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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLIED

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Discipleship2, 283:to the Sacred Word. Until some thought has been applied to what I shall now attempt [284] to giveDiscipleship2, 306:growth - these words are but a few of those applied to the effects, both within and without, of theDiscipleship2, 334:response to soul energy, when that energy is applied. Given a firm hold by the soul, an attentiveDiscipleship2, 346:revelation, and none of them can be specifically applied by you to any particular initiation. InDiscipleship2, 377:receives an unique revelation and an applied conditioning which enable him to recognize it as aDiscipleship2, 378:as it does with average advanced humanity, as applied goodwill, but it expresses itself as aDiscipleship2, 414:in this new era of hierarchical activity is applied to the modern disciple. Being naturally aDiscipleship2, 424:with the initiatory processes which are being applied to initiates and disciples; they then becomeDiscipleship2, 438:[438] have been rejected by him under the applied stimulation of the Rod of Initiation, wielded byDiscipleship2, 452:activity - both positive and negative - can be applied in all aspects of life and in allDiscipleship2, 506:consciously, intelligently and deliberately applied, can make for successful work, both in EuropeDiscipleship2, 546:and that its conditioning power is not applied to that for which there is no call, because suchDiscipleship2, 557:[557] just that. It necessitates, when correctly applied, the growing automatic control of theDiscipleship2, 582:other mode is that of the second ray, which is applied from without the three worlds and from soulDiscipleship2, 584:the seed of all right service [584] and can be applied to your individual life theme in the home,Discipleship2, 586:that occult obedience - correctly understood and applied - is the royal route through the astralDiscipleship2, 610:life. This important little diagram can be applied also to the relation between the Hierarchy andDiscipleship2, 610:of Shamballa to the Hierarchy. It can also be applied most usefully to the relationship betweenDiscipleship2, 613:you. It is one that can and should be gradually applied; this method is more likely to beDiscipleship2, 638:new problems are tackled; no new disciplines are applied; but the disciple uses all that he has inDiscipleship2, 664:magnetism and through pure love, impersonally applied, that an Ashram is assembled. It is aDiscipleship2, 704:This, when truly developed and correctly applied, will enable you to walk humbly on the Way. NoDiscipleship2, 738:need you much. Ponder the usefulness of shock, applied by you in love and yet with full detachmentDiscipleship2, 747:in a psychic sense. This protection can be applied in several ways. I could myself put around you aEducation, 8:have their place, the division is apt to be over-applied. I would also suggest ten year cycles ofEducation, 25:in each case. The technique to be later applied will then be built upon this important initialEducation, 29:as to the educational processes later to be applied, with the mental apparatus which comes underEducation, 34:to consider the ways in which education is to be applied to bring about this bridging andEducation, 60:truth anent esotericism which must be learnt and applied by each aspirant to the mystery and theEducation, 86:will open up before him. Behind all these applied incentives, the motives of goodwill and rightEducation, 91:Loving understanding, intelligently applied, should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiserEducation, 96:that relates only to theme. The science can be applied to every possible life process. In reality,Education, 117:which would be dangerously misused and selfishly applied if nothing were done to call a halt andEducation, 129:The recognition of responsibility, inherited, applied or shouldered. This is the relation of theEducation, 140:and the increased stimulation which is being applied to the race by the Hierarchy, assisted byExternalisation, 5:in opinion (if so unsuitable a word can be applied to a group of souls and brothers who know noExternalisation, 8:Divine - Controlled - Positive - Intelligently applied - Mediatorship Lower Psychism: Animal -Externalisation, 36:healing (which are basic and fundamental) can be applied and worked out in all departments of lifeExternalisation, 50:of the aspirants and world disciples in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occultExternalisation, 53:was in itself intrinsically right (no matter how applied), which was forward-moving in its concept,Externalisation, 103:development and functioning of the imagination, applied to the lines of outcome and results, andExternalisation, 155:be done in order that good may come. What is applied by the Lord of the World in Shamballa underExternalisation, 232:right action. It is phenomenally clarifying if applied at this time to the combatants. Would youExternalisation, 234:is no peace, and peace will not come through an applied and fanatical pacifism or through the loudExternalisation, 304:of this Coming One is to be found in the name applied to Him, which is found in so many of theExternalisation, 330:wise business organization should be applied from the very start; right voluntary help should beExternalisation, 349:appeal as it is evoked by the stimulation being applied by the Buddha. He will embody that appealExternalisation, 428:by careful, kindly, but firm handling, and by applied educational processes. 2. The Forces ofExternalisation, 467:but it has been an impersonal thing personally applied; this must end. Now another phase of thatExternalisation, 497:if the real values are taught, emphasized and applied to daily living. This "saving force" has nowExternalisation, 516:pressures of love and harmony when they are applied long enough. It is not spasmodic efforts thatExternalisation, 610:and life are on their way, to be interpreted and applied in terms of goodwill and of right humanExternalisation, 654:employed by the Hierarchy is a constantly applied stimulation. Of this, the effect of the sun uponExternalisation, 656:the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, as it is applied today by the Hierarchy in the transmutationExternalisation, 658:which was symbolically but erroneously applied by all monastic orders throughout the world (bothExternalisation, 658:and oriental) during the past few centuries, applied therefore in time and space but having noExternalisation, 658:divine aspect (that of will or power) now being applied with the most scrupulous care by Shamballa.Externalisation, 658:is an exceedingly dangerous energy and cannot be applied in fuller measure until the race of menExternalisation, 659:There remains another energy which can only be applied very much later on and only if the activityExternalisation, 670:and its expression through intelligence, applied with wisdom and with skill in action, is the taskExternalisation, 681:of goodwill and understanding (intelligently applied); all these qualities are not handicapped byExternalisation, 686:higher initiates are undergoing a special and applied stimulation and are undertaking work forExternalisation, 693:the Externalization The study of this Science of Applied Purification is one which is engrossingExternalisation, 693:are also particularly implicated. The Science of Applied Purification is also the Science ofExternalisation, 693:of Applied Purification is also the Science of Applied Energy, with the specific objective in viewExternalisation, 693:times earlier referred) is in reality the applied art of esotericism and of spiritual living whichExternalisation, 694:in nature are concerned, the purification is applied by the Hierarchy, through the medium of humanExternalisation, 694:in the various hierarchical ashrams, and when applied - after 1975 - will bring about great andExternalisation, 699:of goodwill, of true love, of intelligent applied wisdom, of high good nature and humor, and ofFire, 39:literally "great Deva." The term is frequently applied to the first Person of the manifestedFire, 41:of influence of any central life force, and is applied equally to all atoms, from the atom ofFire, 52:and radiation are other terms which might be applied in this sense. Each of these effects producesFire, 67:It may be of interest to know the appellation applied to the devas of fire whose part it is to tendFire, 79:fire" and it is the root of the akasha, the term applied to the substance of the second plane ofFire, 90:and emitted as powerful radiations, which are applied direct through certain plexi in the uppermostFire, 97:perfected. 42 Involutionary Arc is the term applied to the first part of the evolutionary process.Fire, 104:the etheric may be subject, and the trend which applied medicine may later take when occult lawsFire, 111:of an entire solar system. This term is also applied to the sphere of activity of a planetary LogosFire, 111:to a planetary scheme and could equally well be applied to the sphere of activity of the humanFire, 196:81 Astral-buddhic consciousness is the term applied to the basic consciousness in our solar system.Fire, 212:a thing almost incomprehensible to us. It is applied to the centers of the seven Heavenly Men inFire, 212:in the same general way as the lesser Rods are applied to the human centers, and the effects areFire, 289:of the earlier acquired faculty into applied Love. This is His work in the same sense that the workFire, 295:and the totality of groups. These ideas can be applied to the three grades of consciousnessFire, 356:Man has a body made up of matter which is applied to different uses, yet which forms a unit. InFire, 393:first, that it is the active will, intelligently applied, of an Entity, and then that this activeFire, 399:By means of the manasic principle consciously applied. By the process of transcending the karmicFire, 432:of the Rod of Initiation that His Life energy is applied to the initiate, or the electrical forceFire, 478:as radioactivity technically understood and applied to all atomic bodies without exception. ThatFire, 479:be left to do its own work. These factors may be applied equally to all atoms; to the mineral atomsFire, 493:upon the Path, 'a little child' being the name applied to probationers and disciples. In theFire, 493:transmutation. This triple statement can be applied to a scheme, a chain, or a globe also,Fire, 496:Through internal stimulation, Through color applied in stimulation and vitalization, ThroughFire, 498:the past three root races) been principally applied to the understanding of objective existence, toFire, 555:be remembered are that this stimulation will be applied: Through the group to the unit. Through aFire, 617:bodiless. Generally speaking, the term rupa is applied to all forms in the three worlds whilst theFire, 617:in the three worlds whilst the term arupa is applied to all forms through which existences manifestFire, 688:(if such an inadequate term may be applied to a state of consciousness inconceivable even to anFire, 732:a dense physical body, and should technically be applied only to that period of manifestation whichFire, 732:man is under consideration the term has been applied to the unification of the etheric double with
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