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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPRECIATION

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Astrology, 5:a truer perspective and a more just and accurate appreciation of the divine Plan, as it isAstrology, 539:the world issues in an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses in which these effectsAstrology, Saturn:crying demand and aspirations of man indicate appreciation of the opportunity and recognizedAtom, 48:a conclusion, to bring to your consciousness an appreciation of the place we each hold in theAtom, 89:he arrives at the final stage of intelligent appreciation of divine unity. This triple idea can beAutobiography, 8:in all peoples, by happiness and an intelligent appreciation of opportunity - one's own as well asAutobiography, 103:I launched myself unthinkingly and without any appreciation of the situation into Walter Evans'Autobiography, 182:to be interested enough. Personally I have no appreciation at all of the person who furthers aAutobiography, 214:of its inner significance have a basic appreciation of the truth that no other book seems toDestiny, 122:will not be followed with ease [122] or with due appreciation by the sixth ray disciple, becauseDiscipleship1, 262:no longer cares for success or non-success, for appreciation or for non-appreciation. Ponder onDiscipleship1, 262:or non-success, for appreciation or for non-appreciation. Ponder on this and search your heart moreDiscipleship1, 336:That problem is the demanding of love and of appreciation where your personality is concerned.Discipleship1, 361:life to be lived. I refer to the intelligent appreciation of truth which is yours, to the wealth ofDiscipleship1, 374:past, to supplement this defect by an intuitive appreciation of people but lately you have hardenedDiscipleship1, 490:new life with a sense of freedom and with a just appreciation of the gained results. Discipleship1, 525:and my blessing rests upon you. It is not in appreciation of you that I take this time with you.Discipleship1, 534:where disciples are concerned, to express undue appreciation of work accomplished or to feed theDiscipleship1, 540:of yours has been noted and received due appreciation. Out of a widened horizon and greatlyDiscipleship1, 649:activity of an illumined mind, an intelligent appreciation of true values and a deep and true loveDiscipleship1, 654:is based on a knowledge of you as a Soul, and an appreciation of what you - as a soul - could do.Discipleship1, 673:having shown his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the chela is taughtDiscipleship1, 677:form of that which is built. They grow through appreciation of and joy in the forms built and theDiscipleship1, 688:That is the necessity - inherent in the right appreciation of the vision itself - for each whoDiscipleship1, 712:wherein, having shown his wisdom in work and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the discipleDiscipleship2, 47:the ability to think in terms of the whole, an appreciation of the next step which humanity mustDiscipleship2, 109:and prepare yourselves for a better and sounder appreciation, plus a more adequate meeting ofDiscipleship2, 324:grasp of the Law of Cause and Effect and their appreciation of the subsidiary Law of ConsequencesDiscipleship2, 360:nor does it include the factor of mental appreciation of the qualities of his own nature. Where theDiscipleship2, 360:from its inception until its fulfilment. An appreciation of the unfolding pattern of which theDiscipleship2, 364:of Cause and Effect; it also gives intelligent appreciation of present opportunity as well as anDiscipleship2, 414:a vast body or structure of truth; his mental appreciation of these stages and principles can beDiscipleship2, 424:concern the Hierarchy and its intelligent appreciation of the second or love aspect; they embodyDiscipleship2, 438:parables; they will aid you to gain a more just appreciation of initiation. In the planetary andDiscipleship2, 476:at this time possess but which needs increasing appreciation by you. Let me give you some idea asDiscipleship2, 497:to take this opportunity to express to you my appreciation (if such an inadequate word is aught butDiscipleship2, 511:concerns himself, and is based upon a humble appreciation of the whole of which he is simply a partDiscipleship2, 544:past few years. Failure has not deterred you and appreciation will not hurt you. My strength andDiscipleship2, 549:service. But the development of this discreet appreciation takes time, and the neophyte is alwaysDiscipleship2, 663:have consistently failed to understand; lack of appreciation from those who should justly haveDiscipleship2, 664:confidence of A.A.B., who has a peculiarly deep appreciation of you based on ancient work togetherDiscipleship2, 674:no difference in our understanding, love and appreciation of you. It may be a long time since I,Discipleship2, 711:well aware of it; A.A.B. has also expressed her appreciation to you on several occasions. TheDiscipleship2, 711:(if I may again point this out) has a deep appreciation of you and love for you, both personalityDiscipleship2, 726:For that reason you earned the right to my appreciation and hers, and have had them both. That wasDiscipleship2, 728:[728] love and understanding, and with a real appreciation of your sincerity of devotion, yourDiscipleship2, 736:when conscious decisions can be made with due appreciation of consequences. I am also referring toEducation, One of:followed - rightly or wrongly - with attention, appreciation or distrust. The slow and carefulExternalisation, 34:that many people could be trained in the appreciation of this possibility and slowly developed toExternalisation, 59:involves a right understanding and spiritual appreciation of money. By this I do not mean that anyExternalisation, 70:followed, rightly or wrongly, with attention, appreciation or distrust. The slow and carefulExternalisation, 99:with the plan and spontaneous intellectual appreciation of that which is contacted, and all this isExternalisation, 126:struggle has become possible. [126] Intelligent appreciation of the situation and a generalExternalisation, 127:understanding of what is at stake and a just appreciation of the values involved and also a correctExternalisation, 141:of Light. Parallel this with an understanding appreciation of the problem of those who areExternalisation, 181:Before there can be correction, there must be appreciation of error; there must be understanding ofExternalisation, 186:one of irresistible unfoldment, of a developing appreciation of reality, beauty and wisdom.Externalisation, 243:effects into the realm of causes; there must be appreciation of the factors which have made andExternalisation, 271:but through correct interpretation and quick appreciation by the masses, who are apt to confoundExternalisation, 285:the world aspirants and my disciples to a truer appreciation of the immanent significance of theExternalisation, 360:quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of the meaning of the wordsExternalisation, 482:a sense of proportion to human thinking, plus an appreciation of the spiritual values which shouldExternalisation, 638:on American democracy. Other motives are an appreciation of the armed fist and, at [639] the sameExternalisation, 680:of objective. By that I mean an apprehension and appreciation of the hierarchical Plan and of theExternalisation, 691:point in evolution of those contacted; a sound appreciation of the problem to be faced on theirFire, xv:will lead to a rejection of the false and an appreciation of the true. The words of the Buddha mostFire, 259:of real assistance in developing the mental appreciation of the student, and in increasing hisFire, 306:as to time in evolution, and a just appreciation of the place of each unit within its greaterFire, 419:of this essential duality, and the scientific appreciation of it is to be seen in the mystics, theFire, 454:recognition of the unseen world and its due appreciation and apprehension by means of accurateFire, 487:Much lies ahead to be accomplished, but in the appreciation of the magnitude of the task need be noFire, 503:produce within the Thinker a more intelligent appreciation of the grandeur of the divine plan, anFire, 606:with and not the effect, and hence the growing appreciation by the human family of the study ofFire, 661:expands through contact, through intelligent appreciation of that which is contacted, and throughFire, 798:effect; true effect involves a third idea. Some appreciation of the problem may be gleaned by aFire, 866:might hero be enumerated. The aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value of money in service.Fire, 952:energy from) all forms in the three worlds, An appreciation of the nature of the devas, theirFire, 1110:involves much clarity of thought, and due appreciation of the nature of that body. It should hereFire, 1124:about a uniform alignment, and a conscious appreciation of the vibratory processes of these twoFire, 1232:per se becomes visible to him through a just appreciation of the Jewel hidden at the heart of hisFire, 1233:not release it from the three worlds of human appreciation. To limit and confine and imprison theGlamour, xi:to define it are very common, but that a real appreciation of it is rare. We are told by physiciansGlamour, 55:especially with the average mystical type, the appreciation of ideas is vague and nebulous, andGlamour, 168:quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of the meaning of the wordsGlamour, 174:with the whole, and lead to a developed appreciation of the oneness of life and with hylozoisticGlamour, 224:Secondly, they must have an intelligent appreciation of what constitutes a world glamor so thatGlamour, 224:the second ray person loves - with an all round appreciation of humanity, an understanding heart,Glamour, 255:breathing exercises. Unless there is a dear appreciation of purpose, unless the disciple knows justGlamour, 267:do not. Only the Masters of the Wisdom have any appreciation of these final unfoldments and thenHealing, 22:prejudices. These factors again prevent a just appreciation of these realities. I have given enoughHealing, 254:of the nature of energy, and through a correct appreciation of the endocrine system, its glands andHealing, 366:souls and aid them by true understanding and by appreciation and cooperation, [367] and thus dispelHealing, 432:with form life, they have consequently a just appreciation of the relative importance of life inHealing, 488:and his peculiar state of apprehension and of appreciation. The manasic person is possessed of aHealing, 685:for which one gets small praise and little appreciation, is the first step towards the unfoldmentHercules, 203:enunciated is an intelligent understanding and appreciation of the need of the individual just asHercules, 203:get there by talking about it, or by theoretical appreciation of the problem. You will get there byInitiation, 76:is based on confidence in the God within, a just appreciation of time, and a forgetfulness of self.Initiation, 78:might here be mentioned: The aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value of money in service.Initiation, 97:for them is an ever-increasing intensity of appreciation for the feeling of the moment, and not, as
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