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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLICANT

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Glamour, 160:for which all initiation prepares the applicant - the revelation of the PRESENCE. [161] Initiation, 108:agencies, they have a vital connection with the applicant for initiation, inasmuch as they eachInitiation, 110:are handed in. During this final year also, the applicant's name is submitted to the Lodge, andInitiation, 111:two Masters stand, one on each side of the applicant, within the triangle; at the third, fourth andInitiation, 111:the Lodge of Masters and their relation to the applicant for initiation, whilst the work of theInitiation, 142:certain specific results in the body of the applicant. Third. That in which certain words andInitiation, 144:vibration of the three worlds and enables the applicant literally to "leave behind him" all theInitiation, 145:of the same degree as the newly admitted applicant place themselves around him, and assist in theInitiation, 163:general outline of the subject may inspire the applicant for initiation to a more careful study ofInitiation, 183:of the God within, which is the mark of every applicant for initiation. Initiation involves theInitiation, 192:are certain aphorisms and injunctions which the applicant for initiation needs to study and obey.Initiation, 192:between the terms "aspirant to the Path" and "applicant for initiation." He who aspires and strivesInitiation, 192:same specific attitude and discipline as is the applicant for initiation, and he can, if he soInitiation, 195:XIX - Rules for Applicants Rule 5 Let the applicant see to it that the solar angel dims the lightInitiation, 198:of the aspirant, so that when a man becomes an applicant for initiation he will have done theInitiation, 199:Hence during the first year in which the applicant devotes himself to the work of preparation forInitiation, 201:the head center and thus dominates all else. The applicant, therefore, will bend all his energiesInitiation, 201:centers will then develop normally, whilst the applicant bends his attention to loving his brotherInitiation, 202:way much knowledge can be stored up for use. The applicant who misuses knowledge, who indulges inInitiation, 202:may not harmonize. It is the work, then, of the applicant to strengthen the grip of his Ego uponInitiation, 204:to the celibate life, and the pledging of the applicant to abstain from all physical manifestationInitiation, 206:the first reading, and seems to enjoin upon the applicant the use of the hands in service, of theInitiation, 207:fullest sense, therefore, this rule incites the applicant to develop self-consciousness, and thusMagic, 64:but enough has been here given for the average applicant to discipleship to consider and upon whichMeditation, 46:them will not be easy of attainment, but each applicant for instruction will be subjected to aRays, 20:move and turn. Rule V For Applicants: Let the applicant see to it that the Solar Angel dims theRays, 71:and the earlier one given to applicants. The applicant sends out his cry - across the desert, overRays, 113:in Initiation, Human and Solar. It says: Let the applicant see to it that the solar Angel dims theRays, 114:is the goal of the probationary path and of the applicant for discipleship. Hitherto it has beenRays, 114:the higher rate of intelligence of the modern applicant warrants a change, and as time goes on theRays, 115:one for applicants and one for disciples. The applicant is referred to the microcosm. The MacrocosmRays, 125:number: purification and the necessity for the applicant (at that stage) to refrain from sharing inRays, 125:and astral natures are demonstrated by the applicant to himself, and the effect of the disciplineRays, 126:life of the second kingdom in nature (to use the applicant's own misstatements) and by nourishingRays, 129:individual disciple to decide whether he is an applicant, and consequently to be controlled by theRays, 137:discipleship and those given to initiates. The applicant (or young disciple) is addressed as anRays, 152:The blending of the four lessons which the applicant has to master and the four lessons which theRays, 168:where true unity is present, the individual applicant becomes only a channel for the group will andRays, 259:and yet it is ever deemed to be complex. The applicant has become soul conscious, and is thereforeRays, 286:Destroy Know - Resurrect You will note that the applicant eventually arrives at knowledge andRays, 286:confers. The five words as given to the applicant are indeed relatively simple. Most aspirantsRays, 288:One to the many, and of unity to diversity. The applicant is concerned with triplicity: himself asRays, 301:somewhat into disuse, owing to the fact that the applicant today starts on a much higher turn ofRays, 366:entrance and to draw out the latent will of the applicant; an initiate is one who succeeds in
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