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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPEARING

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Astrology, 124:and interpretive activity - have not got Virgo appearing somewhere with real potency [125] andAstrology, 239:Aries in activity. They mean also the objective appearing of the thought-form which God has thusAstrology, 327:and not trace, at this time, the cyclic appearing of the unevolved. They are the "material units"Astrology, 445:Decency." It aids and inaugurates the appearing of a new world order, based on a spiritual driveAstrology, 628:emergence of the Christ consciousness and the appearing, in objectivity of the Christ principle. InAstrology, 632:scale, though enlightened groups are rapidly appearing. Out of public opinion (which is the focusedAstrology, 634:of that synthesis through the medium of the appearing form and the purpose of that underlying will.Atom, 36:considering substance which are continuously appearing, and about which there is a wide diversityAutobiography, 273:forming and the old groups. 3. Then we now have appearing the newer esoteric schools. These areBethlehem, 21:achievement. The fact of the mythic Christ, appearing again and again down the ages, proves thatBethlehem, 34:of another divine Teacher and Messenger, but the appearing of an Individual Who not only summed upBethlehem, 56:over the detail connected with the phenomenal appearing of Christ, and have overlooked the emphasisBethlehem, 251:12. Here we have the idea of the kingdom of God appearing on earth because humanity is spirituallyDestiny, 86:Certain Countries Again, in Italy, you find Leo appearing, thus relating Italy to France, to GreatDiscipleship2, 180:shared, has appeared on Earth, and in its appearing all future suffering will be greatly lessened.Discipleship2, 280:through the medium of these ever-living and ever-appearing ideas, humanity passes on to [281]Discipleship2, 645:you have the three aspects of divine expression appearing - from [646] the angle of stimulation andEducation, 46:the great cultural epochs which - suddenly appearing in some one nation - enriched the entire worldEducation, 73:methods be employed without the whole process appearing too much like a laboratory experiment inExternalisation, 94:can come to fruition, and groups of such appearing seeds can appear in the world "on their ownExternalisation, 130:coordinated empires and cultural nations are appearing everywhere and, secondly, the changing ofExternalisation, 199:syntheses. Various basic trends of thought are appearing which, in the new world order, will unfoldExternalisation, 222:task, but they secretly hope and pray for His appearing. Still others regard such an idea and hopeExternalisation, 225:by the Buddha and the Christ, some stupendous appearing may be imminent and suddenly take place?Externalisation, 251:cataclysm of natural process or some supreme appearing which [252] would work much good. It might,Externalisation, 261:to contact. This is the emergence, response, or appearing of great Sons of God Who dwell in sourcesExternalisation, 278:that the law of cycles is the law governing the appearing and the disappearing of great and activeExternalisation, 308:If it does, there will then be a simultaneous appearing of the cosmic Avatar, the World Savior inExternalisation, 321:possibility (subsequent to right action) of the appearing of the One for Whom the centuries haveExternalisation, 321:you. I have not indicated the place of His appearing, the nature of His emergence, or the countryExternalisation, 350:One thing I would request. Set no dates for the appearing of the Coming One, the Avatar, or for anyExternalisation, 352:done is entirely successful, the time of the Appearing and of divine intervention by the Forces ofExternalisation, 356:spiritual ideal and its material opponent are appearing simultaneously. The United Nations are,Externalisation, 517:as desired, it may mark the time of the near appearing of the Great Lord and the close sound of HisExternalisation, 549:of that peace which characterizes the Hierarchy appearing on earth, and leading to the glory ofExternalisation, 576:But it is not the event or the stage of Christ's appearing with which we are now dealing, but withExternalisation, 661:where He is today to be found, and suddenly appearing among men; it is not a case of His takingExternalisation, 697:is not, therefore, so acute in the matter of appearing and of reappearing as is that of theExternalisation, 697:appearance at the same time? Certainly not. The appearing of these initiates and Masters will beginExternalisation, 697:and Masters will begin with isolated members appearing and living among men, coming forth one byExternalisation, 697:to the inner subjective Ashram, and then again appearing by one or other of the methods mentionedFire, 63:over the interests of humanity, and now and then appearing in connection with a human individualityFire, 463:their mental attitude to man, are constantly appearing, and by the means of these and through theFire, 725:Another type of solar avatar, Who can be seen appearing in the schemes, has relation to the heartFire, 728:and evolution. The times and seasons of their appearing vary [729] according to the particularFire, 744:ten schemes in time and space, the hour of Their appearing differing. Each likewise manifests asFire, 754:for work three out of the various methods of appearing mentioned earlier will be seen in fullFire, 754:on these three that we might now touch. In the appearing of the Bodhisattva Himself, the mystery ofFire, 758:which likewise is awaiting the day of His appearing. [759] The Master Jesus will take a physicalFire, 759:with the plans of the Great Ones. Their appearing will not be simultaneous in time, for the peopleFire, 765:bursts forth. Faint the flicker at the first appearing, and near to death it seems, but the wicksFire, 796:our consideration, are concerned with its appearing, with the duration of its [797] manifestation,Fire, 1033:is that which brings about the [1033] periodical appearing and disappearing of all existences,Fire, 1039:upon any of the lesser impulses, and can be seen appearing, unexpectedly, as far as average man'sFire, 1097:the ancient concept of a true unity periodically appearing as multiplicity by the power of MayaFire, 1139:further information relative to the periodical appearing of the subhuman forms of life. The subjectFire, 1145:individualization; this is, after all, the appearing of a third stream of energy in conjunctionFire, 1151:Existences, or the raja-devas of a plane), the appearing of the planetary Logoi and the solar LogoiFire, 1152:the vibratory form which will make possible the appearing of other and lesser forms. The Lords ofFire, 1219:which the Great Lord will demonstrate upon His appearing, and it is these laws which will graduallyGlamour, 163:spiritual ideal and its material opponent are appearing simultaneously. The United Nations are,Healing, 252:are gradually dying out, and new diseases are appearing; certain forms of disease are forever withHercules, 47:as we circle around the zodiac, shall we find appearing what might be called "the spiritualInitiation, 56:coming before us first as Joshua the Son of Nun, appearing again in the time of Ezra as Jeshua,Intellect, 166:for ninety-eight percent of the material now appearing. They indicate that man has achieved much,Magic, 381:Them and thus we have one of the causes of the appearing of [382] black and white magic, and one ofMagic, 620:up for you the outstanding phenomena which are appearing among us at this time. Students are urgedMeditation, 225:Below will be found these three in process of appearing: The Personality expresses activePatanjali, 280:this chitta which is the cause of the eventual appearing of forms, tangible and objective, on theProblems, 44:the great cultural epochs which - suddenly appearing in some one nation - enriched the entire worldPsychology1, xxv:there is evidence in the world that there is appearing a living relation between all sentientPsychology1, 21:forms. Therefore a great psychological life is appearing through the medium of a solar system.Psychology1, 21:lives, qualified by seven types of force, are appearing through the medium of the seven planets.Psychology1, 3+4:identity which is that of a son of God, appearing through form. This will be finally superseded byPsychology1, 35:terms employed to express the quality of the appearing life. Form - Mutability, conscious responsePsychology1, 38:himself as a part of a ray Life, Which is appearing through the form of a planet and is embodyingPsychology1, 47:if I may so express it, the equipment of the appearing forms, and predisposes all creation to anPsychology1, 58:created it. Within, however, the radius of His appearing form, greater activities are goingPsychology1, 196:and of registering the hidden motif of all appearing. The unawakened man or woman sees the form,Psychology1, 321:in him of the intellect. Here again we find appearing in man his great gift of synthesis and hisPsychology2, 85:in mind that the powers of the soul, as they are appearing in the world today, constitute (in theirPsychology2, 86:these beneficent characteristics, and the slowly appearing virtues of humanity are only indicationsPsychology2, 88:plane, and this dominant world law governs the appearing and the disappearing of universes, ofPsychology2, 196:Laws of Soul or Group Life These new groups are appearing everywhere all over the world. The groupsPsychology2, 225:the structure of God's thought for the universe appearing today in clearer outline and greaterPsychology2, 252:Kingdom of God, upon the phenomenal plane. This appearing presupposes a distinction between thePsychology2, 329:there, preparatory to the intense crisis of "appearing", and there takes place what might bePsychology2, 330:the processes of life in a physical body. After appearing in form, he becomes (with each newPsychology2, 570:and also a kaleidoscopic and changing process of appearing and disappearing forms (some quiteRays, 4:manifestation of a great Existence and of His appearing. Therefore, what are called the "threeRays, 6:The manifestation of the solar Angel. The appearing of the Son of God, the Ego or the Soul within.Rays, 17:the trends and ideologies which are everywhere appearing, and to the clear lines of demarcationRays, 88:humanity then to precipitate and stabilize the appearing good, and this they will learn to doRays, 145:juxtaposition; issues of right and wrong are appearing with cleared definition, and humanity as aRays, 233:and the testimony of the recognition will be the appearing of a symbol in the aura of the group -Rays, 355:story, it is the Christ Who is indicated as appearing after the resurrection and not the MasterRays, 355:matter, as embodied in a world Savior. Christ appearing to the disciples in the upper room, [356]Rays, 497:we can see the group antahkarana gradually appearing - that bridge whereby humanity as a whole willRays, 526:demonstrated to the humanity of Their period of appearing, the point in that development which hadRays, 594:remember, for there is no new race in process of appearing, from the territorial angle; there is
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