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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARANCES

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Astrology, 6:lies behind the Great Illusion, the deluding "Appearances of things as they are," and the destinyAstrology, 426:They are related to five centers. All these appearances, expressions of qualities and materialAutobiography, 130:this kind of work." "Better not be taken in by appearances, she's probably a bad egg." I am quotingAutobiography, 208:class of people who have to keep up certain appearances is a far more bitter experience than manyBethlehem, 257:are carrying them out of the world of appearances; governments and the allied sciences - politicsDiscipleship1, 28:Hierarchy produces its effects upon the plane of appearances through the potency of its unified,Discipleship1, 207:affects all that you do on the outer plane of appearances and of daily living. In the adjustment ofDiscipleship2, 404:and liberating the forms in the world of appearances. You have therefore, in this suggested pointDiscipleship2, 404:is the technique employed to redeem the world of appearances, so - on a much higher level - the LawDiscipleship2, 405:the stage of redemption attained in the world of appearances as the Hierarchy applies theEducation, 14:that is to be found in the world of phenomenal appearances. We are passing through one of the greatEducation, 43:relates the world of meaning to the world of appearances and regards them in his mind (thusEducation, 47:The war boys and girls have learnt, from appearances, that human life has small value; the fascistEducation, 48:a manner that he will begin to fuse the world of appearances and the world of values and of meaningExternalisation, 33:be able to function upon the outer plane of appearances and, at the same time, be equally awake andExternalisation, 73:a world in pain, must learn to penetrate behind appearances, behind the methods and schemes, theExternalisation, 138:upon your minds. Up to date and in spite of appearances, the Forces of Light are victorious and areExternalisation, 264:as of old, because man is today - in spite of appearances - more capable of handling his ownExternalisation, 286:of world need) God reveals Himself through Appearances, through a Coming One. This doctrine isExternalisation, 289:of Avatars, of divine Messengers, divine Appearances, and inspired Prophets. To all these historyExternalisation, 297:I referred earlier) there have been constant appearances of lesser avatars, called forth inExternalisation, 297:I seek to consider with you those still greater Appearances Who come forth from some hidden center,Externalisation, 297:minor groups: 1. Racial Avatars. These Appearances are evoked by the genius and destiny of a race,Externalisation, 298:Bismarck and Lincoln. 2. Teaching Avatars. These Appearances sound a new note in the realm ofExternalisation, 300:teaching on the doctrine of Avatars or of divine Appearances. The Bible is full of suchExternalisation, 300:of divine Appearances. The Bible is full of such Appearances, but little is really understood aboutExternalisation, 380:is the very law of life itself, in spite of all appearances and the record of the past. It isExternalisation, 582:recognition - has been established, a system of "appearances and of abstractions" will beExternalisation, 601:progress or slow down its momentum, In spite of appearances, this uprising of theFire, 764:in the minds of students as to certain types of appearances. In our present study we shall dealFire, 1038:ray may also be averaged by a summary of the appearances of the great Teachers down the ages. TheFire, 1059:But only one-seventh of the possible appearances are incarnating. Six-sevenths are out ofFire, 1149:particular type will paramountly dictate his appearances, but certain other forces begin to holdGlamour, 94:he seems to be and that the phenomenal world of appearances is not identical with [95] reality asGlamour, 180:the point of light behind all phenomenal appearances. This is, therefore, the transference of theGlamour, 224:their illusory glamorous fight in the world of appearances. Healing, 363:not in this solar system. The tradition of such appearances is purely symbolic, inherited from theHealing, 398:by trickery. Note that I refer to "acceptable appearances" of a returning spirit. There is enoughHealing, 519:would find it of value to study the three "appearances of the Christ" as recorded in the GospelHealing, 519:men but recognized by the Hierarchy. His radiant appearances after the resurrection initiation: ToHercules, 30:follows necessarily the path of illusion and of appearances; but Hercules, the soul, follows theHercules, Known:and not reality, and the earth stands for appearances. Having vanquished the serpent that stood inHercules, 227:from the mists and miasmas, the glamor and the appearances, behind which Reality veils itself. InInitiation, 117:to contact the Ego. For the remainder of his appearances in the three worlds he is governed only byInitiation, 221:in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. MayaviMagic, 512:of inflow and output, and of those many appearances and disappearances which mark the sweep of allMagic, 534:the imprisonment of the Life in its various appearances or aspects; they produce the environingMeditation, 356:in a relative sense for phenomena or objective appearances that are created by the mind. MayaviPatanjali, 385:to manifestation itself and the reason for all appearances. Just as long as the consciousness ofProblems, 39:(as inherited from the past) to the world of appearances in which he lives and to regard them asProblems, 46:The war boys and girls have learned from appearances that human life has small value; the fascistPsychology1, 20:manifestation and built it into those forms and appearances through which They could best expressPsychology1, 21:and animates it with his life. Because all appearances are expressions of quality and the lesser isPsychology1, 27:of the sum total of all lives, qualities and appearances, - the synthesis of the seven rays orPsychology1, 36:degree), so does that synthesis of all forms or appearances, within that unity which we call aPsychology1, 37:each energy producing differing effects and appearances. This discovery he makes by finding thatPsychology1, 37:with the unified divine intent lying behind all appearances and all qualities. It might be addedPsychology1, 38:purpose of the graded Lives which inform all appearances and color them with quality. Psychology1, 38:he becomes identified with still another of the appearances, - with the mind body or nature.Psychology1, 38:influenced by them; and to the world of material appearances, and to the world of the greatPsychology1, 41:and thus is the builder of the separate forms or appearances. The soul also, through the quality ofPsychology1, 41:The soul therefore has the following points, or appearances: Aspirants who are studying andPsychology1, 43:we must grasp the fact [43] that the world of appearances is energized by and vibrating to thePsychology1, 45:the light of manifestation of those forms or appearances through which it is possible to satisfyPsychology1, 46:They produce the totality of the manifested appearances, animated by the Life Which determines thePsychology1, 48:These three are the sum total of all forms or appearances, the givers of all qualities, and thePsychology1, 49:human unit is all these three, and some day the appearances which were called personalities, thatPsychology1, 74:ray types, and thus of more truly expressive appearances. A great deal of the destructive energyPsychology1, 94:energies in constant movement which produce the appearances of men who react in their turn andPsychology1, 104:saved man from death and disaster; there are the appearances, to their friends and relatives, ofPsychology1, 137:in the world of meaning and less in the world of appearances? It is a truer world and less full ofPsychology1, 193:the Seven Rays 4. Quality in the World of Appearances We now take up the definition of the wordPsychology1, 195:are seeking to manifest through the world of appearances. As they achieve this, they will dominatePsychology1, 195:which guides, blends and utilizes the world of appearances and the realm of qualities. These twoPsychology1, 196:understanding of the world of phenomenal appearances to an esoteric comprehension of the world ofPsychology1, 196:learns to know the quality underlying all appearances. Look therefore for the quality everywhere.Psychology1, 196:notes its forms of activity, and "judges by appearances." The awakening aspirant begins to sensePsychology1, 197:into a state of liberation, for all mineral appearances, and the organizing of all forms in thisPsychology1, 205:slovenly, unpunctual and idle, and regardless of appearances. If influenced by the fifth ray as thePsychology1, 217:kingdom. Other planets contribute forms and appearances which are their specific offering. It isPsychology1, 343:kingdom in nature. This appearance - as are all appearances - is qualified by some particular rayPsychology1, 390:seventh ray is slowly and surely - in spite of appearances - imposing order and hierarchicalPsychology2, 4:the nature of divinity on the plane of appearances. The egoic consciousness is that of the secondPsychology2, 4:and as the determining subjective "color" of the appearances. This naturally varies, according toPsychology2, 35:that we are considering qualities which govern appearances and express the life. What is called inPsychology2, 55:types, new forms and different notes, tones and appearances. These patterns are literally thePsychology2, 246:there is a world of meaning behind the world of appearances, of form - behind what has been calledPsychology2, 252:control, both on soul levels and on the level of appearances. This is one of the major tasks of thePsychology2, 255:and their [255] activities upon the plane of appearances. But there is a history which today isPsychology2, 320:their appearance. We are apt to consider these appearances from the point of view of man upon theRays, 107:From the angle of the Will or the Father, these appearances in time and through space are so smallRays, 309:from the physical plane - the plane of appearances. The form of destruction we are consideringRays, 693:of existence in the three worlds (the world of appearances), and after a period of time heReappearance, 10:doctrine of Avatars, divine Messengers, divine Appearances and Saviors. To Them all, historyReappearance, 48:or slow down its momentum. In [48] spite of appearances, this uprising of the Christ consciousnessReappearance, 61:Future We have seen that the doctrine of great Appearances and of the coming of Avatars or WorldTelepathy, 47:the world of external happenings (the world of appearances and of exoteric manifestation) and the
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