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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPETITES

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Autobiography, 153:and once they can no longer be swayed by the appetites of the flesh, they can be married or notAutobiography, 240:them. He should have outgrown his physical appetites and be free now to serve. Much of thisDiscipleship1, 699:to prana or physical energy, vitalizing the appetites of the lower nature, developing the instinctsDiscipleship1, 699:this stage, intellect is embryonic; the physical appetites and the five senses are dominatingEducation, 127:of mate, offspring, and the call of physical appetites. Some study of such a state of consciousnessFire, 973:and how easy it is for the lower aspects and appetites to flourish and to grow. As the vitalizationGlamour, 149:Animal desire for the satisfaction of the animal appetites, material desire for possession and forGlamour, 149:the satisfaction of the emotional or aesthetic appetites and for the possession of the more subtleGlamour, 247:desire for the satisfaction of the physical appetites, or through the solar plexus leading toGlamour, 258:their physical potency, feeds the physical appetites and makes the task of the aspirant much harderHealing, 89:by the Law of Periodicity and to subordinate the appetites to cyclic control is one of the majorHealing, 579:serves to enhance its potency and to feed its appetites and bring to the surface of consciousnessHercules, 144:of himself. Three of these heads symbolize the appetites associated with sex, comfort and money.Intellect, 140:habits which guide our physical plane life and appetites. Through right education, it learns to beMagic, 290:to discipline their lives, and so control their appetites that they build a clean body and provideMagic, 293:through the gratification of one or other of the appetites. The situation is however different inMagic, 295:so is he". The astral body, with its longings, appetites, moods, feelings, and cravings moulds theMagic, 295:objective we shall have the man with strong appetites, living a life given over to the effort toMagic, 297:Desire for the satisfaction of the animal appetites. Desire for happiness. Desire for liberation.Magic, 309:happiness, for the satisfaction of the animal appetites, and [310] for liberation, for these do notPatanjali, 76:with the Hierarchy, Discipline of the physical appetites and dispassion in regard to all formsPatanjali, 76:in regard to all forms which appeal to the appetites and to the senses, whether called harmful orProblems, 90:same joys, to the same anxieties, to the same appetites and the same urges towards betterment, toPsychology1, 38:identified with his desire body, with his appetites, good and bad, and considers himself as onePsychology1, 299:purpose of sex is not the satisfaction of the appetites, but the providing of physical bodiesPsychology1, 301:our powers for selfish ends, our bodies and our appetites for material pleasures, and our effortsPsychology1, 302:place of fanatical intolerance, and regulated appetites instead of license. The two laws I havePsychology1, 340:of the mind nature, and of intellectual appetites. He becomes potently attracted by his soul, andPsychology2, 24:with its wants and desires, its needs and its appetites, accompanied by a very slow yet steadilyPsychology2, 25:hitherto been concerned with the basic urges or appetites, - first, his urge to self-preservation;Psychology2, 336:with its emphasis upon the natural physical appetites, into that of the vital, personal being,Rays, 126:for the reason that none of the fleshly appetites have any control over him. His problem liesRays, 126:being prepared for initiation) whose physical appetites are in any danger [127] of controlling him.Rays, 669:worlds and as one of the normal and correct appetites, but the emphasis changes. The higherRays, 670:rightful place as one of the usual faculties or appetites with which man is endowed; it is broughtRays, 685:from the control of the physical body and its appetites. Initiation II. - Baptism. Freedom from theRays, 688:the divine initiatory activity. The physical appetites are subdued and relegated to their rightfulRays, 698:the energy which has fed the physical appetites to a far greater extent than is at presentSoul, 132:He thus reduced the claims of the fleshly appetites. To this he added an intense devotion for theSoul, 154:immortal essence presiding like a king over his appetites." But why abandon the affirmation of suchTelepathy, 116:that concerns his physical being, his physical appetites, and his physical comfort or discomfort.Telepathy, 156:are the feeders and controllers of the animal appetites. The astral world, determining the desires,
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