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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCE

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Healing, 637:three types of life, affecting the dense appearance of a human being during his restrictedHealing, 638:It is here that the Will factor makes its appearance and the relation between will, form andHealing, 667:effort of evil have been paralleled by the appearance of the New Group of World Servers and by theHealing, 684:based on principle and not upon the detail of appearance have in them that undying principle whichHercules, 61:a symbolic method of telling us the story of the appearance of mind, and of how it began toHercules, Known:ever taking one form or another. It concerns appearance and not reality, and the earth stands forHercules, 86:of that flashing forth into incarnation and of appearance in time and space. The bird appears quiteHercules, 218:of as an illusion and as an imaginary path, an appearance. Webster's Dictionary, for instance,Hercules, 218:emphasis is laid upon the fact that it is all appearance, the great illusion. One writer tells usHercules, 220:the great historic Sons of God make their appearance for the uplift of humanity and the saving ofHercules, 220:and Jupiter created a brilliant, arresting appearance. [221] One other instance of the effect ofInitiation, 1:in these pages that they be not estranged by any appearance of dogmatism in the presentation. NorInitiation, 28:the Hierarchy THE FOUNDING OF THE HIERARCHY Its Appearance on the Planet It is not sought, in thisInitiation, 44:of men; never has he really gone, but only in appearance, and in a physical body he can be found byInitiation, 132:and chanting certain words, preparatory to the appearance of the Initiator upon the throne, and theInitiation, 202:and will pay the price in his body by the appearance of insanity, of neurasthenic conditions, andIntellect, 41:are Asiatic in origin. It is responsible for the appearance of those inspired Scriptures of theIntellect, 69:with the slow and fallible study of outward appearance by a science relying wholly upon theIntellect, 69:the conception of a Reality behind the world of appearance and utterly different from it. ThisIntellect, 70:to consider is its belief that all evil is mere appearance, an illusion produced by the divisionsIntellect, 94:midst of the form of a fourth Identity, whose appearance was like unto that of the Son of God.Intellect, 101:several perceptions successively make their appearance." It is the seat of the intellectualIntellect, 115:forms increases. He is no longer taken in by the appearance but knows it as the illusory form whichIntellect, 160:system, and secondly, there is frequently the appearance of a light within the head, which can beIntellect, 214:forth, and we have the illumined man, and the appearance of the phenomenal [215] light in the head.Intellect, 258:have reference to our abstaining from all appearance of evil? This may in one man involve hisMagic, 6:scientists, and religionists. Reasons for the appearance of phenomena are being everywhere sought,Magic, 22:no difficult matter to describe a man's personal appearance, his clothing, his form, and the thingsMagic, 34:and makes one man different from another in his appearance, nature and character. The scientist hasMagic, 41:Introductory Remarks c. The Body, the Phenomenal Appearance Not much need be written here anentMagic, 88:life. These must in due time make their appearance. The flowering forth of the mind in men, whichMagic, 103:the Great Ones who (passing beneath the outer appearance) see the inner cause which produces theMagic, 199:noted. First, the light in the head makes its appearance. A sparking (if I might so express it) isMagic, 221:and sees things in an upside down state. The appearance of the astral plane when first definitelyMagic, 221:colors, and is of such a kaleidoscopic appearance that the hopelessness of the enterprise seemsMagic, 266:applied, the result will be irresistible appearance and potent action on the physical plane. [267]Magic, 268:They engage in emotional desire for the appearance of their thought-form and the manifestation ofMagic, 274:as to cause precipitation, and the consequent appearance of the desired form of expression. Let usMagic, 350:They are trained not to judge from the appearance but from the inner vision. Capacity to recognizeMagic, 358:Then pain. Then the assuaging waters and the appearance of a little fire. The fire grows, and heatMagic, 422:conscious alignment between soul-mind-brain. The appearance of a magnetic field which embraces bothMagic, 429:of the will aspect. No book has as yet made its appearance which gives in any form whatsoever theMagic, 497:apparatus utilized in life, there may be the appearance of intelligent functioning but that is anMagic, 530:of its influence, and brings about that illusory appearance of reality which we call manifestation.Magic, 533:and some unconsciously, and this we call birth, appearance, incarnation, manifestation. ImmediatelyMagic, 533:Law of Cycles. This is the principle of periodic appearance - a beneficent operation of theMagic, 550:Why is this so? Because it is only an [550] appearance brought about by the merging of the higherMagic, 550:of the higher three and the fourth, and this appearance is a fiction or a figment of the humanMagic, 611:of the nebulae", and this stage precedes the appearance of the more stabilized and relativelyMagic, 611:which will produce concretion and the tangible appearance of form. The Secret Doctrine refers toMagic, 622:latent characteristics often do not make their appearance until after the service has beenMagic, 622:withhold opportunity. When there is this delayed appearance the tragedy is that many others sufferMeditation, 75:and the centers themselves change in appearance, becoming unfolded, and the rotary movement becomesMeditation, 92:and other forces that appear destructive. This appearance is only such when viewed from the angleMeditation, 151:development of occult knowledge, and for the appearance of some true occultists. By the coming inMeditation, 282:way and some in another; some carry the outer appearance of intellectuality and others of love, yetMeditation, 293:details of that contact, he may not realize the appearance of the Master or the words that passedPatanjali, 20:thought form created by a man since his first appearance in physical form, and called the "DwellerPatanjali, 225:expression of any identity, God or man, and the appearance of any man in esoteric expression on thePatanjali, 315:the four walls of a house presents a luminous appearance at the keyhole, so even does the light ofPatanjali, 356:are obtained by conquering the substantive appearance of the five instruments of sensation." It isPatanjali, 393:seeds which are the efficient cause of the appearance of the form. Those seeds have been sown atProblems, 11:be. This recognition is not based solely upon appearance, intonation or habits but primarily uponProblems, 29:and the new world of forms has not yet made its appearance. Its construction will be distinctive ofProblems, 31:purpose and nothing can arrest its eventual appearance. That appearance can, however, be hastenedProblems, 31:nothing can arrest its eventual appearance. That appearance can, however, be hastened by right andProblems, 59:and the proclaimed purpose behind the constant appearance of spiritual, cultural and artistic worldProblems, 131:the cloak of paternalism and a colorful outer appearance which hides a crystallization and anProblems, 135:those which conditioned the past and for the appearance of those virtues, spiritual impulses andProblems, 150:perfectly This Approach was signalized by the appearance of the faculty of mind in man. In man wasProblems, 155:would incline one to believe in its eventual appearance? Many such questions arise. Much of whatPsychology1, xxv:are carried in or out of manifestation by the appearance or disappearance of a ray. We shall find,Psychology1, 4:the type of forms which will make their appearance in the kingdoms of nature, and the consequentPsychology1, 4:and effects. The seven rays, being cyclic in appearance, have continuously passed in and out ofPsychology1, 14:- I. Introductory Remarks 2. Life - Quality - Appearance In our study of the rays it must thereforePsychology1, 18:for the sake of clarity - the terms Life-Quality-Appearance as interchangeable with the more usualPsychology1, 18:of all manifestation. I shall use the word Appearance to express that which we call matter, orPsychology1, 18:expression; it is that illusory tangible outer appearance which is animated by life. This is thePsychology1, 19:interrelation between themselves. Life-quality-appearance are brought together into a synthesis inPsychology1, 20:became mutually interactive and the form or appearance of the solar system began its process ofPsychology1, 20:These aggregated and animated forms present an appearance of an entity or central life which isPsychology1, 21:His own psychic quality and thus presented an appearance to the environing world which will persistPsychology1, 21:covers also the life story and the qualified appearance of any one of the seven rays. God, Ray,Psychology1, 21:same technique of manifestation-life-quality - appearance - and in its second aspect of qualityPsychology1, 21:plan. He is also spirit-soul-body, life-quality-appearance. He colors his appearance with hisPsychology1, 21:life-quality-appearance. He colors his appearance with his quality and animates it with his life.Psychology1, 21:or other of the seven qualifying rays and his appearance in a phenomenal form is colored by thePsychology1, 22:these four conditioning factors - life-quality-appearance - and their result or synthesis which wePsychology1, 22:we predicate that which stands outside of the appearance and which is conscious of that appearance.Psychology1, 22:of the appearance and which is conscious of that appearance. This involves awareness of itsPsychology1, 22:creative quaternary. We are lives, making an appearance, expressing quality and slowly becomingPsychology1, 22:by love and limited by an outward phenomenal appearance, they swept into a secondary activity andPsychology1, 27:of life, endowed with quality and capable of appearance. Below the human, the combination of thesePsychology1, 28:modern thought) I choose to call Life-Quality-Appearance. These are but other names for the TrinityPsychology1, 31:with that which veils or hides itself behind the appearance, which is expressive of life or spiritPsychology1, 31:that the field of knowledge is but an appearance or an illusion, that knowledge itself can be aPsychology1, 3+4:four Rays (Making seven). [3+4] o The Unity of Appearance. With the one Life we shall not concernPsychology1, 36:of the cosmic reality, and that just as a human appearance on Earth veils both the quality andPsychology1, 36:It is only when man is no longer deluded by appearance and has freed himself from the veil ofPsychology1, 38:terms. As long as a man is identified with the appearance, these aspects of the mental principle
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