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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCE

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Fire, 1080:vegetarians by natural inclination and by the appearance of egos who are interested specifically inFire, 1080:the case so noticeably now) we have the cyclic appearance of a whole group of human units who haveFire, 1087:The wheel of a plane. The revolution or cyclic appearance of a kingdom in nature. This appliesFire, 1087:but only to the four kingdoms in objective appearance. The revolution of a planetary centerFire, 1087:of a planetary center producing monadic appearance. The monadic wheel, or the periodic appearanceFire, 1087:appearance. The monadic wheel, or the periodic appearance of units of the fourth CreativeFire, 1091:in three forms The true color. The illusory appearance of the color. Its reflection. The reflectionFire, 1091:is that with which we are familiar; the appearance, or that which veils the reality, is contactedFire, 1093:manifestation are concerned primarily with the appearance, or the manifesting of the "sparks" uponFire, 1093:greater turning of the wheel concerns also the appearance, or flashing forth, of the sparks in theFire, 1096:a clue to the problem of the basic cause of the appearance of such existences as black magicians.Fire, 1121:the vehicles of the initiate present a wonderful appearance, due to the streams of energy from theFire, 1133:of a planetary Logos, and of a solar Logos. The appearance, and the final disappearance, of anyFire, 1136:a great extra-systemic Identity. Nature is the appearance of the physical body of the Logos, andFire, 1136:in the three lower kingdoms, manifestation, or appearance on the physical plane, is ever groupFire, 1136:plane, is ever group manifestation and not the appearance of separated units. Each group soul, asFire, 1137:kingdom into the fourth. Certain laws govern the appearance periodically of the three kingdoms ofFire, 1139:third aspect, the mother or matter aspect. Their appearance, therefore, is one of a very slowFire, 1139:be given; two things only can be said: the appearance of these groups as units in manifestation isFire, 1140:of form building. It might be said that the appearance of any life in manifestation is due toFire, 1142:for a solar system that the physical plane appearance of a solar Logos is controlled, and theFire, 1144:life. Periodicity of manifestation is the cyclic appearance of certain forms of specified energy,Fire, 1144:is speaking of a solar system, of a Ray, of the appearance of a planet in space, or of theFire, 1144:under consideration, will inevitably affect its appearance, and act as deflecting or directingFire, 1148:the three main types produce varying periodic appearance. Certain statements have been made inFire, 1148:the unit is governed mainly by group appearance, and comes into incarnation with his group. As timeFire, 1149:here be touched upon. The factors governing the appearance in incarnation of a disciple are asFire, 1165:the vibratory activity increases, and the appearance of the manifesting activity changes. TheFire, 1165:these two activities are increased by the appearance of a form of energy which, originating fromFire, 1173:process, and over a vast period of time, the appearance of the "seven Suns who run together, andFire, 1193:Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Adept each makes His "appearance" [1194] upon earth thus demonstrating theFire, 1194:This type of triple Avatar only makes its appearance under a peculiar series of cycles concernedFire, 1194:as Christ is, and have the power to make a dual appearance. This type of monad is only found onFire, 1235:increases. He is no longer taken in by the appearance but knows it as the illusory form which veilsGlamour, 3:Intuition, therefore, brings with its appearance three qualities: Illumination. By illumination IGlamour, 29:intuition is concretized by the mind until its appearance is so real that the man believes he seesGlamour, 31:naught as it truly exists. He is deceived by the appearance and forgets that which the appearanceGlamour, 31:by the appearance and forgets that which the appearance veils. The emanatory astral reactions whichGlamour, 109:within himself, which at this stage made its appearance as conscience and innate - and at that timeGlamour, 153:Dweller in a national or racial sense makes its appearance, spreading and vitalizing national,Glamour, 207:these instinctual glamors and recognizes them on appearance, even when reacting to them; he seeksGlamour, 211:and is a distortion of the presentation or the appearance of the individual's or the group'sGlamour, 218:inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamor (Naming it). The power ofGlamour, 221:meet at a point of tension then you have the appearance of what is known as the astral plane - aGlamour, 233:"The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of... (naming it). The powerGlamour, 236:inaudibly: "The power of the light prevents the appearance of the glamor (naming it). The power ofGlamour, 239:"The power of our united light prevents the appearance of the glamor of... (naming it). The powerGlamour, 242:with the transient creation and with the outer appearance is maya. It must be remembered thatGlamour, 244:of that Reality which is not identified with appearance, the will of God, the Destroyer aspect ofGlamour, 247:that the dense physical body (the outer tangible appearance) is only an automaton, obedient toGlamour, 248:swing them into action, the frequency of their appearance, indicating to him novelty or habit, andGlamour, 257:an ordered process of gestation and of timed appearance. When there is true idealism, rightHealing, 16:quiescent and negative. Secondly, there is the appearance of the work and methods of the modernHealing, 20:apparent injustices and stresses always the appearance of pain, disease, and suffering gives only aHealing, 37:aspects, and whose function it is to color the appearance or outer expression of man and use it asHealing, 40:gall bladder or those operations incident to the appearance of chronic gastric ulcers. OtherHealing, 62:man or woman is gradually making its appearance. This, again, is not true. Homosexuality is whatHealing, 94:of disease by thought power and to ascribe the appearance of disease to wrong thinking. But inHealing, 121:point in evolution and are also cyclic in their appearance), and to which disciples can and doHealing, 123:upon the part of those affected make their appearance, and often persist for many lives, until theHealing, 130:its relation to the solar plexus), and then the appearance of the problems of health, of characterHealing, 142:aspects of all manifestation: life - quality - appearance. 4. The blood stream. This is the carrierHealing, 150:too far afield but must be concentrated upon the appearance of the man (himself or another) andHealing, 163:Causes of Disease The Body - Phenomenal Appearance Not much need be written here anent this, forHealing, 184:on. Life-consciousness-form and life-quality-appearance are blended, and the response apparatus ofHealing, 194:the radiatory influence of other centers. The appearance in the etheric body of a developed or aHealing, 205:major centers and their affiliated glands, the appearance again of the basic trinity ofHealing, 222:dominates the planet, you have the first true appearance outwardly on the physical plane of theHealing, 229:the earliest type of venereal disease made its appearance; eventually the entire race was riddledHealing, 234:lungs (as they did in the early stages of their appearance), but now have involved the blood streamHealing, 235:The subjective reasons given to account for the appearance of these two most ancient racialHealing, 252:with us; others seem to be cyclic in their appearance; some diseases are endemic whilst others areHealing, 269:upon their national integrity if there is the appearance within their borders of the old duality -Healing, 281:that its line of least resistance permits of the appearance and control of that which the [282]Healing, 296:by man from life to life; these work out in the appearance of disease, in the emergence of someHealing, 300:form. Other results are, for instance, the appearance of tumors, of cancers, of growths, and theHealing, 311:these, when related and stimulated, produce the appearance of disease. It should be remembered thatHealing, 315:absorbed and driven out. Cancer always makes its appearance before there is transmutation of theHealing, 362:their responsiveness to His work and imminent appearance. Healing, 364:of the Christ" and His after death [364] appearance, and in the powerful but little understoodHealing, 396:in his aura - his recollection of the personal appearance, significant remembrances stored in theHealing, 398:For every case of the definitely acceptable appearance of a discarnate person there are thousandsHealing, 426:Regard it as thine own and seek the cause of its appearance. Let it appear to be thyself. DiscoverHealing, 426:And when that moment comes in each cycle and appearance of deception and of theft, a voice willHealing, 426:the benefit of both, and together produce the appearance of a unity. Spirit-matter,Healing, 426:the appearance of a unity. Spirit-matter, life-appearance, energy-force - each have their ownHealing, 449:true light - Life. Note this phrasing. Form or appearance, having served its purpose, disappears.Healing, 450:suitable for the evolving spirit, to make its appearance. Great and penetrating energies and theirHealing, 468:anchors itself upon the plane of temporary appearance. Seven threads it outward puts, and sevenHealing, 478:which was an integral part of the tangible appearance of our planet. That which has been loved orHealing, 503:the new type of energy; it should facilitate the appearance of the ideas embodying the neededHealing, 519:recorded in the Gospel story: His transfigured appearance upon the Mount of Transfiguration. ThatHealing, 519:us here build three huts" or tabernacles. His appearance as truth itself (silent yet present)Healing, 564:because it is the major law conditioning the appearance of disease in the fourth kingdom in nature,Healing, 567:we defined them as life-quality-appearance. Life is the energy in expression of the divineHealing, 586:of the primary energy and is responsible for the appearance of the third form of energy - theHealing, 598:spirit and matter which is the secret of divine appearance; one of the main causes of disease, asHealing, 621:in their right order and rhythm, was the appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system.Healing, 637:the quality of the substance which makes the appearance of the Buddha or of the Christ possible.Healing, 637:He cannot, therefore, materialize or make an appearance, as can the Buddha or the Christ. Few of
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