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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCE

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Externalisation, 494:destruction. Their fusion would have meant the appearance of the Kingdom of God on earth; theExternalisation, 504:remains the precipitation of that event, its appearance on astral levels and its materialization onExternalisation, 504:Keep the concept impersonal and link not that appearance to a personality or to an individual. IfExternalisation, 511:and teach ceaselessly, preserving the outer appearance in order to reach the many who areExternalisation, 519:the Hierarchy is embarked within this cycle: Its appearance, expression and activity upon theExternalisation, 534:Unity Separation Will Purpose Plan Life Soul Appearance Spirit Consciousness Substance LivingnessExternalisation, 545:of certain of the Ashrams, and later to the appearance of the Hierarchy on earth, bringing the newExternalisation, 546:are: The esoteric preparation for the physical appearance or the material emergence of theExternalisation, 557:years, the Christ. (I am referring here to His appearance as Shri Krishna and as one other who wasExternalisation, 559:upon Its own plane. The first step is the appearance of certain Ashrams, controlled by certainExternalisation, 561:closer to humanity and will eventually make an appearance upon the physical plane is due, not onlyExternalisation, 572:an obedient brain. This stage of hierarchical appearance is dependent upon the effective service ofExternalisation, 574:the Masters of [574] the Wisdom can make public appearance and begin to work publicly, openly andExternalisation, 576:when They find the right time for Their appearance. In the meantime, the world disciples have toExternalisation, 577:even when discouragement makes its appearance. Such disciples refuse to discontinue their effort orExternalisation, 588:the long-awaited kingdom of God is simply the appearance of soul-controlled men on earth inExternalisation, 602:point out to you, however, that the widespread appearance of such tales and claims, thoughExternalisation, 602:has not yet arrived, nor has the method of His appearance been determined. The factual nature ofExternalisation, 606:faces it. How will He feel when the hour of His appearance arrives? [607] There is a greatExternalisation, 611:every heart, can be evoked in recognition of His appearance. That the circumstances of His returnExternalisation, 616:in the corrupt Roman Empire which saw His first appearance, only in those days these standards wereExternalisation, 617:will be publicly recognized; the effects of that appearance and of that recognition will beExternalisation, 636:the way in a most extraordinary manner for the appearance of the Christ. Externalisation, 640:disciples of the Christ have to prepare for His appearance. The two decades ahead of you are thoseExternalisation, 643:facilitated the receptivity of men; the creative appearance of effective goodwill can, however, beExternalisation, 643:its subtle working and its eventual widespread appearance, on a scale great enough to be effectiveExternalisation, 646:(predominantly including ours) we have the appearance of money, made first from the products of theExternalisation, 653:and in what manner the Masters will make Their appearance is none of your affair. Their plans areExternalisation, 667:step towards this longed-for consummation is the appearance of the Masters upon the physical plane,Externalisation, 674:of the Hierarchy to humanity and its imminent appearance upon the physical plane, the center ofExternalisation, 676:on the relation of this dual and simultaneous appearance by attempting to grasp the nature of theExternalisation, 677:and of phases of formulated thinking; and the appearance of the Hierarchy upon earth in tangibleExternalisation, 687:impelled the Christ to say, when last in public appearance among men, that His disciples were "inExternalisation, 697:not be able to identify themselves. This form of appearance is therefore postponed for some time.Externalisation, 697:Will all the Members of the Hierarchy make Their appearance at the same time? Certainly not. TheFire, 6:its three great cycles: Birth - Life - Death. Appearance - growth - disappearance. [7] Involution -Fire, 99:saucer-like depressions, resembling somewhat the appearance of small whirlpools, and which drawFire, 160:is set up and the point of depression makes its appearance, marking the inflow and outflow of forceFire, 171:all that was being formed was a field for the appearance of the spark of mind. 2. The circle withFire, 415:find their polar opposites, and a simultaneous appearance of the more subtle chains or globes asFire, 417:or relation to place or time, nor to sequence of appearance, or order of manifestation. 48 isFire, 474:and resistance, A delicacy and refinement in appearance as yet unknown. The etheric levels of theFire, 516:produces physical incarnation, and the sudden appearance on etheric levels of the seven centers.Fire, 576:if we might use that term, resulting in the appearance of the Monads in their seven groups. LoveFire, 589:have an interplay, as we know. Ray seven is the appearance in combination of the forces ofFire, 626:other is that which causes concretion, or the appearance, in space and time, of the dense physicalFire, 665:a condition was brought about which produced the appearance of the third kingdom in nature, theFire, 685:and one of the indications of this is the appearance of the egoic groups [686] on mental levels,Fire, 692:sevenfold Logos of His dense physical body. The appearance on the fifth systemic plane of theFire, 695:this, for the fourth kingdom in nature makes its appearance on the physical plane and the TriadsFire, 702:the Heart of God until the hour was come." Their appearance upon the mental plane brought about theFire, 708:of individualization on animal man and his appearance as a self-conscious identity on the physicalFire, 708:These four are given in the order of their appearance in time and space: First. There appear uponFire, 709:of its own vibration, it causes a change in the appearance of the lotus. At the very heart of theFire, 712:the energy of the lower quaternary produced the appearance of the body of the Ego on the mentalFire, 715:in the world war. The first effect of the appearance of fresh electrical stimulation fromFire, 716:and the radioactive substances made their appearance. This characteristic (or radioactivity) ofFire, 723:be visioned by even our highest adepts. Their appearance in a solar system is very unusual, and isFire, 723:our solar system, Their advent is literally the appearance in a physical form of a spiritual BeingFire, 723:Being visited our system, in connection with the appearance in time and space of the five mind-bornFire, 725:avatar can learn nothing from the place of His appearance. His work is to apply the force of someFire, 725:is not yet sufficiently grasped. By means of the appearance of this Avatar on the seventh globe,Fire, 727:and occurs at the time of its densest physical appearance, and has relation to the transference ofFire, 727:another. They are connected in this way with the appearance of the self-conscious units, being theFire, 727:goat" lies hidden here. This avatar makes His appearance in the third round of the third chain, andFire, 727:conditions are refined enough to permit of Their appearance. They are the nirmanakayas of anFire, 729:Logos in a dense physical body is hidden in the appearance of these various avatars and in theirFire, 740:but lies countless aeons ahead. It is the first appearance of the destroyer aspect in connectionFire, 744:energy which animates them and its source. Their appearance in time and space, or theirFire, 750:forms and ceremonies may have differed in appearance, an identical aim was in view. - TheFire, 751:the effect is shown on the physical plane in the appearance of an avatar. An avatar is, but anFire, 756:not discouraged over the immediate future. The appearance of the Great Lord on the astral planeFire, 761:which is brought into play, and which produces appearance - either the will of the perfected adept,Fire, 761:the indwelling consciousness plays in producing appearance through an act of will. Let us briefly,Fire, 763:after individualization, the egoic body has the appearance of a bud. The electric fire at theFire, 764:which destroys the entire sphere, dissipates all appearance of form, and produces a moment ofFire, 764:upon the intervening periods of activity. The appearance of the body egoic and its generalFire, 767:of a form such as earlier described has made its appearance on mental levels, and (which is a pointFire, 768:itself) becomes radioactive, this nebulous appearance on the third subplane of the mental planeFire, 769:and as covering the time leading up to the appearance in the fourth round of man as we now haveFire, 769:to time and sequence. This produces a wonderful appearance. Again just as the Master can (by [770]Fire, 770:It will now be apparent to the student that the appearance of the incarnating jivas on the physicalFire, 774:must be occultly understood, and means the appearance in active manifestation of some form ofFire, 840:of the breath. They call for aid. One makes His appearance Who has not yet been seen. He lifts HisFire, 852:controls the time period, and method of the appearance in any group of planetary egos, of newlyFire, 852:necessarily produces conditions calling for the appearance of similar centers to take their place.Fire, 852:and this is another predisposing factor for the appearance of egoic lotuses in any scheme. The lawFire, 853:and upon the type of man who will make his appearance subsequently in physical plane incarnation.Fire, 853:idea is expressed in terms of force and of the appearance of force centers within the earth chain,Fire, 879:energy standing behind and working through all appearance might be expressed as follows: KnowledgeFire, 918:and reaction. During the great cycle of logoic appearance it is the second type of energy whichFire, 926:- The Sound 85 A. This is the first etheric appearance of a solar system upon the atomic subplaneFire, 940:the three permanent atomic triads, and the appearance of man in the third root race. A curiouslyFire, 940:The triads of the involutionary group soul. The appearance of triple natured man in the third rootFire, 941:proceeds until the microcosm, man, makes his appearance upon the physical plane. This is succeededFire, 968:into three parts, which overlap, and assume an appearance of simultaneity. When (as is the caseFire, 991:end. Black magic is spoken of as making its appearance upon our planet during the fourth root race.Fire, 1033:body of man, which impulses bring about his appearance upon the plane of maya for a temporaryFire, 1036:there are even "averages" connected with the appearance of Egos on the astral plane, for instance.Fire, 1053:the quality of the manifesting Monads. It is the appearance or the disappearance of these waves of
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