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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPRECIATION

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Intellect, 71:he approaches his endeavor, and an equally keen appreciation of his lacks and defects. A view, asIntellect, 114:not release it from the three worlds of human appreciation. To limit and confine and imprison theIntellect, 147:he possesses a mind; they have brought him to an appreciation of the intellect, so much so, that toMagic, 6:development has reached the stage of a juster appreciation of their beauty and reality. Magic, 14:quality and which posits the intelligent appreciation and practical application of the moreMagic, 15:intuitive. The intuition is in reality only the appreciation by the mind of some factor inMagic, 27:The only way in which [27] we can get an appreciation of the process followed in the expansion ofMagic, 55:of the past as to the constitution of man and an appreciation of the interpretations of modernMagic, 64:the sin of separateness - the one real sin. An appreciation of the above thoughts should build inMagic, 90:This subjective ideal gradually leads to an appreciation of the way in which this essentialMagic, 109:approach the problem of Being through mental appreciation; others through heart understanding; someMagic, 110:to intellectual beauty why may not we express appreciation of a unity that is conceived of the headMagic, 139:undertaken. This law of adaptation involves the appreciation of the need, the recognition of theMagic, 173:having shown his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the disciple isMagic, 184:perception and right contact lies in the proper appreciation of the above statement, and thereforeMagic, 205:work upon them. Eventually we shall arrive at an appreciation of their vibration, of their tone andMagic, 326:and authority will give place to personal appreciation of Reality. The power of the Church over theMagic, 343:Thus poise will be attained. It lies also in the appreciation of Time as a solvent as aforesaid. ItMagic, 448:talking in occult terms and evidencing an inner appreciation of the methods whereby all that hasMagic, 492:the time comes when there is a more general appreciation of the value of concentration and ofMagic, 532:form of that which is built. They grow through appreciation [533] of and joy in the forms built andMagic, 534:and slow growth towards self-expression, self-appreciation, and self-realization. To theseMagic, 634:immediate need and opportunity, and on an acute appreciation of individual limitation andMeditation, 150:hence to learn their value. Secondly, to develop appreciation of the concrete, and to learn clearlyMeditation, 161:is that only when the pupil has an intelligent appreciation of the trouble or troubles affectingPatanjali, 16:the occult student has to adjust himself is the appreciation that the mind is a means wherebyPatanjali, 26:a steady effort which is based upon intelligent appreciation of the work to be done and the goal toPatanjali, 28:upon his [28] entire lower nature. When this appreciation is true enough and his ability to goPatanjali, 34:the quality of any particular form, so that an appreciation of its subjective energy may be gained.Patanjali, 42:to any but advanced disciples, but in an appreciation of the stages and grades there comes to thePatanjali, 42:problem and of where he stands, but also an appreciation of the beauty of the entire scheme. Patanjali, 70:of perception, the student will arrive at a just appreciation of the work he has to do. He is thusPatanjali, 92:organs, including the sixth sense, the mind, in appreciation of the form and its constituents;Patanjali, 135:he eats, the love of a man for his family, the appreciation of the artist for a beautiful painting,Patanjali, 207:quiet realization of life as it is and a direct appreciation of what he may make of it. Thus noPatanjali, 303:for all astrological investigation and from an appreciation of its meaning will eventuate anPatanjali, 363:understanding of the Eternal Now, and a just appreciation of the significance of the past, thePatanjali, 392:Study, or mental development, through an appreciation of the law of evolution and an understandingPatanjali, 407:comprehension of his own mental activities. An appreciation of God's great thought form, a solarProblems, 9:churches (which show a woeful lack [9] of appreciation of the problem) or by spiritually mindedProblems, 39:for his individual benefit. When, however, to an appreciation of our planetary and racialProblems, 111:upon enlightened, farseeing statesmanship and an appreciation of the fact that God has made all menPsychology1, xix:think upon them with clarity of thought. Mental appreciation of their significance will producePsychology1, 47:and predisposes all creation to an intelligent appreciation of the true goal of desire and to anPsychology1, 233:living tissue of our animal bodies, our [233] appreciation of resemblance and of identicalPsychology1, 294:love and desire, but by an ordered intellectual appreciation of the true significance of marriage.Psychology1, 340:of the powers of the personality; by a growing appreciation of a truer world of values and ofPsychology1, 353:as a result of this fusion and blending. The appreciation of the divinity of substance, and thePsychology2, 253:meaning and involves a new awareness and a fresh appreciation by humanity of a greater world ofPsychology2, 346:aspect of manifestation and its apprehension and appreciation of purpose and of truth. We are soPsychology2, 373:of incentive, of motive, of sensation, of appreciation by others and of life purpose. The idea ofPsychology2, 383:with the Plan, in response to an intelligent appreciation of its nature and existence. Again youPsychology2, 404:scientific unfoldment (which is the correct appreciation of the form or forms through which thePsychology2, 423:the life and the environment, given in terms of appreciation. Ponder on this. DecentralizationPsychology2, 423:satisfaction which comes from accomplishment and appreciation. [424] The careful and slowPsychology2, 518:of these incoming forces, nor is there any appreciation of the potency of the energies emanatingPsychology2, 619:lessons of cooperation, of silence, of loving appreciation and a wise realization and understandingPsychology2, 750:and the Group. The achieving of an intelligent appreciation of the steps to be taken during theRaysof the necessary polarization: The reiterated appreciation of the words "I am the Self, the Self amRays, 46:and is the foundation for all approach to, and appreciation and acceptance of truth. Will governsRays, 46:and is the foundation for all approach to, appreciation of and identification with, Being. ThisRays, 83:realization is all brought about by the sudden appreciation or apprehension of sound, by theRays, 106:is no identity apart from universality and no appreciation of the universal apart from theRays, 108:own so-called will and bringing him nearer to an appreciation of the significance of the divineRays, 125:His ability to sustain the discipline and his appreciation of himself for so doing, plus a sense ofRays, 246:the purpose of Sanat Kumara be revealed by an appreciation of the plan, followed by a consequentRays, 295:reality an expression of themselves and of their appreciation of beauty as they see it, of truth asRays, 299:is made, into a constant apprehension and appreciation; it eventually produces the motivatingRays, 473:unparalleled in history. The need for a due appreciation of this will be evident, and should inciteRays, 499:blending in consciousness, following on a mental appreciation of the Christ principle and its deepRays, 533:sense of synthesis. These three grades of appreciation or of comprehension of the initiatoryRays, 629:of living and physical comfort to an idealistic appreciation of the real spiritual values; theseRays, 706:a full realization of the past, with a sound appreciation of what He has to offer to the service ofRays, 750:the human being has today to be offset by a true appreciation of divinity in human form. It is notReappearance, 64:and galvanize the church of Christ into a truer appreciation of Him and of His work. It is theReappearance, 134:quite unrealized. It might be added that when an appreciation of the meaning of the wordsSoul, 64:aspect of a body; we have no sense organ for its appreciation, we only directly apprehend matter.Soul, 90:a fuller realization of power, and into a truer appreciation [91] of the nature of the human soul.Soul, 134:has this outlined equipment. A sense of God, an appreciation of the true and beautiful, and aTelepathy, 23:the heart center indicates inclusiveness, group appreciation and contact, also group thought andTelepathy, 40:of individuals with groups or individuals. An appreciation of the power which you may let loose, of
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