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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPREHEND

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Astrology, 478:the interplay. Only, in fact, can the man apprehend the underlying truth whose two head centers andBethlehem, 55:the needed changes in the capacity of men to apprehend. Only now are we becoming aware that theBethlehem, 70:would give meaning to life; it is only when we apprehend meaning and appreciate it that we canDiscipleship1, 4:forward as a group, to love all beings and to apprehend and understand the true significance of theDiscipleship1, 229:a more vivid interim living. I think you will apprehend that whereof I speak because I speak inDiscipleship2, 169:so that they can see things as they are, can apprehend right motives and the way to bring aboutDiscipleship2, 313:most difficult part of his task is correctly to apprehend the precipitating truth, information orDiscipleship2, 460:spiritual knowledge is so real that you will apprehend my meaning without further extendedExternalisation, 46:Groups January 1938 We have been endeavoring to apprehend a little more intelligently the work ofExternalisation, 141:each of you who read my words. 2. Study and apprehend clearly the issues which lie behind thisFire, 286:the ability of the man consciously to remember, apprehend, anticipate, and utilize the fruits ofFire, 301:The period of a branch race. In order to apprehend even cursorily the identity of manifestation ofFire, 338:development and perhaps the student might apprehend the underlying idea more clearly if it isFire, 598:on some one Ray, to visualize or in any way to apprehend this beauty; yet, to those on higherFire, 873:- its lowest and most profound for men to apprehend as it concerns the secret of that whichFire, 990:force emanating from a third. Students will only apprehend the significance of this teaching asFire, 1232:is seeking to express. All that we can do is to apprehend the fact that there exists THAT which mayGlamour, 92:by it? In the interim and in order that you can apprehend the truth of what I shall later tell you,Glamour, 175:mental plane and - owing to failure rightly to apprehend and interpret it or to apply it usefully -Glamour, 184:of the human mind so that it can grasp and apprehend what is projected, and in this too lies theGlamour, 219:as possible so that the aspirant may clearly apprehend what he is intended to do. After dueHealing, 15:understandable but equally futile desire to apprehend the mind of Deity. The psychological causes.Intellect, 116:into the world of causes; we have to seek to apprehend the Plan as it exists in the mind of God andMagic, 113:ego comprehends not an initiate. The greater can apprehend the lesser but the reverse is not theMagic, 116:with others and should modify judgments. To apprehend a principle justly marks a point inMagic, 153:is theirs too as they develop the capacity to apprehend it, - and knowing also that the love andMagic, 367:for a long time. But the struggle to apprehend will lead to results, and little by little the ideaMagic, 485:in occult teaching. The circle of those who apprehend them is widening somewhat and theseMeditation, 307:the seeds of it may be laid if students rightly apprehend the work to be done. There will be onePatanjali, 25:all that is necessary with a sutra as easy to apprehend as this one; intellectually its meaning isPatanjali, 100:man is not in itself so constituted that it can apprehend the things of spirit. As he passes fromPatanjali, 354:and right. The mind need no longer be used to apprehend reality, the senses need no longer bePsychology1, 12:thoughts and to transmit them so that others can apprehend them also. This is the nature of thePsychology1, 231:is as yet impossible for the average student to apprehend the truth? Such questions are intelligentPsychology2, 469:state. The effort to see more and grasp more and apprehend more of the detail and the interrelationPsychology2, 596:the mind; they learn to purify the body and to apprehend the basic postulates of the AgelessRays, 11:the above thought to you knowing that you will apprehend the implications and will seriouslySoul, 64:organ for its appreciation, we only directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearly whenSoul, 64:we only directly apprehend matter. Matter we apprehend clearly when young children, but as we grow
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