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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLICATION

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Discipleship2, 549:to group instruction, but with an individual application which will be purely your own. OccultDiscipleship2, 557:as if modes of procedure? How do they differ in application? What qualities would your particularDiscipleship2, 607:required. An understanding heart and a steady application to the work to be done are greatDiscipleship2, 705:from the ability to analyze and make practical application of the analysis. Learn to analyze life,Discipleship2, 756:In veiling (from the point of definite personal application) the truths I seek to have you grasp, IEducation, 4:and no charge upon the state. It has a far wider application than producing a human being who willEducation, 8:into two parts: seven of learning and three of application. In the first ten years of a child'sEducation, 9:by thinkers and tabulated in books, and their application to the events of objective existence,Education, 12:developed interest, correlation, synthesis and application to the exigencies of the life. ResponseEducation, 15:employed. Countries vary greatly in the application of methods, and systems differ veryEducation, 23:of the race. Owing, however, to our faulty application of any new truth it means as yet theEducation, 48:and definitely cultivated. The practical application of ideals will be emphasized. They shouldEducation, 68:so because of the vagueness and the mystical application hitherto developed by esotericists in pastEducation, 68:which they can bring to bear on substance (the application of energy to force) is equallyEducation, 72:of man and of astrology, plus a right application of a synthetic psychology is of any use at all,Education, 84:transformation into working ideals and their application as the will-to-good, the will-to-truth andEducation, 88:young people of the future - under the proposed application of principles - are civilized, culturedEducation, 97:normally and naturally out of the successful application of the other two sciences. As the linkingEducation, 109:in these instructions may not prove of immediate application, but students are asked to ponder andExternalisation, 14:type and character of the psychic, and then the application of differentiated and suitable methodsExternalisation, 18:guidance and only after years of spiritual application, devotion and service; concentration uponExternalisation, 52:of the race in group ideas and in their right application. The system of education, then prevalent,Externalisation, 61:use now to be found in the world is the application of money to the purposes of education. When itExternalisation, 119:to the five senses and their purely physical application. The physical life was strong; theExternalisation, 127:deception or by persuasion, fair words and the application of ideological motives. Of thisExternalisation, 231:I would present possibilities with a definite application to the reactions of such empires as thoseExternalisation, 316:large in outline and without details as to application. It will be for a liberated humanity to workExternalisation, 353:To this end, I seek to emphasize renewed application to meditation and a constant steady use of theExternalisation, 363:is called into play. I have made this practical application and this immediate illustration ofExternalisation, 393:to give you information, leaving you to make due application under the urge of your own souls. Externalisation, 467:and that is Wisdom. Wisdom is the enlightened application of knowledge, through love, to theExternalisation, 484:of Reconstruction will be more general in their application, and they will affect the masses of menExternalisation, 486:new life sweeps. The Plan is ready for immediate application and intelligent implementing; theExternalisation, 491:this discovery, leaving you to make your own application and deductions. Little as to the trueExternalisation, 536:and salvaging, for reconstruction and for the application of the regenerative forces of [537]Externalisation, 635:which save a man, but his self-initiated application of his own understanding of the teaching. ThisExternalisation, 655:and its results are today entirely automatic in application and effectiveness, and are regarded asExternalisation, 693:the good, the beautiful and the true". In the application of this science there is of course noFire, 88:Logos of his system. It is only then a matter of application, conscious expansion, and intelligentFire, 90:solar radiation. He will protect himself by the application of the laws [91] governing magneticFire, 160:of force or heat. We are here only showing the application of cosmic symbols to matter, and are notFire, 162:for training, fits himself for the ultimate application of the Rod of Initiation, and thusFire, 207:are commencing to be similarly active. By the application of the Rod of Initiation at the time ofFire, 208:the lower polarization into the higher. By the application of the Rod of Initiation the downflow ofFire, 209:upon. At initiation, at the moment of the application of the Rod, the initiate consciously realizesFire, 209:law, will depend his power and progress. By the application of the Rod, the fire of kundalini isFire, 210:Christ, the World Teacher. It is magnetized by application of the "Flaming Diamond" - theFire, 237:every people; by the biologist in his persistent application to search for the discovery of theFire, 268:the inherent quality of love by the intelligent application of the mind faculty) will be the resultFire, 289:of the consciousness of a Heavenly Man, and the application by Him of the knowledge gained (throughFire, 307:the Philosopher's Stone, which is literally the application of the Rod of Initiation in one sense.Fire, 339:A man, for instance, acquires facts, and application, and sets up vibrations which have to beFire, 348:(about eighteen million years ago), it was the application of the Rod of Initiation to the Logos ofFire, 348:His body with their corresponding groups. This application, bringing about consciousness on someFire, 392:each working consciously, and with intellectual application, to bring about certain group results.Fire, 395:suffers, or he makes progress, according to the application of that principle. So, reverently mayFire, 432:factor in the initiation. It is through the application of the Rod of Initiation that His LifeFire, 475:and alchemists. The power to change, through the application of heat, is of course universallyFire, 479:is dual and necessitates a preliminary stage of application of external factors, a fanning and careFire, 491:of the devas in the first instance, and the application of external agents to the atom or formFire, 525:a man consciously prepares his centers for the application of the Rod of Initiation at the firstFire, 532:a chain, a globe, and a round, and in their due application comes enlightenment. The sumtotal ofFire, 542:is unfolded [542] through the conscious steady application of all the powers of the soul to theFire, 544:lead the student to much of practical value and application. Fire, 546:fire. In studying the subject with due personal application, the student should bear in mind theFire, 550:seek to deal with the matter in its practical application to man, and to give as much of theFire, 555:man. Through the process of Initiation, and the application of the Rods of Initiation. The factorFire, 561:of Identity. Specific purpose is the practical application of the will, or intent, of a consciousFire, 714:of the subtler vehicles, and the scientific application of the laws of electricity to the totalityFire, 776:in evolution. The direction of force, and its application to the atoms is the work of the solarFire, 812:sunshine, a vegetarian diet, and the application of the laws of magnetic vibration and vitality forFire, 815:of all ages. By sheer devotion and strenuous application, and by a severe disciplining of theFire, 816:or higher self. To this must be added a severe application of the laws of nature to the individualFire, 821:and developed consciousness; the second is the application of that knowledge in love and service,Fire, 842:They are responsible for much of the advanced application of mechanical science to the needs ofFire, 869:fact that all knowledge concerns energy, its application, and its use or misuse. Let us nowFire, 884:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals This application of extra-egoic force is in itself of aFire, 894:recognition of the all-seeing eye of God. The application and value of the hints here given may beFire, 953:can be studied by the student with a personal application. Facing each earnest aspirant to theFire, 960:the head center which would permit of the direct application of force to the physical brain via theFire, 1204:these mysteries are carefully studied, and due application made to the lives of the greatestGlamour, 9:understanding and esoteric comprehension and application. This latter stage is called "syntheticGlamour, 10:leads to true esotericism which is the practical application of its living synthetic power to theGlamour, 35:effect? This will enable you to make practical application of that which I seek to teach you.Glamour, 42:in the brain consciousness. It is there that the application is made. As these realizations andGlamour, 64:training in creative activity. Its cure is the application of fifth ray methods, which are theGlamour, 64:Problem - The Nature of Glamor 7. Through wrong Application of Ideas. How often does this form ofGlamour, 65:be swept into a wrong activity and a wrong application of ideas because the general illusionGlamour, 65:The way of wrong embodiment. The way of wrong application. These are the third steps towardsGlamour, 132:then the basic idea receives only limited application. Hence the enforced ideological systems ofGlamour, 170:is called into play. I have made this practical application and the immediate illustration of theGlamour, 171:initiations. Through the disciple's grasp and application of these divine ideas or seed thoughts,Glamour, 252:aflame with God"; it is a life of spiritual application and service wherein the higher triangle isGlamour, 254:with the requirements and fails to render that application which would be the guarantee of aHealing, 16:of the subject being healed. First, there is the application of those palliatives and amelioratingHealing, 17:upon. If we go slowly as regards the practical application of techniques and methods, it is becauseHealing, 32:is brought about in three ways: Through the application of the methods of the many schools ofHealing, 69:it" is a statement of truth, ancient but new in application and today realized for the first time.Healing, 119:at least its reasonableness and its valuable application to human need. Law IV Disease, bothHealing, 167:by step, detail by detail, precept by precept, application by application. But the future holds the
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