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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLICATION

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Astrology, 9:of you who are students of astrology to make due application of the truth to the specific. It isAstrology, 46:these mysteries are carefully studied, and due application made to the lives of the greatestAstrology, 134:wiser and more synthetic and selfless in their application of the science than are any other groupAstrology, 422:humanity, and also - for practical teaching and application - to the life of the individualAstrology, 479:This is done by the creation of division, by the application of the Law of Separation, but also byAstrology, 479:recognition, in consciousness, of duality, the application of directed motion and the appearance ofAstrology, 519:who see the issues clearly and will make due application of the imparted truths and for them IAtoman introduction to the more detailed study and application of the laws of life and human unfoldmentAtom, 27:to this realization? How can we make practical application of this ideal to our own lives, andAtom, 71:manifestation. Let us now make practical application of these thoughts. We are living at this timeAtom, 111:is something that requires the most intense application of the mind, the utmost control of thought,Atom, 111:preliminary stages are concentration upon and application to any particular line of thought) willAtom, 113:by a constant recollection, and by strenuous application to the particular line of thought whichAtom, 157:when we endeavor to give it a purely physical application we go astray. If we work it out along theAutobiography, 86:was basic in its results and agonizing in its application. I was thoroughly worried and began toAutobiography, 143:gradual adjustments and for which I had to find application. I watched my own life. I studied theAutobiography, 216:of them joined the Arcane School. When they made application to do so I always pointed out to themAutobiography, 248:for the Fourteen Rules and their elucidation and application. A.A.B. has never claimed to be moreAutobiography, 290:men are one and to try and live in the power and application of this fundamental truth. TheAutobiography, 293:and an impractical mystic. It is this daily application of spiritual and esoteric truth which makesBethlehem, 7:race. The drama of His life and its practical application to the lives of His followers have beenBethlehem, 9:story revealed in the Gospels has not only an application to that divine Figure Which dwelt for aBethlehem, 9:in the historical sense, and in its practical application to the individual. This myth dividesBethlehem, 11:is built, he gave them a wide and general application, leaving one with the realization that ChristBethlehem, 35:true expression. This involves a practical self-application which brings its own reward but whichBethlehem, 55:of man, and that which is the steady application of the message of Christ to current affairs,Bethlehem, 79:of that episode in terms of practical individual application? Has this episode any personalBethlehem, 99:the way into the center, and of more general application than is the baptism of Jesus, for few areBethlehem, 169:Christ-like concept. That their method of application and the techniques employed are frequentlyBethlehem, 169:and therefore colors disastrously our application of them. When these basic ideas are transmutedBethlehem, 176:lifted out of the realm of its purely individual application, into the realm of the universal andBethlehem, 214:been interpreted as having either an individual application in connection with the person to whomBethlehem, 264:has its roots in the past, but is capable of application in a new way, in new terms, by those whoDestiny, 18:and is needed in order to make the desired application of it. The problem of the Hierarchy at thisDestiny, 113:and the ideal, in its turn, in the method of its application. The man becomes the devotee of anDestiny, 140:or steps down the divine energy so that safe application to Humanity becomes possible. It will beDestiny, 142:is Humanity itself still needs the intensified application of these forces so as to stimulate evenDiscipleship1, 5:subjected to experiments which will involve the application of the ancient rules in a modern way.Discipleship1, 26:glamors for you, leaving you to make any needed application and expansion of the idea from theDiscipleship1, 32:the new discipleship and make it practical in application. There are several of these schools andDiscipleship1, 55:men and women and know the Way. The practical application of the ancient Rules is your personalDiscipleship1, 76:to impress upon you a second point. It is of apt application in the strenuous conditions whichDiscipleship1, 134:group work. Will you do this with patient application and an unquestioning but voluntary obedience?Discipleship1, 147:of this problem and an increased facility in application. You are learning fast, my brother, andDiscipleship1, 204:and of interpretation, and also problems of application of the peculiar New Age teachings to theDiscipleship1, 210:of your life to one of intense, interior application. Your work will be increasingly subjective,Discipleship1, 232:apt to overlook, and that is that the successful application of soul force to the personality lifeDiscipleship1, 257:of them for you, leaving you to make your own application, in truthfulness and understanding.Discipleship1, 258:A Treatise on the Seven Rays and make definite application to your own mental unfoldment and aDiscipleship1, 280:answered in your consciousness, through your application to the work itself and what you haveDiscipleship1, 290:and which, when recognized, negates the application of your illustration. Your illustration isDiscipleship1, 335:the unnecessary? One could make lengthy application of a practical nature to this occult law but IDiscipleship1, 355:lines that I can tell you. Your failure is in application of knowledge to the situation. So oftDiscipleship1, 378:for a successful understanding and a consequent application of my words will greatly facilitateDiscipleship1, 384:fulfilment and the intensity of your mental application. Let us, my brother, go forward on the Way.Discipleship1, 408:thing? I would like to see in you a more steady application to the meditation work. Seek as far asDiscipleship1, 443:all I seek to help. At the end of six months' application to these ideas and to this vision, youDiscipleship1, 452:revolve in your mind and which, in spite of the application which is obvious, can all three beDiscipleship1, 490:prevent this in your case will be the continuous application of your soul light and love withDiscipleship1, 511:to a state of glamor. Then you can make your own application and see where those conditions are toDiscipleship1, 568:they are real disciplines and hurt you in their application and are not simply the elimination ofDiscipleship1, 644:The study of the rays and, secondly, their application to human life. Then will follow the practiceDiscipleship1, 677:in line with the Law. They learn through application to the work of building and throughDiscipleship1, 711:The differences which may appear lie in the application of processes according to ray type and theDiscipleship1, 780:for the Fourteen Rules and their elucidation and application. A. A. B. has never claimed to be moreDiscipleship2, 32:intuition, and which is also an intelligent application of the truths apprehended. To stand - as aDiscipleship2, 32:clear thinking, ardent aspiration and determined application may sound easy and quite familiar. TheDiscipleship2, 33:ray worker. He has never been destructive in his application of truth. C.D.P. is workingDiscipleship2, 129:a better alignment may lead to a more constant application and a more direct and understandingDiscipleship2, 130:you to do your own interpreting, to make right application and to profit or fail to profit as seemsDiscipleship2, 131:whereas I might have in view a totally different application. Keep your mind, therefore, off yourDiscipleship2, 178:concerns your HORIZONTAL life The mode of your application of all this must be related to yourDiscipleship2, 209:of planetary karma and of its delayed or rapid application, according to transient planetaryDiscipleship2, 234:probably their greatest appeal is through the application of economic help; the task of theseDiscipleship2, 271:anent initiation, its methods, processes and application will appear entirely new. The New Age willDiscipleship2, 274:possible to you at this time: the individual application of the symbol, its national application,Discipleship2, 274:application of the symbol, its national application, and its human application, remembering alwaysDiscipleship2, 274:symbol, its national application, and its human application, remembering always that the clue toDiscipleship2, 279:concerned, because it is ideas, their right application and interpretation, [280] which determineDiscipleship2, 285:from the world of meaning, producing a practical application, from the world of causes, producingDiscipleship2, 289:statements made and regards them of practical application. Two things, I told you, are the resultDiscipleship2, 298:by the soul as the expression of loving application. The mode par excellence by which the will canDiscipleship2, 304:all mental moods, and all analysis and application of occult hints. I wanted you to realize theDiscipleship2, 337:loving nature. Yet the results of their application to science or their accumulation of theDiscipleship2, 342:for the searching disciple. It is not of general application as far as my intention is concerned,Discipleship2, 342:and to no one else; they require your personal application, understanding and reply: How have I, asDiscipleship2, 354:appeared to make them of general and personal application. Did you deal with them as such? ThereDiscipleship2, 355:in terms of the three worlds, i.e., its physical application, its emotional or devotionalDiscipleship2, 363:in two ways: the first concerned their application to the disciple and to his ashramic life andDiscipleship2, 384:of dynamic energy which comes to him through the application of the Rod of Initiation becomes aDiscipleship2, 418:particularized instructions which has a definite application for every single and isolatedDiscipleship2, 420:dropping then the static attitude, after the application of the Rod of Initiation. His ability toDiscipleship2, 454:and this - to be successful - will require the application and the recognition of need, but alsoDiscipleship2, 458:theory will be comprehended and much straight application will be made. Unity will become aDiscipleship2, 469:the use of creative imagination, by a constant application to the way of the head, and constantDiscipleship2, 489:choice or temporary need; it is susceptible of application to all or any circumstances and youDiscipleship2, 492:remainder of your life there should be a close application to the establishing of the gained soulDiscipleship2, 519:individual. It consequently has its immediate application to your own requirements and your mode ofDiscipleship2, 536:everywhere, struggling with the practical application of occult truths; you can help much by clearDiscipleship2, 548:each of them is not definitely personal in their application or that they do not carry a meaning of
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