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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPREHENDED

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Atom, 158:shall find how erroneous facts were as we then apprehended them. Facts, after all, do not matter;Discipleship1, 5:convey by hint and symbol that which should be apprehended and it will be noted and understood byDiscipleship1, 100:is frequently the agent of release, if rightly apprehended; that which will emerge when the ForcesDiscipleship1, 585:is an aspect of group activity which is little apprehended. You need most definitely the vibrationDiscipleship2, 31:renewed zest if the past teaching is clearly apprehended and is clearly illumined in your minds.Discipleship2, 32:is also an intelligent application of the truths apprehended. To stand - as a group - before theDiscipleship2, 133:will convey a specific meaning, and rightly apprehended will bring about changes in the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 274:when rightly studied and eventually somewhat apprehended, at least intellectually, carry theDiscipleship2, 372:activity. The level upon which the revelation (apprehended at the highest possible point ofExternalisation, 508:and flowers. When what they have to impart is apprehended by the race, physical ills and sicknessFire, xiv:them in such a way that they can be easily apprehended by the average man. That as we use words andFire, 104:out - a fact but little comprehended or even apprehended. This is the significant fact that theFire, 199:between the one who apprehends and that which is apprehended. Having apprehended and then contactedFire, 199:apprehends and that which is apprehended. Having apprehended and then contacted his eyes are openedFire, 295:solar planes within the cosmic scheme is duly apprehended it will be recognized that on cosmicFire, 310:cell or atom within its greater sphere is apprehended, and recognized, that any clear conceptionFire, 324:Who indwell the whole system is somewhat apprehended, group liberation will be achieved. Perhaps inFire, 326:concerning them may be deduced from the already apprehended facts which relate to the four solarFire, 351:hears, and the Not-self which is touched, or apprehended as tangible, are related and connected byFire, 352:call schemes in their totality; only when it is apprehended that a cosmic Logos is again theFire, 354:up, this quality of manas may be somewhat apprehended if the student regards it as the intelligentFire, 450:and tones to which that group responds. Third. Apprehended certain set words and phrases and theFire, 556:and two points especially will gradually be apprehended by the student, if he meditates andFire, 557:inconceivable to us, and only to be somewhat apprehended by the man who can function upon theFire, 606:conscious subjective life. When this is better apprehended, bodies on the physical plane, forFire, 608:Only thus will the true nature of Agni be apprehended. As the logoic personality He isFire, 627:the true inner significance of the "Sun" is apprehended. More I cannot say, but careful study ofFire, 650:using the word "tangible" as that which can be apprehended by consciousness in one or other of itsFire, 663:of a vile caliber. If these remarks are rightly apprehended, some understanding will come of whatFire, 795:is occultly "offensive." This will be more truly apprehended when the etheric double of our moon isFire, 796:of the social order among men are theoretically apprehended, but the true scientific realization ofFire, 807:Identity, man. If the student has in any way apprehended the general trend of the earlier pages, heFire, 809:"psyche" is elucidated. When the public mind has apprehended, even cursorily, the following brieflyFire, 811:its powers, and its field of influence are duly apprehended. This revelation will come when medicalFire, 901:groups of deva lives therein concerned, will be apprehended by man. A further hint may here beFire, 1032:but until the nature of the group soul is more apprehended, and the quality of the Life who informsFire, 1066:study the laws of transmutation, 11 as already apprehended, and above all, as incorporated in theFire, 1085:these forty-nine symbols embody all that can be apprehended anent the size, magnitude, quality,Fire, 1244:time the fifth Initiation is reached enough is apprehended by him to enable him to set forth withGlamour, 174:except in so far that (when grasped and apprehended) they have steadily transformed man's way ofHercules, 6:and in line with divine purpose, intelligently apprehended. When they have thus been utilized, theInitiation, 102:by the physical brain of an imparted fact or apprehended circumstance, so with the greaterInitiation, 176:into spiritual existence. These realizations, or apprehended expansions of consciousness, are underInitiation, 185:of the seven Paths, before we have as yet apprehended or developed those required for traversingMagic, 79:first subrace of the Aryan root race so easily apprehended, he will contact his higher mind, andMagic, 82:The only method whereby these laws can as yet be apprehended by the many who are interested is by aMagic, 82:is made. When succeeding lives can be likewise apprehended by the student, and their coloring seenMagic, 117:all their fullness, are only now beginning to be apprehended by the rank and file of mankind. InMagic, 131:into more definite shape, into one more easily apprehended by the general public. It has thereforeMeditation, 34:of his kind. These facts are already half apprehended among students but by a slight elaboration IMeditation, 112:detests abstract thought yet appreciates it when apprehended, and when he can make those thoughtsMeditation, 134:to be realized and certain methods of protection apprehended and utilized. As before I have toldMeditation, 224:but their significance has not been sufficiently apprehended. One hint I give for your wiseMeditation, 224:system. The distinction has naturally not been apprehended, but as a key fact for studying in theMeditation, 232:But the basic reason of the difference can be apprehended sufficiently to permit the pupil toMeditation, 249:immediate cycle. [249] That the next point of apprehended knowledge will be the laws governing theMeditation, 284:unit in the threefold lower nature will be apprehended, and the fact made use of to effect certainPatanjali, 55:in us, the hope of glory. The Word when rightly apprehended causes the second, or Christ aspect ofPatanjali, 101:of the thinker himself, as pure spirit, will be apprehended, and the steps, stages, objects, seeds,Psychology1, 11:focused or oriented towards that which can be apprehended, great concepts can be grasped and greatPsychology1, 17:is formulated, truth distinguished and Deity apprehended. When we are more advanced upon the Path,Psychology1, 20:of the Trinity of aspects. This idea can best be apprehended if one remembers that every humanPsychology1, 123:animals. When that which they have to give is apprehended by the race, physical ills will bePsychology1, 186:This flow of energy must be [186] intelligently apprehended and intelligently directed, and thusPsychology1, 194:activity aspect of the phenomenal forms to be apprehended and studied, and all the manyPsychology2, 6:and plan of the Solar Logos, as it is grasped, apprehended and expressed by one of the planetaryPsychology2, 226:of these divine qualities as they can be apprehended and developed in man. The futurePsychology2, 382:integrity of the motive which, if correctly apprehended, should be The motive of a realizedPsychology2, 565:some episode, which they may have clairvoyantly apprehended, as appertaining to them asPsychology2, 724:lines of activity which, if rightly [724] apprehended, and worked out into physical manifestation,Rays, 421:become the inclusive in an [421] entirely newly apprehended world of realization, whilst theTelepathy, 48:the Science of Impression has been correctly apprehended and has been brought down to the level ofTelepathy, 189:consciousness is a true idea. It is noted or apprehended by the man who has, within his equipment,
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