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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLY

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Astrology, 287:life and the processes of incarnation; they apply to the "fish swimming in the waters of matter andAstrology, 394:is very hard for him. He finds it difficult to apply practically the knowledge gained. It is apt toAstrology, 453:done is to study and relate, to reflect and to apply the Law of Analogy, knowing that when theAstrology, 489:Let me list some of them for you, leaving you to apply the information as may seem best to you. Astrology, 604:those in connection with our Earth. They do not apply in relation to others of the planets in ourAtom, 12:laws of nature, even though as yet we cannot apply them; and the knowledge of "things as they are"Atom, 54:to gather out of our conclusions some lesson to apply to the daily life. The first thing necessaryAutobiography, 277:World are studied and the disciple learns to apply the laws to himself, to events, to the world andAutobiography, 279:as an individual, must go; he has to learn to apply the teaching in a practical way, transmutingAutobiography, 288:for one's fellowmen. The student who learns to apply these ancient rules to his daily life willAutobiography, 288:Immanent. Students are under no compulsion to apply these rules or to tread the Path ofAutobiography, 293:So little has hitherto been done in the world to apply money to truly spiritual uses. Much has beenAutobiography, 293:to truly spiritual uses. Much has been done to apply money to philanthropic and humanitarianBethlehem, 171:eyes and "saw Jesus only." Perhaps they may apply to us also as we consider Christ and our relationBethlehem, 263:words and names which differing types of mind apply to the one great emerging fact of a new kingdomBethlehem, 277:the time has come when humanity as a whole must apply itself to the fostering of the divine lifeDestiny, 19:Hitherto it has been too dangerous an energy to apply to mankind, for the results have worked outDiscipleship1, 10:of human nature; it is a difficult thing to apply to all conditions of life and its expression willDiscipleship1, 41:[41] 3. Cultivate the dual capacity to apply the laws of the soul to the individual life and theDiscipleship1, 83:the things most needed by every disciple is to apply the teaching given to the idea of promotingDiscipleship1, 130:true perspectives of the picture. You need to apply to people and to circumstances the quality ofDiscipleship1, 178:the light which is in you and in the pupil, and apply it to the enlightening of physical planeDiscipleship1, 179:contact with the soul, via the mind, if you apply yourself with diligence to the task involved.Discipleship1, 208:exactly in the sense that your personality would apply my words. Time has to be grasped by you inDiscipleship1, 237:as yourself, I need no easy words with which to apply the truth. I can speak with directness andDiscipleship1, 334:next few months, living by it and abiding by it. Apply it, [335] however, not to the use of yourDiscipleship1, 355:of the physical body and an inability to apply your ideals to it at need. You treat it oft tooDiscipleship1, 368:ponder deeply upon that sentence, asking you to apply it and carry the concept to the higher lifeDiscipleship1, 408:make suggestions and leave it to the student to apply himself or not as he may choose and as hisDiscipleship1, 494:struggle not with the discovered condition but apply to your life the opposing quality withDiscipleship1, 569:better equipped instrument, particularly if you apply the results of your meditation in a practicalDiscipleship1, 583:it among your brothers. I would beg you to apply yourself to the five days of the Full MoonDiscipleship1, 644:this occult hypothesis as your basic premise and apply all you may learn to the touchstone of theDiscipleship1, 720:this fiery stimulation, the disciple must apply the fire to himself and in the ensuing blaze seeDiscipleship2, 12:disciple. Will you bear this in mind, and apply my suggestions to yourself and not to your groupDiscipleship2, 12:the most needed things for all disciples is to apply the teaching I may give to the idea ofDiscipleship2, 23:which you yourselves must develop and apply, once you love enough. Love is the basis ofDiscipleship2, 276:speaking) that the old methods would no more apply than do the simple sums in arithmetic, set inDiscipleship2, 282:grasp the purpose of the world of meaning and to apply the knowledge gained to his daily life withDiscipleship2, 300:but it will not be possible to work with it or apply it for another twenty-five years. Here I haveDiscipleship2, 322:to take these three points of revelation and apply to them the three outer and the three innerDiscipleship2, 343:that you should be concerned, for the effort to apply these seven hints to your daily life ofDiscipleship2, 346:In fact, it might be said that all five of them apply to each initiation, giving - as the initiateDiscipleship2, 355:formulation; the disciple must interpret and apply it in terms of the Plan, of directed energy andDiscipleship2, 417:your unfoldment. You would find it of value to apply what I have here explained anent the sixthDiscipleship2, 524:As a psychologist you know this, but fail to apply to yourself what you so helpfully apply toDiscipleship2, 524:fail to apply to yourself what you so helpfully apply to others. Have confidence in my belief andDiscipleship2, 543:the Ashram. You like facts, brother of mine, so apply this factual consciousness of yours to thisDiscipleship2, 548:member of the group also to read and study and apply the teaching from the group angle. There are,Discipleship2, 570:produce a stimulation. That stimulation will apply to any innate glamor as well as to yourDiscipleship2, 608:needed adjustments, but would also have to apply yourself to fresh learning. It has been felt byDiscipleship2, 613:circumstances it should be easy for you to apply that desired and recognized discipline - aDiscipleship2, 630:reward of clarified perception, then endeavor to apply the recognized truth and the germ of theDiscipleship2, 643:is presumably greater; he is also endeavoring to apply his knowledge of this plan to the immediateDiscipleship2, 702:complete reversal of the past. I look to see you apply, with will and spiritual insight, thoseDiscipleship2, 704:to master them, to understand their need and to apply them to yourself with a view to fuller andDiscipleship2, 710:to isolate the energy of love with facility and apply it one-pointedly. I tell you this for yourEducation, 82:the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in such a manner that sane living andEducation, 124:not only in terms of personal interest, and to apply forms of idealistic philosophy to the life ofExternalisation, 123:minority (the word "spiritual" would not yet apply, except relatively) and in destroying those whoExternalisation, 142:even if you have evaded it until now. 4. Then apply yourselves to the spreading of the use of theExternalisation, 324:a new procedure and something to which you can apply yourselves. In this group which I have nowExternalisation, 358:is material. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life ofExternalisation, 518:Their hands the solution of many problems, and apply the solution when the battle goes contrary.Externalisation, 654:things as they are, and who cannot, therefore, apply the necessary and unavoidable compromise. TheExternalisation, 654:remembered that the Masters have, therefore, to apply such stimulation scientifically, workingFire, 112:four Maharajahs, the lesser Lipika Lords 49 who apply past karma and work it out in the present.Fire, 162:I sound here a solemn word of warning. Let a man apply himself to a life of high altruism, to aFire, 209:of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels and thereby affectFire, 209:to retain that realization and himself to apply the law, will depend his power and progress. By theFire, 213:Spirit and matter, so one cannot, in initiation apply the Rod without bringing about definiteFire, 392:in a position - when the right time came - to apply the needed stimulation or an [393] increasedFire, 490:aspect. The same basic rule will be found to apply in the case of a mineral as well as of a man.Fire, 523:the third or substance aspect, and should apply to this Entity the same triple constitution as isFire, 594:Law of Love," is after all too generic a term to apply to one law governing one plane, but willFire, 725:from the place of His appearance. His work is to apply the force of some type of electrical energyFire, 812:(2) The entire social world of thought will apply itself to the understanding of the emotionalFire, 877:to focus through his physical brain, and thus apply. Love is the faculty inherent in the present.Fire, 877:himself and focus in his heart center and thus apply. Sacrifice is the faculty which will be his inFire, 877:focus through the highest head center and thus apply. It is dependent upon his development ofFire, 894:upon man than on the physical. If students will apply themselves to the consideration of theseFire, 982:speech are the laws of matter and students can apply the laws governing physical plane substance toFire, 1109:of a finer grade. The student, therefore, can apply what has been earlier said anent the astral andFire, 1152:be noted here that the above tabulation will apply to the microcosm as well as the macrocosm, andFire, 1174:This Law of the Schools does not specifically apply to the deva evolution. They come under anotherFire, 1174:in Atlantean days. It does not, therefore, apply to all the members of the human family; some ofFire, 1216:it is left to the intuition of the student to apply them to the more material forms of life. Law 1.Glamour, 5:you the need to submit to that training and to apply to yourselves that discipline which will workGlamour, 24:affirmation of divinity. Use your intuition and apply these all to the subject of glamor and see atGlamour, 89:interlude) they misunderstand the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. All theseGlamour, 118:the ray types predispose the man. If you then apply these to the three vehicles of manifestation asGlamour, 166:is material. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life ofGlamour, 175:rightly to apprehend and interpret it or to apply it usefully - it has developed into an illusionGlamour, 177:convey to them. This statement does not as yet apply to the [178] general public. It will be a longHealing, 26:of healing which it is possible and necessary to apply to a disciple? How few realize that noHealing, 138:and the Rules and Laws of Health no longer apply. The objective before the disciple is to promoteHealing, 190:as yet far distant) it will not be possible to apply broad psychological generalizations to theHealing, 206:concerned, he must work scientifically; he must apply knowledge and - after right diagnosis, afterHealing, 257:the methods of the orthodox physician; he will apply a tourniquet, for instance, and take theHealing, 313:and not a disease in itself. Ponder on this, and apply it on all planes, for physical plane fever
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