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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLIED

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Patanjali, 312:Hence the appropriateness of this term, as applied to what is considered the lowest of the threePatanjali, 316:the intuition" is one of the terms which can be applied to this type of illuminative knowledge. ItPatanjali, 329:underlies the dense physical form. One term applied to this energy is the "vital airs." Prana isPatanjali, 330:and their correct handling. Vyana is the term applied to the sum total of pranic, energy as it isPatanjali, 342:the principles. The above sutra therefore can be applied to the mastery of each plane as well as toProblemsfactors ignored. The spiritual principles to be applied to the problems of humanity as discussed inProblems, 19:the phrase "a nation of shop keepers" has been applied to her by other nations. The British areProblems, 59:will open up before him. Behind all these applied incentives, the motives of goodwill and rightProblems, 65:Loving understanding, intelligently applied, should be the hallmark of the cultured and wiserProblems, 100:- in a modern world where scientific methods are applied to purity in food. All these and otherProblems, 155:churchman to evoke by example, by the energy of applied and practical love (not expressed through aProblems, 158:divine Plan, historically proved. Scientifically applied discipline and training will enableProblems, 174:the goodwill in mankind, and how easily applied are these ideals when there are enough men andPsychology1, xxv:that can be verified and information that can be applied to the daily life and tested in thePsychology1, 10:does not recognize. In so far as that testing is applied, and in so far as it can be gauged, I seekPsychology1, 10:I seek to point out that the testing is not applied, as some think, because of their affiliationPsychology1, 10:determination to tread the Path. It is applied because the aspirants own souls so ordained it,Psychology1, 13:it, theoretically, but the practical effects of applied knowledge are not yet theirs. Many arePsychology1, 28:type of thought prevailing which (when rightly applied) will serve as the connecting link betweenPsychology1, 31:of man, the reflection of divinity, and when applied to the subject of his quality, involves threePsychology1, 42:soul is intended to be an embodiment of love, applied with intelligence and producing thosePsychology1, 42:of divine purpose or will, intelligently applied in the great creative work, which is producedPsychology1, 45:bring satisfaction to the sensuous nature. It is applied to those conditions which will satisfy thePsychology1, 45:This second ray is pre-eminently the ray of applied consciousness, and works through the creationPsychology1, 47:growing satisfaction, and has intelligently applied the gain of experience to the production ofPsychology1, 48:call cause and effect. Ray I - Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power. Ray IIPsychology1, 80:symbol. It will be noted how this purpose, when applied by man to himself, works his release. WhenPsychology1, 80:by man to himself, works his release. When applied by man to man, it has produced the corrupt andPsychology1, 82:are not correctly interpreted by the mind nor applied in such a way that they are of general andPsychology1, 110:mental satisfaction but is no criterion as to applied knowledge. Above everything else, it isPsychology1, 115:group. What he is told to do, and the discipline applied, is all based on the desire to preservePsychology1, 121:of the value of the esoteric science when applied to the exoteric. Psychology1, 174:how the idea of the controlled and beneficently applied power of those who work with and throughPsychology1, 175:principles are being widely distorted, selfishly applied, and separately utilized. The fires ofPsychology1, 255:to be trained to participate in the action of applied will. This, man seems as yet to interpret asPsychology1, 259:the initiative and which, through a stimulation applied from without, causes a response from thePsychology1, 301:were universally promulgated and practically applied, we should have [302] order growing out ofPsychology1, 306:here I am dealing with the special case of self-applied celibacy, and not with the present [307]Psychology1, 342:which comes from a free choice, wisely used and applied to the good of the whole, and conditionedPsychology1, 342:and motivated by love, and intelligently applied to world problems, is much needed today and is notPsychology1, 347:fifth ray of knowledge. Then through gained and applied knowledge, the result is beauty and thePsychology1, 352:potently than the divine Plan. This truth can be applied also to the development of the individual,Psychology1, 361:of simply "being kind" is the same motivation, applied to the unthinking masses. The seventh rayPsychology1, 371:to the magical work. When this knowledge is applied intensively to the animal world much new andPsychology1, 390:of the ray characteristics given earlier can be applied to the nations and countries of the worldPsychology1, 421:Rays and the Planes Ray I - Will, dynamically applied, emerges in manifestation as power. Ray II -Psychology2, 9:appearance. It is the initial imposition of an applied directed [10] energy upon that triple forcePsychology2, 54:is the story of his response to, or repulse of, applied energies. The fact that the interplayPsychology2, 89:that that entails, is correctly understood and applied. Those who thus sacrifice are: The solarPsychology2, 92:of conflict is the ray whose energies, rightly applied and understood, bring about harmony andPsychology2, 124:right understanding of a technique which, when applied by the New Group of World Servers, will leadPsychology2, 193:is only an expression or manifestation of force, applied under the power of thought by a thinker orPsychology2, 233:This is a word which should really be applied to the designation of the superhuman consciousness.Psychology2, 237:mysticism, occultism and many other terms applied to the adventurous excursions of the human mindPsychology2, 243:and its desire upon the physical plane through applied force, creatively actuated by thePsychology2, 248:consciousness of the artist, in a high moment of applied attention, and life is then seen for aPsychology2, 263:through the exercise of power, selfishly applied and utilized for personality ends, the way, that aPsychology2, 346:and unification to the personality. They are not applied, nor can the man avail himself of them,Psychology2, 347:to indicate the seven ray techniques as they are applied to the rapidly aligning bodies of thePsychology2, 347:which the first ray aspect of the technique is applied to the form nature, producing destructionPsychology2, 366:fourth ray consummation, and if this thought is applied with due reflection to the problem of thePsychology2, 379:of Integration, a sevenfold technique, is applied upon the Path of Probation. The Technique ofPsychology2, 379:Path of Probation. The Technique of Fusion is applied upon the Path of Discipleship. The TechniquePsychology2, 379:of Discipleship. The Technique of Duality is applied upon the Path of Initiation. I am here usingPsychology2, 387:note. The second ray disciple, through rightly applied technique, produces curiously enough, thirdPsychology2, 430:and undesirable conditions. An intelligently applied bridging process, gradually carried forward,Psychology2, 449:of mystical and spiritual aspiration and of applied occult or intellectual meditation (inPsychology2, 471:I here defined for you the three terms which are applied to these three phenomenal effects:Psychology2, 498:point out that this method could be more safely applied if the subjective dream life and the hiddenPsychology2, 507:They warrant no more attention or mysteriously applied interpretation or symbolic elucidation thanPsychology2, 512:up into a better condition by the imposition of applied thought. Instead of drawing upon thePsychology2, 631:sensed approaching ideals. These have to be applied to our modern conditions of living andPsychology2, 670:and are usually unjustly enforced and wrongly applied. Between these extremes the masses swing, -Psychology2, 672:will and harmony, which are recognized, but not applied, by all right thinking [673] people today.Psychology2, 674:law of Love, expressed intelligently, must be applied to all human relationships. This work ofPsychology2, 676:good will has not been intelligently developed, applied, and systematized. Thousands of men andPsychology2, 676:the activity - coordinated, definite, and applied - of this emerging group of people, who canPsychology2, 695:precipitate in some form or other, and for the applied activities of the New Group of WorldPsychology2, 730:who are kept down either through fear, through applied poverty (yes, that is the proper term) orPsychology2, 733:of a spirit of good will, intelligently applied, and worked out with purpose into the fabric of theRays, 39:of the divine consciousness. These tests are applied when the soul grips the personality and theRays, 47:which is active intelligent purpose, lovingly applied. The difficulty of this subject is inherentRays, 116:in reality a technical term which is frequently applied to an initiate of the third degree, just asRays, 144:evil and this is true whether the statement is applied to the development of the individual or ofRays, 152:When, the rule goes on, this is understood and applied, then four things happen: The group mustRays, 153:power of direction are becoming intelligently applied, he can then begin to work within theRays, 159:But the Law of the Supplementary Seven is applied by initiates below the rank of Master, and theyRays, 180:is infallible, if rightly approached and applied. This broad and general presentation must beRays, 197:enters with unblended eyes and no hoodwink is applied. Then, halfway through the ceremony, he isRays, 240:of the success of the evolutionary process as applied to humanity. This "shift" was initiated byRays, 259:the effects in the life of the disciple who has applied and learned the significance of the RulesRays, 264:well as of our planet. It is a basic cosmic law, applied from sources of which we know nothing, asRays, 273:works through love in humanity, intelligently applied. Forget not that these three great BuddhasRays, 280:the free interplay of life-energy, consciously applied as the result of agelong processes, andRays, 317:Christian approach. This resurrection has been applied in many cases to the resurrection of theRays, 317:to the resurrection of the body; it is also applied to the fact (the selfishly motivated wish) ofRays, 317:selfishly motivated wish) of immortality; it is applied also to the physical resurrection of theRays, 432:in the three worlds. That knowledge, rightly applied, becomes wisdom. The Spiritual Triad, actingRays, 453:[453] all knowledge. Everything man learns is applied - as the centuries pass - to the world ofRays, 528:Previously, I dealt with the process as it applied to the disciple invoking his soul; later I
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