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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPREHENSION

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Astrology, 607:can work out on our planet. Individual apprehension will be dependent upon the point of developmentAtom, 6:of the fundamental points may help to a ready apprehension, and it is for this class of readersBethlehem, 113:telepathy, and second-sight, a direct apprehension akin to the artist's of the whole in its parts,Destiny, 65:attitudes. Such attitudes prevent the apprehension of the true spiritual values and hinder humanDiscipleship1, 709:with the theme militates against true apprehension. The effort to understand has been focused uponDiscipleship1, 730:necessarily, richly and helpfully with his ray "apprehension," and interpreting it in terms of hisDiscipleship2, 83:widely read than you have any idea. Out of the apprehension of truth by many thousands in manyDiscipleship2, 136:or what you will. This is a growing and factual apprehension and is a general recognition [137] byDiscipleship2, 169:The history of humanity has been that of the apprehension and the use of ideas as applied to humanDiscipleship2, 197:unfoldment. It is a technique of spiritual apprehension, of focusing attention on some level ofDiscipleship2, 275:potency of the force which (through its correct apprehension) can carry the initiate-disciple fromDiscipleship2, 325:required for a truth, a contact, or a spiritual apprehension to be registered by a physical brainDiscipleship2, 390:and to the furthering of the divine Plan. The apprehension of this Plan by the disciple willDiscipleship2, 401:we are here concerned with his sudden apprehension - at the fourth Initiation of Renunciation - ofDiscipleship2, 404:revelation, the same three sequential methods of apprehension of truth as is to be found in allDiscipleship2, 434:brings in, however, an exceedingly deep occult apprehension of the hidden Mysteries and of theDiscipleship2, 463:for pity; understanding will take the place of apprehension of suffering. Disciples are apt oftenEducation, 70:body, and the development of right mental apprehension must proceed sequentially, with dueEducation, 103:of humanity, and behind all the fear and apprehension, the hate and separateness, human beings areExternalisation, 164:point in evolution permits of his correct apprehension of significance. Goodwill, as the practicalExternalisation, 295:focus of the will-to-good, with a clearer apprehension of future possibility, with a fixedExternalisation, 417:of [417] Reality and be more definite in our apprehension of this hitherto vaguely sensedExternalisation, 534:of effort in Shamballa is, however, the apprehension of solar Purpose, the Plan of which is workingExternalisation, 534:Substance Livingness Organism Organization Apprehension Polarization Focus of Activity PowerExternalisation, 578:acquisition of academic knowledge or the right apprehension of spiritual truth. The vision will beExternalisation, 680:Similarity of objective. By that I mean an apprehension and appreciation of the hierarchical PlanExternalisation, 691:all tendencies to register anything save a wise apprehension of the point in evolution of thoseFire, xv:foster the spiritual life and the intellectual apprehension of the reader. If this treatise hasFire, 79:analogy a little more in detail, for in its just apprehension will be found much of illuminationFire, 104:be either: Functional, and thereby affecting its apprehension of prana, Organic, and therebyFire, 195:the direction in which that something lies. This apprehension, in course of time, calls into beingFire, 202:spot from whence they originally came. It is the apprehension of the vibration of the Self, and aFire, 243:Consciousness might be defined as the faculty of apprehension, and concerns primarily the relationFire, 246:three worlds, handicapped as he is by limited apprehension. The points of resemblance between theFire, 252:full self-consciousness or individualized self-apprehension. d. A Heavenly Man contains withinFire, 259:of the student, and in increasing his apprehension of the beauty of the entire solar scheme. Fire, 259:reached by man does not permit of his correct apprehension of these abstractions. Second, theFire, 286:time be considered esoteric, as also will the apprehension and comprehension of the matter aspect,Fire, 286:An animal likewise has an instinctual memory, apprehension, and an embryo anticipation, butFire, 295:realization of the Indweller in the form, the apprehension by the Self of the relation of the formFire, 295:lower cosmic planes a process of developing an apprehension of His environment of the same natureFire, 335:to man at his present stage [335] of intelligent apprehension that we will not pause to considerFire, 350:We saw that individualization is the conscious apprehension of the Self of its relation to all thatFire, 454:of the unseen world and its due appreciation and apprehension by means of accurate scientificFire, 455:of will, conscious purpose, and intellectual apprehension, and unless this is paralleled by theFire, 464:the four Heavenly [464] Men and develops Their apprehension, enabling Them to expand TheirFire, 464:response. This awakens to a more effective apprehension all the units of the animal kingdom. HenceFire, 548:its evolution; it will bring about an eventual apprehension of the true meaning of force, and ofFire, 549:the time will come, and in the meantime a due apprehension of inherent capacity will profit all whoFire, 566:yet in the formulation of ideas, and their apprehension by thinkers may come the gradual dawning ofFire, 608:reveal Himself through their medium. Man's just apprehension of this mystery of electricity willFire, 753:what she has said, there is no more to add. Apprehension of truth is ever the factor that calls forFire, 767:then egoic impulse (based on conscious mental apprehension of the purpose in view) will be theFire, 775:be the position of the atoms, and so will be the apprehension of the inflowing force. In theFire, 792:the secrets of initiation is concerned with the apprehension of cycles, and with their duration,Fire, 806:him recognition of the law, and an intellectual apprehension of cause and of effect. This is theFire, 811:of its protection, and thus producing a juster apprehension of the laws of health. The aim of theFire, 814:Fire Elementals (3) In the educational world an apprehension of man's true nature will bring aboutFire, 814:those who stand on the verge of intuitional apprehension of knowledge and those of scientific bentFire, 815:the Ego. This involves necessarily a scientific apprehension of the laws of being, and aFire, 843:of relative importance only, and concerns man's apprehension of all that is. To the solar Logos theFire, 853:Volume II. 73 C. W. Leadbeater had a dim apprehension of this idea when he referred to those boatFire, 879:expressed as follows: Knowledge 79 is the right apprehension of the laws of energy, of theFire, 880:its types and its vibrations. It involves an apprehension of: The different key vibrations. TheFire, 881:and then in the solar system. Love is the right apprehension of the uses and purposes of form, andFire, 911:eye) and not in clairvoyance that this mutual apprehension will become possible. With the coming inFire, 922:head center to the succeeding planes, and this apprehension, rightly grasped, will clarify theFire, 970:into the movement," not through any mental apprehension or "vital desire," but because it is theFire, 1018:energy, will and desire. This is literally apprehension of the note and formula of the Brahma orGlamour, 174:led humanity as a whole nearer to the inevitable apprehension of being; they have led him steadilyGlamour, 175:perfecting of the mind with its perception, apprehension, analysis and interpretation whilstGlamour, 175:a relatively high degree of development) the apprehension of the world of spiritual values, ofGlamour, 177:we have reached a crisis in the field of human apprehension and can now enter into a new eraHealing, 488:of the inner man and his peculiar state of apprehension and of appreciation. The manasic person isInitiation, 11:with the things themselves, it is the intuitive apprehension of truth apart from the reasoningInitiation, 11:of the "Kingdom of God within," and the apprehension of the "Kingdom of God without" in the solarInitiation, 13:use intelligently. These moments of intelligent apprehension follow the evolving Monad throughoutInitiation, 24:through pain, penalty, and suffering, and their apprehension of the freedom that comes through theInitiation, 66:vehicle coordinates. It is really the occult apprehension of the law of gravitation or attraction,Initiation, 87:in all three bodies relatively pure, and its apprehension of the work to be done in the microcosm,Initiation, 97:of the intelligence principle, and involves the apprehension by the human unit of purpose and ofInitiation, 98:of mind energy results in an expansion and an apprehension of the truth as it is, and is lasting inInitiation, 102:something or other, have reference to the apprehension by the physical brain of an imparted fact orInitiation, 120:ray group. His Planetary Logos. In this fourfold apprehension you have portrayed the gradualInitiation, 122:but also there swings into the radius of his apprehension that planetary scheme which is ourInitiation, 144:united thought power of the Masters. The work of apprehension is thus directly aided. ThisInitiation, 157:[157] through the spoken word; it involves an apprehension of the building forces of nature andInitiation, 165:serve to show that, as in the case of the Words, apprehension had to involve two senses, so in theInitiation, 166:the foundation for that acute instantaneous apprehension of that which is shown them by theInitiation, 167:mental concentration greatly facilitates his apprehension. In the case of human evolution certainInitiation, 176:initiations. Individualization is the conscious apprehension by the self of its relation to allIntellect, 26:tend to its development. He defines it as "the apprehension by the mind of reality directly as itIntellect, 26:all of which by contrast are intellectual apprehension." - Carr, H. Wildon, Philosophy of Change,Intellect, 59:of the soul and the use of the mind in the apprehension of spiritual truth. Intellect, 76:the unveiled Self. But it takes a mental apprehension and a guided intuition to do this. Did SirIntellect, 120:of Thought: "The perfection of processes of apprehension depends in the main on the structure andIntellect, 120:us to have an intuition and an intellectual apprehension of the world in its complexity. The mannerIntellect, 121:page 135. [121] If perception and sensuous apprehension, with their consequent rationalizings andIntellect, 128:stands for "the specific non-rational religious apprehension and its object, at all its levels,Intellect, 150:possible that the intensity of their special apprehension of reality may serve, as extreme cases
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