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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCE

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Bethlehem, 263:of a vital evolving spirit. A reaction to the appearance of the kingdom may account for the unrestBethlehem, 271:places human nature in the right light. His appearance in history entitles man to regard himself asBethlehem, 273:that extra effort which will precipitate the appearance of the kingdom and bring forth intoDestiny, 13:of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt throughDestiny, 24:solar system, the Hierarchy of love made its appearance and must eventually come into fullDestiny, 28:as they were and allow, consequently, for the appearance of the unexpected. And, secondly, what IDestiny, 38:men their own divine [38] potentialities. In the appearance of the Christ, the divine ideal for theDestiny, 43:keen interest in the life after death and the appearance of all the many groups which are todayDestiny, 43:the probability of immortality; hence again the appearance of the modern spiritualistic movement.Destiny, 59:between the two countries in spite of outer appearance) are the original railroad makers. This isDestiny, 61:imposition of any political ideology, but to the appearance of a great and spiritual religion whichDestiny, 117:reasons why the seventh ray is now making its appearance is that, owing to the rapid perfecting andDestiny, 118:and allied matters. In later days, we have the appearance of alchemy in its many forms plus itsDestiny, 120:We can look, therefore, for the steady appearance, gradually and cautiously applied, of the willDestiny, 121:travel and here again is another reason for its appearance at this time, because, in the releasingDestiny, 122:as he is in the methods of the past; hence the appearance of the fundamentalist schools, found inDestiny, 122:To this fact must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claiming to teach magic, to bringDestiny, 125:bodies and sensitive natures will make their appearance and the soul will have far betterDestiny, 131:and creations, producing group activity and the appearance of certain forms of expression upon theDestiny, 142:disciples everywhere and lays the stage for the appearance of a certain group of disciples fromDiscipleship1, 32:a similar but still more momentous event - the appearance of the fifth kingdom, as a result of theDiscipleship1, 34:of the Masters. They will gradually make their appearance in the world an fulfil their destinedDiscipleship1, 53:much smaller groups of disciples, the phenomenal appearance of certain types of energy could beDiscipleship1, 88:regularly followed may be proved to you by the appearance of these undesirable conditions; theyDiscipleship1, 221:is in your present life makeup or "presented appearance," an over-balance of the first rayDiscipleship1, 260:that the major need in every country is the appearance of "steadily shining points of light" whichDiscipleship1, 426:The fog is fast dissipating for, as I said, its appearance is only temporary. [427] Two questions IDiscipleship1, 511:of thought which are so familiar that their appearance is automatic and constitutes an almostDiscipleship1, 642:and psychological. These may be immediate in appearance, or they may work into your consciousnessDiscipleship1, 678:Then pain. Then the assuaging waters and the appearance of a little fire. The fire grows, and heatDiscipleship1, 695:time, towards humanity. When the Christ made his appearance on earth, there was a similar and stillDiscipleship1, 710:upon the world of men and the consequent later appearance of responsive organisms, inDiscipleship1, 721:and work of the Avatar is that of a Great Appearance which will end all strife, inaugurate the newDiscipleship1, 744:is the shadow and the distortion, makes its appearance. The disciple is conscious simultaneously ofDiscipleship2, XII:attention of other members of the Hierarchy. The appearance of the first volume has already provedDiscipleship2, 9:significance which is the cause of their appearance [10] and which can be discovered by those whoDiscipleship2, 16:that I, your Tibetan brother, am standing. My appearance and personality matter not. When you haveDiscipleship2, 31:to which - in its most easily recognizable appearance - we give the name of aspiration. All theseDiscipleship2, 149:of the Hierarchy and its exoteric appearance on Earth. The Hierarchy will eventually, under itsDiscipleship2, 166:nature of the available evidence, and an appearance of an intuitive response by occult students andDiscipleship2, 168:men) can be looked for; nothing can prevent the appearance of the expected results, for the eternalDiscipleship2, 184:the two of them and thus making possible the appearance of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Discipleship2, 208:attraction [208] magnetic love or plan, and appearance as manifestation of both of these) areDiscipleship2, 227:and speculate upon the possible results of his appearance. Then say the second stanza of theDiscipleship2, 339:i.e., retrospection. The recognition of the appearance of an eventual yet imminent cycle, i.e.,Discipleship2, 633:the pillared corridor, simultaneously with his appearance in the outer world as an ashramic worker.Discipleship2, 753:of the spiritual life leads to creative appearance, strengthening the will-to-do, directing theEducation, 15:substance and clothed it with the needed outer appearance. Writing symbolizes the method wherebyEducation, 18:are also unfolded, then a genius makes his appearance. This is a technical piece of information forEducation, 18:and transient entity controls its phenomenal appearance through the two aspects of life andEducation, 19:lives which constitute his own little phenomenal appearance; self-consciousness [20] is, therefore,Education, 20:soul creates its physical body, its phenomenal appearance, its outer form. The soul creates, inEducation, 20:direct agency of the lower mind and hence the appearance of the world of symbols which fill ourEducation, 24:day disappear, taking with it the illusion of appearance, the illusion of evolutionary [25]Education, 27:source to the outer expression or the phenomenal appearance. It is the life. It produces theEducation, 27:is the thread which is woven as a result of the appearance of life in form upon the physical plane.Education, 55:egoic lotus are opened, there will then be the appearance of a still higher triad ofEducation, 86:and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic worldEducation, 135:the world thousands of unwanted children whose appearance is solely the result of accidental andEducation, 137:and this relation is intended to bring about the appearance of a son of God as light in the world,Education, 141:are matured and recognized, will bring about the appearance of the culture and civilization whichExternalisation, 33:basically the source of all current phenomenal appearance. This group of religionists and esotericExternalisation, 36:all departments of life upon the outer levels of appearance - for disease is only found in theExternalisation, 39:one. Later, when the new civilization is nearing appearance, these groups will all have in them twoExternalisation, 73:solar system, the Hierarchy of Love made its appearance and must come into full manifestation,Externalisation, 100:cohesion among them which resulted in the appearance of the New Group of World Servers, andExternalisation, 106:of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence to be felt throughExternalisation, 152:it its own risks, and consequently we have the appearance of the truly terrific problems and theExternalisation, 201:of the spirit of self-abnegation may be seen the appearance of the deepest truth of all religionExternalisation, 222:the end of the world and as preparatory to the appearance of the Christ, to bring peace on earth.Externalisation, 222:earth. Others, more orientally minded, await the appearance of an Avatar Who will transmit from GodExternalisation, 222:everywhere the Forces of Light and call for the appearance of that extra-planetary Potency to WhomExternalisation, 243:who seek to distort the vision and to arrest its appearance, arming for battle so that finalExternalisation, 243:the hindrances and impediments which block its appearance, and a willingness to take the necessaryExternalisation, 261:our planetary life altogether; this involves the appearance of Lives of such stupendous and divineExternalisation, 274:and here, in this connection, we have the appearance of the Lord of Civilization Who voices andExternalisation, 275:to which I made reference above, has made its appearance and must be dealt with prior to the futureExternalisation, 275:of the lodge of spiritual Lives (the appearance of the kingdom of God on Earth) which we call theExternalisation, 286:need. The witness of history is that always the appearance of man's necessity has been met with aExternalisation, 286:To this everlasting Compassion the cyclic appearance of the Sun Gods of the ancient myths, theExternalisation, 287:To bring this recognition about and to make this appearance possible, a living Triangle of EnergyExternalisation, 289:and remains beyond. He is greater than all appearance. He reveals Himself progressively andExternalisation, 289:and most surely does, respond to the divine Appearance. The witness to this is sure and proved.Externalisation, 296:cry clear enough to warrant His descent and His appearance. Demand without paralleling action isExternalisation, 296:this is being attempted. The great event of the appearance of the Avatar can be made possible by aExternalisation, 296:everything will then have been done to make the appearance of the Avatar possible. From the side ofExternalisation, 297:III - Forces behind the Evolutionary Process The Appearance of Avatars Since the year 1400 (a dateExternalisation, 302:of the Hierarchy. But to bring release and the Appearance of the Power that can liberate, humanExternalisation, 306:confronting Those Who are working for the appearance of the Greater and the Lesser Avatars Who canExternalisation, 308:of avataric expression becomes possible. 3. Appearance or Manifestation. Every possible step hasExternalisation, 309:of humanity evoke response and lead to the appearance on Earth of the lesser Avatar? Some sayExternalisation, 311:they can then appeal to the Avatar to make His appearance. This appeal must be made via the Christ.Externalisation, 312:the doubting and the tortured. In His appearance lies hope, and history testifies that it hasExternalisation, 321:and his associates. The Coming One will make His appearance when the tide of battle has definitelyExternalisation, 408:again these developments are the results of the appearance and the activity of some great man at anExternalisation, 409:great Approach of the divine to man caused the appearance of the human soul and the adding ofExternalisation, 438:Buddha will start the process at the time of His appearance, through the use of a great first rayExternalisation, 453:in reactionary groups) will fight against the appearance of the coming world religion and theExternalisation, 458:Moon of March, let the demand go out for the appearance of this life-giving Spirit. Let it go forthExternalisation, 489:of the Hierarchy and its exoteric appearance on earth. The Hierarchy will eventually, under its
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