation New Birth Initiation Beginning Appearance 3rd Initiation Transfiguration RevelationBethlehem, 144:concerned. This is significantly typified in the appearance with Him upon the Mount ofBethlehem, 153:symbolize? Apart from their possible historical appearance, does there lie behind them someBethlehem, 155:aspect begins to manifest that we have the appearance of speech and of that thinking, speakingBethlehem, 168:quality of all events, no matter what the outer appearance may be. Christ illumines life. This wasBethlehem, 177:mission, and that, from a specific angle, His appearance was unprecedented. No student ofBethlehem, 177:continuity: "At the time of the life or recorded appearance of Jesus of Nazareth and for someBethlehem, 180:node or point of condensation been marked by the appearance of an actual and heroic man (or woman)Bethlehem, 185:form, in order eventually to make possible the appearance of the kingdom of God on Earth. ThisBethlehem, 246:and significance, and must therefore make its appearance; he can pass through the waters of
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