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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPLY

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Healing, 349:and of the patient's good karma, and proceeds to apply all possible aid. This is my second point.Healing, 527:about a healing that it renders the effort to apply that healing process entirely futile. From theHealing, 573:must intelligently work. How, therefore, can he apply this law and produce the results for which heHealing, 585:its livingness. We, however, erroneously apply the term living to the ability of a form to manifestHealing, 596:who (when he finds them present) will then apply his skill in aiding the man to die and will notHealing, 670:is wrestling, and is difficult for you to apply in and under all circumstances, as well you know.Healing, 676:or of self [676] discipline to which all should apply themselves. When they have mastered even someHealing, 676:triple achievement, they will find that they can apply Rule Six with ease. What is meant by theHealing, 678:and prior to taking the third. This law does not apply in any way as long as the emotional natureHealing, 679:plane and of the cosmic mental plane, He can apply energies and forces - under cosmic law - whichHealing, 699:often no indication as to the soul ray. This can apply to both healer and patient. Nothing is knownHercules, 105:third, that the work of an individual is to apply the sickle and to cut out, or cut down, thatInitiation, 83:members themselves, even though unconsciously, apply the law; their progress will be seriouslyInitiation, 125:to know his work past all gainsaying, and can apply himself to his task with a clear knowledge asInitiation, 140:of the Logos, to work in mental essence, and to apply the law on mental levels, and thereby affectInitiation, 140:to retain that realization, and himself to apply the law, will depend his power to progress. TheInitiation, 201:with the fires of the body. They will simply apply themselves to a theoretical comprehension and aInitiation, 203:ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to the consideration of their methods; letInitiation, 208:of five words. Rule 14 Listen, touch, see, apply, know. These words concern what the ChristianIntellect, 96:form veils and hides. This will be found to apply equally to a human form as to any other form inIntellect, 199:has been considered. Now it behooves us to apply ourselves to an understanding of the practicalIntellect, 257:or fright, or intense emotion. The same rules apply as in the first set of cases: - common senseMagic, 152:the right use of energy, which is the word we apply to the divine breath or life. Finally, in theMagic, 239:admit, yet which remains profoundly difficult to apply individually. The fears to which aspirantsMagic, 371:in our hands the solution of many problems, and apply that solution when the battle goes contrary.Magic, 472:which the earnest and sincere beginner could apply to this science of building and which are soMagic, 571:aspirants have to grasp before they really can apply themselves to the real training forMagic, 578:status before he can rightly heal. This does not apply to those healers who are unconsciousMagic, 629:arrives at intellectual comprehension and can apply himself to the problem of progress in fullMagic, 633:a sense of internationalism, but they cannot apply it when it comes to the understanding of others.Meditation, 21:body. By a wisely adjudicated method, he will apply the faculty of expansion (hitherto used only toMeditation, 46:of the causal body fully developed, will apply the method to the immediate need. Later I mayMeditation, 58:this for you on the systemic scale. Now let me apply it to meditation and see how it will work.Meditation, 74:might (if we are careful to generalize widely) apply the same to the five centers. Period I -Meditation, 82:electrified (if I may borrow that term and apply it to the centers) and its force must demonstrateMeditation, 109:the curriculum of the Hall of Learning and to apply practically the knowledge learnt on theMeditation, 152:things to do: He has to learn the law and to apply that law to himself. Rigid self-discipline isMeditation, 194:and creative effects, - knew just the moment to apply that science and effect the desired end. Meditation, 199:is not primarily for group purposes. Groups will apply themselves to the work of contacting certainMeditation, 200:be healed placed in their midst, will definitely apply themselves to the healing of that unit byMeditation, 204:questions are of great value, if you continue to apply yourself to the search for the right answer.Meditation, 210:words "Our God is a consuming Fire." These words apply to the manasic principle, that fire ofMeditation, 225:Wisdom and Intelligence, the terms that we apply to the three aspects of divine manifestation.Meditation, 246:and can definitely, by the power of thought, apply certain waves of color to effect certain cures,Meditation, 246:will study the resistance of the body, he will apply certain currents, and colors, and vibrations,Meditation, 264:but daily embracing more. Daily does He apply Himself to further expansion. A Master of the WisdomPatanjali, 93:of the sutras, and enable the student to apply these thoughts in practical fashion to his own life.Patanjali, 169:terms human life, mystic life and occult life apply to these three stages. Patanjali, 181:to yoga or union, we must consider them as they apply to the physical man, then to the emotionalPatanjali, 366:Objective form. [366] Of this knower we can apply the words of the teacher whose works are found inProblems, 53:the outer imparted facts. It is the power to apply knowledge in such a manner that sane living andProblems, 180:directing ideal, and who will endeavor to apply them to current world or national events. To createPsychology1, xxiii:particular and the individual to find it easy to apply the same interest to the greater Whole inPsychology1, 9:aware Self. In any case, read slowly; apply the laws of analogy and of correspondence; studyPsychology1, 67:of the South continue with the building. Let him apply the force which will produce the shiningPsychology1, 68:to see objective significances and [68] then apply them to life is an expression of the truePsychology1, 163:for it is not to humanity only that these rays apply, but to the seven kingdoms as well. In factPsychology1, 371:of the incoming ray force with its power to apply knowledge to the magical work. When thisPsychology2, 94:concept of this term World Savior. At present we apply it predominantly to those souls who emergePsychology2, 114:by the thinking public. Humanity itself must apply the necessary correctives, believing it can doPsychology2, 140:but which they are not yet ready practically to apply. Psychology2, 159:avoided. Therefore, he who is wise will apply himself to serve and obey. Psychology2, 193:objective may be; Cultivate a dual capacity to apply the laws of the soul to the individual life,Psychology2, 264:or less than mediums. This term is here used to apply to all those types of persons who go blindlyPsychology2, 311:interlude, they misunderstand the process and apply wrong motives to right activities. [312] TherePsychology2, 360:which come his way (a very different thing) - apply himself to the need to be met. This is a veryPsychology2, 402:are those to whom this generalization does not apply, but even they, if they are students of humanPsychology2, 588:effort will be made. [588] The above rules apply to the psychic who is willing enough andPsychology2, 631:which are the attempts of men everywhere to apply the new, dimly sensed approaching ideals. ThesePsychology2, 698:the thinking public. Then humanity itself will apply the necessary correctives, believing it can doPsychology2, 709:If we take the four points above enumerated and apply them both to the individual and to the race,Psychology2, 712:are attempting, no matter in how small a way, to apply the truth as you see it to your own life,Rays, 18:preparation and requirements. These will now apply to the probationary groups of disciples, and notRays, 22:serried ranks work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to a consideration of their methods;Rays, 23:Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen, touch, see, apply, know. For Disciples and Initiates: Know,Rays, 116:as the words "little ones" or "little child" apply to an initiate of the first or second degree.Rays, 145:hitherto been the custom. The determination to apply this touch (which is in the nature of a greatRays, 152:of a complex rule which the initiate has to apply to himself once he has grasped the significanceRays, 179:ranks, work ceaselessly. Let the disciple apply himself to a consideration of their methods; letRays, 286:Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen. Touch. See. Apply. Know. For Disciples and Initiates: Know.Rays, 286:Listen - Know Touch - Express See - Reveal Apply - Destroy Know - Resurrect You will note that theRays, 495:the Tibetan makes the following remarks which apply here with peculiar force. A.A.B.) [496] "YourRays, 734:and He comes, therefore, to wield and apply first ray energy. He will charge or galvanize the threeReappearance, 68:order that we may understand more fully - let us apply these three phrases (inappropriate as theyReappearance, 84:for His appearing. Much can be done if men will apply themselves to comprehension and to the neededReappearance, 132:transitory. The United Nations need to learn to apply the Law of Love as enunciated in the life ofSoul, 130:in the present age? Might it not be possible to apply a technique and employ a method which may inSoul, 131:system and the glands, can we investigate and apply a recognizably dangerous method and workTelepathy, 80:time and space. I realize that where these facts apply to the subhuman kingdoms in nature you areTelepathy, 140:views ahead of science, but that does not apply to the exponents of the theosophical teaching. TheTelepathy, 182:in the Solar System We shall now endeavor to apply whatever knowledge is available to you at this
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