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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - APPROACH

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AstrologyI seek to lay the ground for a somewhat new approach - a far more esoteric approach - to theAstrologya somewhat new approach - a far more esoteric approach - to the science of astrology. CertainAstrology, 7:give you some hints and suggest some lines of approach, and these, if carried in the consciousnessAstrology, 27:as it has been called, I may present a new approach, or point out an unsuspected relation and fromAstrology, 30:are utterly futile until the main highway of approach has been constructed and followed. TheAstrology, 64:be based when I gave the time of the "Great Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetaryAstrology, 64:was in that sign when the Hierarchy began its Approach in order to stimulate the forms of life uponAstrology, 64:however, governed the period of the subjective approach. The Sun was in Leo when physical planeAstrology, 64:stimulation. The Sun was in Gemini when this Approach was consummated by the founding of theAstrology, 75:should emerge under the impression of this new approach to astrological diagnosis (as far as theAstrology, 90:initiation, at which time the man begins his "approach" to the Cardinal Cross of the heavens. IAstrology, 135:call the lines of the new astrology, its mode of approach to the more esoteric aspects involved inAstrology, 237:of all legal procedure) are the needed approach to the young. The influence of Libra should beAstrology, 238:for me to do more than indicate lines of approach. A cursory handling of the problem is of no realAstrology, 312:of idealisms. The two groups bring a different approach to the world problems as we now find them.Astrology, 333:One-pointedness The Director of men Experimental approach Directed Approach The controller of theAstrology, 333:Director of men Experimental approach Directed Approach The controller of the Gate 10. Capricorn,Astrology, 354:and handled. When there is facility of mental approach in any direction and in connection with theAstrology, 355:of the subhuman kingdoms) leading to a Great Approach between soul and form, so in the new worldAstrology, 420:is little more - to indicate the main lines of approach to the new science of esoteric astrology,Astrology, 425:be in consciousness. In another cycle such an approach may be focused in the will or even in someAstrology, 425:which may some day revolutionize the present approach to astrology. The twelve signs of the zodiacAstrology, 430:From this peculiar angle, therefore, we can approach the great Triangles with which we are todayAstrology, 430:of Energy - Constellations This significance and approach can be summed up in the following stanzasAstrology, 440:- as a group - is facing a great crisis of approach to Shamballa, analogous to that confrontingAstrology, 440:to that confronting Humanity today, as it seeks approach and contact with the Hierarchy. Thus thereAstrology, 477:we can pause for a minute to consider our next approach to this subject and choose the theme byAstrology, 478:therefore, we come up against the need for the approach of the integrated human being to thisAstrology, 482:soul, the unification of humanity or the Great Approach of the Hierarchy to Humanity. It willAstrology, 484:pointed out, but the idea is so new and the approach so universal or cosmic, that it is not easyAstrology, 492:through the mind, to the Hierarchy and the approach of that Hierarchy to the human center ofAstrology, 492:facts in this connection: Sagittarius The Approach of the Hierarchy - Lemurian in date. ProceedingAstrology, 496:planets and our Earth. I have shifted the approach of the astrological student away from the worldAstrology, 507:is very important on account of its esoteric approach to the Earth, impelled thereto by theAstrology, 545:not a prelude to the establishment of a better approach to divinity but the effort [546] to evokeAstrology, 546:of the Kingdom of God. The completely atheistic approach of Russia to the problem of religion atAstrology, 546:revolution is much more sound than the German approach. The spirit of man in its essential divinityAstrology, 547:quality of the vehicle which is receptive to the approach of any type of energy. The interplay ofAstrology, 562:because the greater light and the lesser light approach and then invoke each other. Their blendedAstrology, 574:Hierarchy, which he is in a position directly to approach. I touch here on grave mysteries. ThereAstrology, 586:again may have faint glimmerings of this new approach to God and service which - again I say - canAstrology, 588:brought about by a more understanding human approach. One of the causes lying behind World War IIAstrology, 604:of energies takes place. The lines of approach might be indicated as follows: [605] This diamondAstrology, 607:these most deeply esoteric relations that we approach them from two angles - the only angles whichAtom, 6:For those, however, who for the first time approach the consideration of the matters hereAtom, 32:point out to you that there were three lines of approach to the study of the material universe.Atom, 32:of every faith. I indicated next a third line of approach to the problem, and we called it theAtom, 40:to be reason to suppose that a microbe, on its approach to a body-cell only just out of its range,Atom, 68:we can get some broad, general idea if we approach the subject with sufficient reverence andAtom, 77:first briefly recapitulate, in order that we may approach our subject tonight with certain ideasAtom, 93:A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustAtom, 112:of concentrating, to ascertain our own method of approach to that which lies within, and to studyAutobiography, 22:should naturally and normally precede the mental approach and the power to know. Surely spiritualAutobiography, 142:my place in Christ's work. I could endeavor to approach a little closer to that spiritual HierarchyAutobiography, 154:also, that the more rigid and sectarian the approach to vegetarianism, the more critical andAutobiography, 157:reactionary and old-fashioned whereas the new approach to life and truth, freedom of interpretationAutobiography, 189:belonging to the Fifth Root Race make their approach to reality. Autobiography, 198:students toward a life of service as the road of approach to the Hierarchy instead of the road ofAutobiography, 214:book The Secret Doctrine is out of date and its approach to the Ageless Wisdom has little or noAutobiography, 214:of the Ageless Wisdom would be a psychological approach, and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, which IAutobiography, 216:find nothing contradictory in the two lines of approach. The ridiculous theory, promulgated by theAutobiography, 218:and speak to them on the modern spiritual approach to truth and to talk to little groups ofAutobiography, 237:East. On the levels of the esoteric or spiritual approach to divinity there has always beenAutobiography, 237:is uniform for all subsequent stages of approach. The steps in meditation are identical. This willAutobiography, 239:the Festival of Humanity making its major annual approach to God under the guidance of Christ. TheAutobiography, 239:steps that are being taken by the Hierarchy to approach closer to humanity, to restore the ancientAutobiography, 246:followed next. These indicated a somewhat new approach to meditation, based not on devotion to theAutobiography, 248:work out the future from the angle of this new approach. Astrology is a fundamental and mostAutobiography, 254:general instructions which embodied the newer approach to the Hierarchy and to the spiritual life,Autobiography, 255:the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothing static in the evolutionAutobiography, 264:of Probation. They are concerned with the heart approach to God and with the deep human instinct,Autobiography, 267:personality is taught. It is the major line of approach to the student, and soul contact becomesAutobiography, 267:This enables the disciple to make a complete approach to humanity and to use all of his equipment.Autobiography, 271:motives are usually sound but whose methods and approach to those he seeks to serve are those ofAutobiography, 274:old ways and who have been waiting for the new approach to God and are ready for a more spiritualAutobiography, 275:to function as a spiritual being. This secondary approach to truth has done much harm to the causeAutobiography, 280:which when once grasped will simplify your approach to that kingdom and to the truth, and whichAutobiography, 287:or as interesting hypotheses. This attitude or approach to truth we ask the student to hold becauseAutobiography, 292:also whether he is exclusive or inclusive in his approach. Because of this attitude in the ArcaneBethlehem, 28:and its high point of attainment, men as a group approach the gate which leadeth unto life. AllBethlehem, 39:A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self arise AugustBethlehem, 51:of the Path" is a familiar way of describing the approach of a human being to the mysteries. It isBethlehem, 73:it can be used as an instrument whereby we approach nearer to God. Then we can offer to God thatBethlehem, 81:the insistent demand of the soul for a nearer approach to God and a fuller expression of divinity;Bethlehem, 82:material and the spiritual - face each other and approach nearer and nearer until complete union isBethlehem, 83:carries us from one lesson to another, we approach nearer and nearer to the indwelling reality andBethlehem, 196:our sense of God changes and develops, and as we approach nearer to reality, our entire outlookBethlehem, 215:two things: That God is our Father, and that we approach Him through Christ. It is the inner hiddenBethlehem, 215:man of the heart, the unrealized Christ who can approach the Father. Christ had earned this rightBethlehem, 234:attitude of the early Christians and of their approach, in those enthusiastic days, to Christ andBethlehem, 273:method of government upon earth and of approach to God. The true Church is the kingdom of God onDestiny, 31:and their lives will facilitate the coming Great Approach. The nature and the quality of theDestiny, 61:It will be the product of the great and imminent Approach which will take place between humanityDestiny, 63:There are many other angles from which we could approach this subject of what predisposes people,Destiny, 116:definite changes in attitude and a closer approach to the truth will at once appear. This conceptDestiny, 143:and because of the imminent spiritual Crisis of Approach, the Lord of the Fifth Ray and the Lord ofDiscipleship1steadily rising. This, in itself, demands a new approach, a wider presentation of truth and theDiscipleship1, XII:man or woman who turns his back upon the usual approach to the world of material affairs and takesDiscipleship1, 30:may not always be possible for you to make your approach at the exact hour of the Full Moon, thoughDiscipleship1, 30:the preceding twelve hours, you can make your approach. When you do so rightly, you will find me
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